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sábado, 12 de março de 2016

Let Nature Find Your Perfume with The Harmonist

by: John Biebel

The Harmonist offers a unique scent perspective – find your own harmony.  This harmony is a circle of you and your scent, in a kind of feng shui that aligns your terrestrial and astral center with the larger scope of the universe. And it’s all done through the lens of perfume.  Finding your way into this alignment process is easy; you can take their online quiz. It asks you some basic information such as birthdate, where in the world you live, the time of day when born. This information is then tabulated and aligned, in a kind of necromancy, toward certain energies. The Harmonist believes that “Man is a microcosm of nature,” and that “the five basic elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal are present in all matter, and also exist as ‘invisible forces’ within each of us.”
The Harmonist’s first collection is inspired by centuries of Asian Philosophy. From a harmonious balance of five complementary elements that govern the world comes a precious collection of 10 sumptuous elixirs. Each is a sensual and emotional celebration perfectly tailored to you.
Founded on the ancient principle that harmony binds the universe, earth, and humanity together… Using the world’s rarest botanical oils to infuse the perfumes with energetic power, the Harmonist 10 elixirs induce a beautiful equilibrium into targeted areas of our lives. The true element we have within each of us forges intuitive reactions to the presence of the other four elements since the five elements are all interconnected in the infinite cycle of creation and destruction.”
The theory continues from there, postulating that by balancing elements with specific zones of importance in everyday life, a harmony will ensue:
“Using these age-old governing laws as guides, The Harmonist perfumes summon beauty into designated areas of life by manifesting Status, Wisdom, Socializing, Creativity, Prosperity and Seduction. With your location, date and time of birth, discover your true element and manage your destiny with the power of perfume.”
After a basic configuration, I found that I am the yang, or Earth element. Apparently I share this with a wide variety of folks such as Michael Jackson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michelangelo. Some of these characteristics are rather on-the-mark: stable, grounded, not making snap decisions, having great patience. I had to admit with a smile the double-edged trait of being mountain-like “not being easily swayed” – I think this is a kind way of saying “stubborn”.
What happens next is quite interesting – you’re then encouraged to select a perfume that will help you achieve a goal. For example: Do you want to be more social and expand your social circle, network, gain broader circle of influence? In my case, the rule of “like attracts like” comes into play, and an earthly perfume is called for. Upon this selection I’m offered up two perfumes that fit this particular bill: Royal Earth andDesired Earth (“addictive, immortal, inspiring”). The perfume descriptions are refined but gently sensuous, embodying the subtle artfulness of the East. The perfume bottles themselves are studies in spare, elegant minimalism: looking like sophisticated sake containers. After reading a short description of each, I decide that the loft ambitiousness of Desired Earth is more my speed, so I’m just a click away from my pairing.
I have to admit that the scent description is something that appeals to me.
A lofty mountain peak, that far-off goal desired by many was the inspiration for this creation. A perfume with earthy notes, conjuring images of mist over the Highlands or heather burning on ancient moorlands. A peaty, timeless scent like a good malt whisky, with Japanese shiso leaves and violet leaves bringing a lighter, greener note before you settle into the soothing, smoky comfort of ambrette seeds, cade wood and the musky allure of patchouli. The perfume rounds off with the warm, spicy aroma of Tolu Balsam from Peru.Desired Earth – an immortal, peaty temptation.
Top Notes
Violet Leaf, Shiso
Middle Notes
Juniper, Patchouli, Ambrette
Base Notes
Tolu Balsam
This pattern follows for the other aspired states: Prosperity, Status, Wisdom, Creativity. When I select Prosperity, I find that the element of Water is my link. There, I am again given two perfumes from which to choose (Guiding Water and Sacred Water.)  After perusing the descriptions, I know that Sacred Water is my match:
Calm yet powerful, comforting yet startling, this perfume reflects the ocean: impetuous contrast! Like mighty ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, the marine notes of ozone and iodine become imbued with the essence of healing minerals, granite and volcanic rocks. A quasi-mystical scent, a perfume that envelops you in an invigorating, inspiring aura of sea spray tempered with a hint of peppermint, aquatic mosses and an undercurrent of mineral wood, grey amber and mystique. Sacred Water – an intoxicating meeting of minerals and the ocean.
Top Notes
Ozonic Notes, Sea Notes
Middle Notes
Seaweed, Spicy Mint
Base Notes
Ambergris, Woody Notes
The idea here, as well as with the first perfume, is that you’re selecting a scent that can be used as an attractor… something that will draw a beneficent aspect of life toward you. It’s an interesting idea, and vastly different from the western perspective, which usually encourages one to rush out and grab the things that one wants out of life, to find that which matches us, not the other way around. For many years perfumers have been trying to unlock the mystery behind scent attraction, and the feng shui approach is a new one.
Since perfumes reach the most elemental parts of our brain, in an unfiltered and untethered way, this could be fascinating new approach to understanding our relationship with scent.
The Harmonist perfumes (elixirs) come in 1.7 oz / 50 ml bottles of Eau de Parfum, ranging from $275 to $305.00. All are unisex and designed in the USA. They also carry scented candle versions of the perfumes, and refill flasks; all are available at their website.

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