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terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

Celebrating Change with Kyse Perfumes: A Giveaway

by: Jodi Battershell

Gourmand perfume fans and indie fragrance aficionados have hailed the delicious scents from perfumer Terri Bozzo since the brand first launched under the Perfumes by Terri name in 2014. In the short two years since launching, the house has gained a loyal following around the world for its creative combinations of notes, excellent quality, affordability and friendly personal service from Terri herself.
Perfumes by Terri has re-branded as Kyse Perfumes in 2016—one of several big changes announced at the start of the year that Terri is ready to celebrate.  "It's a combination of the first letters of my two sons' names: Kyle and Sean," explains Terri. "I pronounce it like 'rice.'" A new logo has been designed to accompany the name change, and Terri has been busy putting the new brand in place in her products and across the internet.
New 30 ml Frollino Lavanda oil and 60 ml Douceur Brulee EDP
As if that weren't enough, a new product joined the Kyse Perfumes line-up in 2016: 30 ml oil-based scents in a base of skin-and-hair-loving argan oil. "I personally love scented hair products and I love argan oil for my ends so I was trying to come up with something I could use to lightly scent my hair, condition, and not leave too big of a scent cloud," describes Terri. The oils are also the result of a surprising and personal motivator for the perfumer: "I'm actually pretty sensitive to scent, and like to smell it on myself only every 10th breath or so or I can get headaches. I liked the idea of something soft, yet long-lasting and started out with that in mind," says Terri. "I figured there have to be those out there like me who want subtle."
New 3 ml spray samples
The line has also been expanded with new sizes: 3 ml spray samples and 60 ml eau de parfum sprays. "I'm so happy to have been successful enough to start putting out the bigger sizes! Having a small success allowed me to get some help and devote a little more time to work." The new 3 ml samples come in packs of five (your choice of scents), $12 for the oils and $15 for EDPs. With full size fragrances starting at $18 for a 15 ml EDP, $25 for the 30 ml oils and up to $51 for the 60 ml EDP, Kyse Perfumes are still some of the best bargains in indie perfumery.
One of the things I love most about indie perfumery is the chance to connect with the perfumer on a more personal level. Terri shared with me some personal set-backs she experienced in 2015 that put a crimp in the creative process. 2015 saw the release of just one new scent—Oui Plus, which quickly became a fan favorite—but Terri is very open about how working through personal issues has energized her and renewed her focus. "It's part of my creative process, and it's good for people to understand I haven't been idle for lack of desire...the last six months have been hard, but have put me in a place where my passion for moving forward is really strong as a way to heal."
The tobacco scent Terri hinted at in her February 2015 interview with Stefanie is still in the works, and it's clear that Terri's passion and creativity are moving full speed ahead. "The other things on my list are a vanilla lime scent and a vanilla raspberry inspired by a few absolute and fragrance oil samples I recieved that put my mind in that place," notes Terri. Friendship continues to inspire and motivate her as well, with another project focusing on "a creamy sandalwood my dear friend Diane wants me to make."  Terri is also exploring some interesting new directions, among them "a creamy white floral with something dark and mysterious (I'm checking out a mushroom absolute for this one!) and I'm still trying to nail a benzoin fragrance that has Prada No 9 Benjoin as my muse. I love that one and just haven't been able to nail something in the same realm! I hope to have a few done and out by spring, and maybe release the Benzoin fragrance late summer or fall." 
Fragrantica will keep you posted on the new Kyse Perfumes as they are released. Terri also announces codes and giveaways on the Kyse Perfumes Facebook site. For the month of March, she's offering a 20% discount with code KYSE20 to help get the word out about the brand's name change. Visit the official website of Kyse Perfumesto order samples and full-size products.
Kyse Perfumes founder and perfumer Terri Bozzo

Kyse Perfumes also invites Fragrantica to celebrate the name change and new product releases with a special giveaway! Kyse Perfumes has sets of the new 3 ml samples of all the Kyse fragrances to share with five lucky members worldwide. Please leave a comment to enter. Good luck!

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