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quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016

Weekly Roundup: New Natural Houses, Few Flankers, and More Niche

by: Elena Knezhevich

Just a few moments ago, we published our quest for the best musk fragrance. Musk is not animal-sourced any more (I sadly have to add almost here). Modern white musks are created in the lab, they made their way to the world of perfumery from nicely scented detergents. Many people mean 'clean & fluffy' when looking for a musk scent. In Best in Show Musk Fragrances we collected our suggestions for clean and dirty musks, both very sensual.
I'd like to mention a perfume which has not been yet announced or reviewed: it is A Day in My Life by Mark Buxton. It was created by one of the most talented modern day perfumers, and I am sure we will talk about it more in the near future:
"Not a normal rose, a rose from out of space, futuristic, unique, twisted, surprising, modern, vibrating, sensual and deep. The ultimate flower shown in a new context."

Last week we added several natural perfume houses to our encyclopedia and I'd like to mention them here:
Heretic Parfums – a natural perfume house from California. Its founder, Douglas Little, doesn't care much about aromatherapeutic and healing properties of  plants, he gets inspired by their potential as beautiful and multifaceted raw materials. You can buy Heretic perfumes in the prestigeous store of Barneys New York.
Possets Perfume – a natural perfume house from Ohaio founded by Fabienne Christenson, who is now one of our columnists.
Olivina Napa Valley – a skin care and fragrance house from Napa Valley, California, which offers an artisanal bath, body and home scent collection.
Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume - a new natural perfume house from Australia.

A fruity floral version of Florever by the Spanish fashion designer who always introduces her fragrances in funky colorful bottles. This is no exception.
Balmain keeps adding atributes to their original Extatic... After Extatic Gold meet Extatic Gold Musk
The Pink Panther from Salvador Dali; the house introduces the first flanker of the original La Belle et l`Ocelot (2014).
After the silver one, Dunhill is launching Icon Absolute in golden shades. You can find it in Harrods.
The new Summer Obsession; the original one keeps fading in color and character: a cool breeze and white musk.
Happydisiac Woman has gotten a companion, Happydisiac Man, built around green apple and patchouli.
An affordable summer fruit punch by Yves Rocher. We regularly get summer scents from the designer in these nice droplet-shaped flacons.

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