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sábado, 12 de março de 2016

Shopping Challenge - Beautiful Rose Aromas For $15 or Less

by: Stefanie Jähn, John Biebel, Sofia Papasotiriou, Elena Vosnaki, Ida Meister, Jernê Knowles

Rose stands as the quintessential mental image for a fragrant note for most, THE flower par excellence, the way Sherlock refers to Irene Adler as THE woman. Jasmine may be used equally, or even more extensively, but rose profits from its associations with romantic love and tokens of courtly respect, as well as with a proper English garden.
The motif of rose enters many a fragrance composition, but how many of them can flaunt both good value for money and a realistic approximation of the soft-petaled glory? Our editors pick some of the very best.
Tisserand is all about aromatherapy. Created in cooperation with National Trust, this 100% natural fragrance captures the bliss of a morning stroll through dewy rose gardens like Polesden Lacey, or Dunham Massey. I've never been to those estates, but when I picked up one of the cute bottles (for a great price 4.99€), it instantly lifted my mood though it had been a rough day. Rose Garden is indeed the scent of a warm afternoon in May with a myriad of pink roses in full bloom, fresh, powdery and bright. The roses feel larger than life and perfectly natural with a berry sweetness. The fragrance doesn't fail to underline its aromatherapy heritage, as it is instantly uplifting, sunny and cheerful. The only down side is that is that it only lasts for about 2-3 hours, but beauty is often fleeting and reapplying is a treat in this case. Layering is optional too, as Tisserand offers a collection of scented products along with this EdT and Oil-Roll on.
Some roses are lofty blossoms with pink delicacy, and others are deepest red with velvety centers that emit an ancient, secretive perfume. Pacifica's Persian Rose is a rose of sharp, piquant precision. This bouquet opens immediately with the first ray of the sun and greets the wearer with a cascade of bright fruit. But don’t mistake this for a fruity-floral – this is a full bodied rose with aspects of citrus, green leaves, elemi, myrrh and bright violets just hovering over the very faintest base of wood and musk.  A mingling of green notes, fresh rose petals and champagne-like grape freshness permeates the long life of Persian Rose. As with many of Pacifica’s offerings this perfume is an affordable rose within anyone’s budget, but it smells like a rare, niche soliflore.  Wear Persian Rose when you want to be the sharp, bold flower standing singly in a halo of morning light. $12 USD for a 10ml roll-on.
Τhe natural aroma  of rose has been my personal harmonic scent since my childhood; it  mesmerises me with its beauty and charm. When it comes to picking one of the classic interpretation of Rose, I don't have to think twice, my mind goes straight to Tea Rose.
which was first introduced in the late '70's as a natural smelling, fresh-cut rose perfume and this original composition has remained unchanged even today. Tea rose is the perfect fresh rose fragrance, so lively smelling and energising to spray. You can feel its transparent freshness linger on your skin all day long. There is cleanness, purity and luminosity connected to this simplest but most pleasant composition. This invigorating synthesis is undertoned by an elegant bouquet of florals and soft woods surrounding her majesty, the Rose. Tea Rose effortlessly makes one of the finest soliflore of roses that applies to every one who admires the Queen of flowers. Not to mention its price...about $12 USD for a 4oz spray.
Yardley English Rose
If, like me, you appreciate scents for the associations they bring, pleasant or painful, as well as the scent, you might have found roses a quite thorny subject indeed. In an effort to embrace their often prim, doily-covered chintz-dressed British cottage Victoriana, I researched classic brands brandishing their Ruler Britannia insignia quite openly. Yardley's English Rose is such a case and at under $15 retail value it's a relatively safe gamble.
There must be a wooden chest someplace that smells of this powdery sachet of dried geraniums with their rosy trail. The scent might start sweet and seemingly overbearing, but it dries down to a greener, lightly spicy whiff of a rose growing in Shropshire. It's the Platonic ideal of the English rose. She's a fresh-faced 16 year old with large greyish-green eyes canopied by long, matted eyelashes, and she attributes her beauty to nothing but rosy soap and water. So does Yardley.

Madini Mokhalate Malaki hails from Morocco; it's a completely different spin on an Oriental, framed with the dry, slightly dusty and medicinal combined with a breathtaking Taifi rose. Oud long before the oud craze, saffron before it was trendy with an exquisite underlying mossiness. For a tiny rollerball, this is portable and powerful. You can't go wrong with this baby, especially at this price [their Rose soliflore is a winner, too: same pricepoint]. A 3ml bottle of the Madini oil in will last you forever for only $15.00.

Leite de Rosas emerged from an ambitious idea and was developed by a rubber tree tapper who in 1929 thought about creating a perfumed lotion that represented the Brazilian woman in a fair and genuine way. Because the creator was a simple man, a pharmacist friend helped him develop the formula of what he once dreamed, not exactly a perfume itself, but a creamy, white lotion that had the power of scent and was tonifying, cleansing and even healing. Containing only two note, milk and roses, Leite de Rosas or Milk of Roses has established itself as a must-lotion scent in all Brazilian homes; its opening is marked by dewy roses, lush rosebushes and stems. Being a scented lotion, it is also used for infants, to remove make-up, against underarm odor and to whiten skin. Bottles are easily found in pharmacies and cost a maximum of R $4.00 for the bigger bottle.

Did we mention one of your favorites or perhaps something you're now curious to try? What are some of your choices for affordable rose fragrances? Tell us in a comment below!


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