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sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016

Pantheon Roma Fragrances and the Ritz-Carlton Berlin: From Perfumes to a Unique Cocktail!

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

One of the most beautiful love stories of the Italian Renaissance, featuring high society  painter Raphael and baker's daughter Margherita, inspired the owners and creators of the collection Pantheon Roma to transmit Raphael's emotions and passionate love for Margherita through their perfumes. Collection Pantheon Roma is famous for its high concentration of perfume extract, but also for the compactness of the collection - each fragrance brings a story that is associated with other scents and defines the main characters and their love.
"It is inspired by the most beautiful story of the Italian Renaissance and is set to become one of the most exclusive lines on the Art Perfumery panorama. A compact series, because it comprises four fragrances, intense for the high concentration of their Extraits de Parfum. Pantheon, as the collection is called, has not been created with any claim to being a perfume for everyone, as can be seen at first glance. It has the air of a small but precious jewel, unostentatious – if anything, to be searched out. This is why the brand can be found in just a few highly exclusive shops, carefully entrusted to a few aficionados: whether they are the heads of important stores or small perfume ateliers.
The story is delightful and tells of Raphael Sanzio who, when called to Rome by
the Pope to paint his apartments, finds himself moving among the grandest aristocracy of the time, becoming betrothed to marry Maria, niece of Cardinal Medici. But Raphael falls helplessly in love with Margherita, daughter of a baker in the Trastevere district. A forbidden love, given their comparative difference in wealth, which is consumed in the garden behind her father’s bakery. And theirs is such a great passion that after a fiery night with Margherita, Raphael falls ill and dies a few days later. He is buried in the temple of the Pantheon – the only artist to receive such an honor. Margherita closes herself in a nearby convent to remain close to him and as a declaration of her eternal love for him.
This story is so beautiful and powerful that it has been told with perfumes that can re-evoke memories and feelings like few others." - Pantheon Roma
The Pantheon Roma fragrance collection doesn't really focus on any specific notes; the overall composition and emotions actually come from Raphael's and Margherita's passionate love. Each of these scents describes the characters and various places in their love story, completing the picture of their fate. Initially, Pantheon Roma presented its four perfumes in 2013; two of them named Raffaello and Donna Margherita after the main characters of the Rennaisance love story; the third named Il Giardino, referring to  the garden where they enjoyed in their purest love, and the fourth named Notte d'Amore after the special night of their passionate meeting. Two years later, in 2015, Pantheon Roma included the fifth fragrance, Trastevere, to the collection, inspired and named after the district of Rome where Margherita lived.  
the niche collection by the
Italian niche brand launched in 2013
the announcement of their 5th fragrance, launched in 2015
"There are places where you hold your breath and just let your imagination fly,"says a spokesman for the Pantheon Roma brand. One of those special places is certainly The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Berlin, where one can discover a great, brand new and unexpected world. As they describe: "After crossing the sumptuous hall, turn right and you will enter a softly lit tunnel where perfume is the main feature. You are in Fragrances, the first bar in the world for all the senses."
Arnd Heissen in the FRAGRANCES bar in The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin
Open since July 2014, under the guidance of one of the world’s most creative bartenders, Arnd Heissen, FRAGRANCES is one of the most enthralling places ever dedicated to the art of cocktails, perfume and aromas.
A carefully selected range of the most widely celebrated scents in the international world of perfumery, with a special focus on names associated with Artistic Perfumery, is presented in an especially dedicated and carefully arranged setting. Frederic Malle,ByredoL'Artisan ParfumeurSerge Lutens, Creed, and Amouage are the most noticeable.
The unbelievable passion Arnd feels for luxury perfumes led him to do research and learn more about the Pantheon Roma collection. DONNA MARGHERITA was the perfume he had his eye on, especially the compound of its heady notes of tuberose, white flowers, jasmine and lily of the valley. This rich and very emotional flower bouquet stirred Arnd's imagination and inspired him to create a very special, totally new and unique cocktail. 
DONNA MARGHERITA by Pantheon Roma was presented in 2013 as the only feminine fragrance of the collection. Its composition reflects the richness of the intoxicating flowers of tuberose and jasmine, nuanced with cold, refreshing and sophisticated green narcissus aromas. An ambery base provides the flowery bouquet with warmth and excitement, creating a calm and smooth finish.
Arnd's cocktail contains extremely expensive ingredients, such as Grand Marnier Quintessence and Don Julio 1942 Tequila (both limited editions), combined with handcrafted orange and jasmine extracts (they too were produced in an edition limited to 100 75cl bottles).
This is why “Mexican Masquerade Margherita”, the name of this cocktail, is the most expensive creation of the entire selection. The way the cocktail is presented is very unique - as explained by Pantheon Roma.
"It is brought to the table in a blown glass goblet with a sprinkling of golden leaves floating on the surface of this precious drink. All this is accompanied by a gold leaf mask created by an Italian master restorer and lightly perfumed with the Donna Margherita fragrance. Thus, the senses of taste, sight and smell merge to create a new sense that inspires the mind to travel."
In the Fragrances bar, there is a corner dedicated to the luxury of the Pantheon Roma brand and decorated with artistic details and the life-size statue "Goddess" (2006) of the famous Chinese artist Wu Shaoxiang, created with gold, bronze and Austrian coins.
There will be another surprise for the first 100 customers who order this cocktail. But it will only be revealed at the The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin!
Lucky them!
The Pantheon Roma perfume collection will be available to test and explore at the upcoming artistic fragrance exhibition ESXENCE in Milan (March 30th - April 3th, 2016.)

Source: Pantheon Roma press release

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