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sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2015

Guerlain Homme de Guerlain (2008) por Wasser e Sylvaine Delacourte

Guerlain Homme Guerlain Masculino

Talvez pareça comum mas tem ótimas notas de saída e é fresco como uma colonia. O bom aqui é que ele tem aquela projeção e fixação de EDT e uma composição que não deixa a desejar. Mojito ( rum, açúcar, hortelã e limão) se mostrou um ótimo acorde e casa justamente com tudo o que existe na fragrância. A fragrância ganha Rum , hortelã e limão na medida certa. Bergamota que se destaca no inicio e gerânio bem mentolado ( lembra algo da citronela mesmo). O vetiver deixa a fragrância máscula e moderna. gostei de todas as versões dele mas esse parece ser algo que não sai do meu coração

Little Marcel Little Sky, Peace and Sun e Purple Love

 Sanja Pekic

A marca francesa de moda e acessórios Little Marcel apresenta suas primeiras três fragrâncias em Julho de 2015: Little SkyPeace and Sun e Purple Love.

Little Sky é uma fragrância crepitante e brilhante que levanta o astral. A composição é floral - frutal e amadeirada. As notas de topo são lima, tangerina e groselha. O coração consiste em pêssego, rosa e lírio do vale, seguido da base de sândalo, almíscar e madeiras.

Disponível em 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Peace and Sun evoca as férias, o sol e o oceano. Abre com notas de bergamota, lima e jasmim. O coração é composto de flor de laranjeira, tiare e violeta, enquanto a base consiste em framboesa, baunilha e almíscar.
Disponível em 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Purple Love é um perfume intenso e glamoroso de notas frutais, florais e gourmand. Abre com morangos, limão e ervilha de cheiro, que levam ao coração de íris, jasmim e flor de laranjeira com uma base de caramelo, fava tonka, baunilha e patchouli.
Disponível em 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

ROADS Africa Collection: I Am Dance, Big Sky, Past/Presence, Afropolis

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Danielle Ryan presents her new AFRICA COLLECTION which belongs to the house ofROADS and includes four fragrances: I AM DANCE, BIG SKY, PAST/PRESENCE and AFROPOLIS. The collection will be available starting from October 2015 and is constructed as a "collaboration of cultures, where inspirational African ingredients are combined under the influence of literature, art and dance."
I AM DANCE is inspired by the freedom of African dance and includes such notes as lemon, mandarin and marine chords, overlapping apple, pineapple and lavender in the heart. The base provides warmth from amber, cedar and patchouli. Top notes of BIG SKY are enriched with citruses with accentuated lemon combined with orange blossom. The heart of the composition provides contrast with geranium, patchouli, oud and papyrus resting on a base of amber, sandalwood, cashmeran, myrrh and vanilla.
The third fragrance of the collection is PAST/PRESENCE and its composition starts with a blend of bergamot and smoky notes of black tea mixed with tonka and jasmine, creating a hot and cold game on the skin. AFROPOLIS opens with an energizing union of gin, juniper berries, citrus and mint combined with blond wood, oak moss, marine notes and iris. The base is defined by chords of ebony, vetiver, amber and cashmere musk. 
The fragrances of ROADS African Collection will be available in boxes decorated by African artists.

Ghost Girl

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Charlotte Free for Ghost Girl / Ghost Fragrances Instagram
Ghost launches their new fragrance for women Ghost Girl which follows after editionsEnchanted BloomGhost Moonlight and Ghost Whisper Rain. Ghost Girl aims at young girls and women who like floral-fruity modern compositions. Its flacon is decorated with graffiti in different colors, while the stopper is in metallic strong pink.
The composition of Ghost Girl opens with a flirtatious union or pear, pomegranate, bergamot and raspberry, announcing floral chords of tuberose, almond blossom and orange blossom. The base introduces a warm blend of amber and sandalwood. 
edition 2015
pear, pomegranate, raspberry, bergamot
tuberose, orange blossom, almond blossom
amber, sandalwood
Fragrance Ghost Girl will be available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette, as of August 20, 2015. The advertising face of the fragrance is model Charlotte Free. Launch of the new fragrance can be followed at ghostfragrances.com

The Superfine Tobacco Club: Korres Premium II L'Eau de Parfum

 Elena Vosnaki

I have to admit it. Much as I don't smoke as a rule, the scent of cured tobacco is irresistible to me. Is it perhaps because a favorite cousin used to smoke pipe tobacco from an early age? Is it that said cousin is a phenomenal engineer, whom I admired for his skills and intelligence? That could be one reason.
Another reason might be provided by vision, rather than olfaction. Growing up with images from the silver screen heroes, often caught in glimpses from open air cinemas in the summer, through rooftops and balconies close by. Or images etched in memory during Marathons with fellow cinephiles watching Cinema Club (Κινηματογραφική Λέσχη), a classic and cult national TV rendez-vous of quality international films broadcast weekly. In 40s noir films of American cut there was always handsome, badass Richard Widmark or brooding Bogie smoking and emitting smoke rings as they thought in pregnant silence what to do next. In French avant-garde Godard films (Vivre sa Vie, Pierrot le Fou, À bout de souffle) smoking was treated as existentialist angst. In German, Russian and Italian films it was something people did, no symbolism attached one way or another. 
And of course there was Blondie, in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A crush. If there ever was a man holding and twisting his cigar that way, I had no idea. All I knew was I was transfixed by the movement on those (parched for a significant amount of the film) lips. 
The way I was seeing Audrey Hepburn teetering on to her longish cigarette as Holly Golightly or Uma Thurman working that no-nonsense cigarette as the least dangerous among her addictions in Pulp Fiction, it's a real wonder I never became a real smoker! How did I ever escape?
Because you can certainly consider me one of the victims of cinema glamorization of tobacco. Poor Jon Hamm had to smoke 74 herbal cigarettes in the pilot of Mad Menalone, such is our modern shunning of smoking, even more so on screen, where it's strictly seen as "period work." And yet ... You can do lots of things with a cigarette on hand: gain time, use that sharp intake of smoke as a decisive battle cry, fill that hanging silence of exhaling with something to look into, occupy your hands, offer to light a damsel-in-distress's own cigarette ... smoking has its own language and codes. 
Which nicely brings me to our matter at hand. A gorgeous tobacco fragrance for men. Those old-cut ones, like Richard Widmark. Widmark looked quite a bit like my own grandfather, who wore Tabac Original by Mauer & Wirtz; there's poetic justice in the lives of perfumephiles, you see. 
I have dearly loved many tobacco fragrances which evoke the subdued, mysterious atmosphere of a den or the posh hush-hush of a gentleman's club, it is of no matter. It's the scent of cured tobacco that fills the nostrils with the eager bulimia of a person that is on a self-imposed diet. There was no withdrawal pang, as I never developed the nicotine addiction, but there was a welcome call of good memories whenever I came across a good blend, satisfying my nostrils with the inhaling of other people's cigars and from the neck of glass bottles in suggestive shapes and shades. 
From Bell'Antonio by Hilde Soliani, one of the first true tobacco niche brands which hit a sensitive chord, or New Haarlem, all the way to the extra sweet Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, a cult in the making (so many are its fans), there are plenty of good, solid, woody, honeyed rich, full bodied tobacco scents on the market to have one's heart lost to. 
Korres with their newer launch of Eau de Parfum II just joined the club.
The composition is outright masculine, so ladies who shun things "smelling like cologne" (connoted in the American sense as masculine fragrance) should give it a skip. But all the others should flock and get a taste, for this is a rich, deep, satisfying cologne, my friends. The tobacco, honeyed, not too sweet, beautifully restrained and with only a hint of ash, is dominant. 
Around the pipe tobacco the supporting notes of sandalwood and vetiver contrast with their juxtaposition of warm and cool; the emphasis of this tension aids the persistence of the cigar taste, prolonging it into a delicious dry down. On the top, as befits a brand founded in the Mediterranean, is a cool spice; cardamom. This beloved addition to oriental coffee, giving it a taste that uplifts and puts it into the realm of refreshment rather than warming potion, even when said demitasse is hot, as well as in Middle Eastern desserts, is crucial. 
In Premium II L'Eau de Parfum by Korres, the masculine notes get a hint of freshness through the addition of cardamom, plus an airy section (that is probably due to ISo-E Super much like it was used in Montabaco by Ormone Jayne). It makes for a fragrance that is overall tenacious, deep and reminiscent of a pinstripe suit with a fedora, which, however, can be envisioned in summer cloth in a muted taupe. 
And of course, being an eau de parfum concentration, means it lasts through the night, doing that after-cigarette together in bed. 
What can I say? Bring me the Rizla papers!

quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2015

Cacharel Pour Homme de Cacharel (1981) por Gerard Goupy

Cacharel Pour Homme Cacharel Masculino

Não sei por que mas esse vovozinho me agrada muito,apesar de seu aroma fechado,másculo e de certa forma antigo,cada vez que o meu vai acabar começo a jornada atras de outro. Abre com um leve cítrico almiscarado mas com um toque diferenciado de lavanda e Sálvia Esclaréia que nesse caso tem puro cheiro de mato.Evolui para um aroma de ervilha de cheiro e flor de cravo quem toma conta da composição.O gerânio (floral fresco com cheiros doces e citrinos) e o Ylang Ylang se mistura a um aroma de cedro (toque de cânfora com um fundo balsâmico, amadeirado) Deixam o fundo adocicado e levemente cítrico mas o que da o gran finale é o Musgo de carvalho (suave, natural, molhado e cremoso.) que mantem a fixação impecável e deixam um leve aroma de  folhas de capim-limão. Não é indicado para o público one million,mas tem cheiro de homem de verdade.

Dahlia Divin de Givenchy (2014) por Francois Demachy

Dahlia Divin  Givenchy Feminino

Uma saída perfeita de ameixa, diferente, suculenta.Ela se mistura a um jasmim bem potente e  um floral branco  adocicado com notas de Sândalo sensacionais. Um fundo levemente amadeirado e patchuli delicioso.
Uma fragrância simples, potente e poderosa. Com um grau de romantismo ímpar, foi criada para homenagear as noivas. 

Queen by Queen Latifah de Queen Latifah (2009) por Steve Demercado

Queen by Queen Latifah Queen Latifah Feminino

Uma fragrancia quente, suntuosa e espumante ,Acordes enólicos de Tequila, contrastam com n notas cítricas luminosas de bergamota italiana e mandarina. Rosas absolutas harmoniza com Jasmine Noir, enquanto o conhaque , autoritário e intrigante, contrasta com aromático coentro marroquino dando vida às notas de cabeça. As notas de base criam um poderoso e misterioso e rico bouquet Oriental : Patchouli da Indonésia e Sândalo precioso aumentam o fascínio. Um fundo com baunilha suave e Tonka Absoluto. As notas de fundo , feito memorável com incenso egípcio apaixonate e a sensualidade do almíscar.

Black XS Potion for Him de Paco Rabanne (2014) por Olivier Cresp e Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann.

Black XS Potion for Him Paco Rabanne Masculino

A saída é bem acentuado no Junipero (uma fragrância pungente, herbácea, apimentada, assemelhada ao pinho e à cânfora) e no Rum (saída apimentada e aromática) , uma saída um pouco mais forte que os outros BXS, Outra diferença é um aroma enólico e verde advindo do absinto porém fica mais pungente com o Ládano (Intenso, balsâmico, quente, herbáceo e doce. O aroma lembra benjoim.). O fundo fica amadeirado resinado. Não tem notas doces, mesmo assim lembra de longe o Black XS. tem um pouquinho do Charriol Sport ou do Unforgivable Night de Sean John mas igual o eu ainda não vi.

J’adore Touche de Parfum - A New Way to Wear Perfume

 Elena Knezhevich

Dior introduces a new oil-based J’adore Touche de Parfum which you can combine with any perfume of the J’adore line.
Dior puts a new twist on the art of perfuming with J’adore Touche de Parfum. More than a variation on the famous floral bouquet, the composition is a daring venture into uncharted creative territory. Everything about it is a first, from the application technique to the texture, not to mention the state-of-the art bottle. But above all, it is a new invitation to pair this "touch" with the J’adore fragrance of your choice. And thus compose your very own J’adore.
J’adore Touche de Parfum is a new olfactory and sensory experience created by François Demachy. It is more than a fragrance—it is an unexpected invitation. A new creative approach, an olfactory mise en scène:
ACT 1: Deposit "Touche de Parfum" just the way you want. With a delicate dab or a bolder touch.
ACT 2: Pair with the J’adore fragrance of your choice. One, two, three silky drops deposited in the hollow of the wrist. The surprising texture gently glides beneath your fingers, as the floral bouquet of J’adore majestically unfolds with new structure and depth.
A woodier composition in an extreme concentration. Cloaked in mystery. The ritual is different too, and very sensual. Caressing the skin to unleash the power of the floral notes. Skin warmed by a pleasant texture, easily made yours, simply by touch. With a few touches of liquid silk, J’adore Touche de Parfum reinvents the art of perfuming. And invites you to choose a complementary J’adore fragrance to create a unique harmony. A magical mix that takes the floral expression to dizzying heights. For a beautiful blend of J’adore, made in your image. Personal. Unique.
"J’adore Touche de Parfum is an invitation to adopt J'Adore as your own and create a custom fragrance to suit your desires."François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator
François Demachy created a "supple" composition, like an invitation. A harmony willing to follow you on any journey. Paired with the J’adore fragrance of your choice, this "touch" of perfume takes you to a land of countless olfactory combinations. The Jasmin Sambac and Damascus Rose of the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette take on novel woody accents with Sri Lankan Sandalwood. The Tuscan Iris of the Voile de Parfum is cloaked in mystery.
Extracted from Hibiscus seeds, Ambrette makes its grand entrance, delicately blending fruity notes of Pear, Liqueur and light Musk. Precious and unique, it works in perfect synergy with the floral harmony of J’adore, creating a link within the chosen pairing. Floral Absolutes are heightened by the "dry oil" texture that brings their aromas into full bloom. Exceptionally rich in natural raw materials, the texture develops differently on each person’s skin. It releases unique, bespoke notes. Like a signature.
The J’adore Touche de Parfum bottle is a technological wonder. A capillary system exclusive to the Dior Maison de Parfums facilitates application: twisting the bead of the amphora bottle draws a drop into the applicator and captures it there. The "touch" is only released when the transparent applicator is applied to the skin.
This exclusive system ensures that no drop escapes until its journey is complete. Fine and lightweight, the silky texture is absorbed with astonishing speed. There is no "oily" sensation on the skin that could distract from this moment of sensory pleasure.
Source: Dior Press Release
Pictures soon!

quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015

Repetto de Repetto (2013) por Olivier Polge

Repetto Repetto Feminino

Uma fragrância delicada, com uma saída floral bem acentuada com algo fresco e muita rosa, mistura-se a um frutal discreto. Baunilha adocica a composição e o amadeirado ambarado e leve porém bem notável. É um perfume romântico, Cool e usual. Não vejo como não gostar dele.

Extatic de Pierre Balmain (2014) Por Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann

Extatic Pierre Balmain Feminino

A investida de Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann , famosa pela linha feminina de Black XS de Paco Rabanne é uma memorável fragrância potente, adocicada e sensual. O detalhe aqui é que Emilie fez uma fragrância bem Balmain, com muito requinte e com aquele toque que conseguimos identificar em fragrâncias como La vie est belle de Lancome. Ele sai frutado, adocicado e estiloso, com toques de Iris e couro. Um aroma de rosas se mistura à aquele adocicado pungente e aparece sândalo e notas inexplicáveis, como se o fundo tivesse sido criado para destoar da fragrância. É um efeito diferente e elegante. Bem ao estilo da Grife.

Black Opium de Yves Saint Laurent de Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp e Honorine Blanc.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent Feminino

Um opium mais jovem, intenso nas notas de abertura algo frutado, pimenta e café. Baunilha que se mistura muito bem ao jasmim, é mais transparente, porém café sempre é marcante. É adocicado em toda seu desenvolvimento, bem diferente do opium original, até no fundo onde é deliciosamente amadeirado com um toque terroso  perfeito. Tem algo mais sedutor, que remete a mulheres poderosas. 

Gucci Eau de Parfum de Gucci (2002) por Daniela (Roche) Andrier

Gucci Eau de Parfum Gucci Feminino

Uma fragrância de muita personalidade porém não muito eclética.Primeiro por ter notas florais fortes e ser um oriental tradicional, com notas de couro cru . Abre com notas florais de heliótropo (abaunilhada e intensa) e pra varia a baunilha das notas de fundo acentuam essa nota que dão uma adocicada maior no couro.Para completar o floral entra a Iris (bem leve nesse caso) e especiarias Alcarávia ( leve aroma de anis) e Tomilho e muito Incenso. Para arrematar um fundo amadeirado e levemente almiscarado. É um tipo de perfume que agrada bem pessoas maduras pois não tem nada de jovial. Incenso, baunilha e especiarias passa uma impressão de que tem notas alcoólicas. Agora se Você gosta de um perfume que abale o quarteirão é só tentar acha-lo. Os fãs de Shalimar de Guerlain não vão se arrepender de compra-lo

Bond No 9 B9

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

The collection inspired by New York is finally launching the fragrance dedicated to the main store of the house of Bond No 9 at Bond Street no. 9 namedB9. This fragrance will be launched in August exclusively in the official store of No9, on the official website and at online shop-u bondno9.com, as well as in such stores as Harrods, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.
According to Laurice Rahme, founder and owner of Bond No9, the new fragrance B9will be unisex and based on a blend of saffron, gardenia leaves, amber and musk. Its flacon repeats the characteristic star-shape, and is colored in aubergine color. Fragrance B9 arrives on the market in two sizes, as 50 ml Eau de Parfum priced at $260 and in flacons 100 ml Eau de Parfum priced at $320.
gardenia leaves
The exclusive collection that connects Dubai and New York and includes fragrancesRubyIndigo and Emerald which we have already announced will be available at Harrods starting from November 2015, and we can also expect it at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bond No. 9 boutiques and select Nordstrom stores. Fans of jubilant Bond No9 editions will be thrilled by the new collection "One Thousand and One Nights" embellished with Swarovski crystal. We will report more on this collection.

Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Tom Ford launches the new fragrance which belongs to the collection Private Blend presented as a unisex edition which blends expressive pepper-based notes with exotic floral notes and creamy woody shades.
VENETIAN BERGAMOT opens with green and tart aromas of bergamot which is surrounded with bitter and cold chords of black pepper and cheerful pink pepper, while ginger enhances sharpness and citrusy scent. The heart mixes warm and intoxicating shades of ylang-ylang combined with gardenia and magnolia. A woody blend of cedar and Californian bay leaf (Pepperwood / myrtle from Oregon / Umbellularia) provides a rougher character  to the floral aromas, while the finish is provided by warm aromas of sandalwood, tonka, amber and cashmeran.
bergamot, black pepper, pink pepper, ginger
ylang-ylang, magnolia, gardenia, cedar, pepperwood
sandalwood, tonka, amber, cashmeran
Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot will be available as 50, 100 and 250 ml Eau de Parfum.

Police Icon Intense

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

The sculptural bottle shaped like a falcon with bluish facets marked the fragrant collection by Police by symbolizing magnificence and elegance. We could have guessed that Police would continue in the same style and offer another "falcon" in the collection, firstly in the Middle East and later worldwide. The new edition ICON INTENSE was announced as a more intense version of last year’s fragrance Police Icon and arrives in the same falcon-shaped bottle in black color with a gold-color metal plate. The combination of black and gold is still popular and very attractive among perfume bottles. The glass body of the falcon is semi-transparent and you can see inside the bottle. The black glass facets play with light and shadows to create a more attractive presentation of glass bird. 
The composition of the new Icon Intense is announced as a union of oriental, woody and spicy notes that convey the strength and elegance of a man. The fragrance opens with a cheerful and explosive blend of bergamot, pink pepper and cardamom, leading to a heart created of clary sage and orris. A sensual masculine note originates from white cedar which enhances the powdery-aromatic blend in the heart. The base of the composition brings a deep, warm blend of patchouli, benzoin and crystal amber. 
Fragrance POLICE ICON INTENSE is available as 125 ml Eau de Parfum.

Manifesto L’Eclat de Yves Saint Laurent (2014) por Anne Flipo e Loc Dong

Manifesto L’Eclat Yves Saint Laurent Feminino
Quem gostou do Manifesto Original mas achou muito quente para ser usado no dia a dia pode encomendar L’Eclat, ele segue a mesma proposta só que é bem mais fresco e com projeção moderada. A saída continua com um toque de Bergamota e Neroli e jasmim  com  nuance frutal e notas discretas de Chá. A baunilha é menos intensa e a fava mais destacada, Fava + Frésia + flor de laranjeira faz um floral adocicado perfeito, do tipo que não incomoda mas marca presença. O Aroma de rosas vermelhas fica bem no fundo e se mistura com um amadeirado discreto, mais discreto que o original. É elegante, usual e diferente do que andamos vendo no mercado.

Vanitas de Versace (2011) por Dora Baghriche-Arnaud

Vanitas Versace Feminino
Vanitas é uma fragrância no melhor estilo verão brasileiro. Saída floral cítrica com predomínio de Frésia. No coração surge o aroma de Tiaré que lembra gardênia dando a composição um ar de praia e sol. A fava deixa o aroma abaunilhado mais leve. O fundo é amadeirado porém não é muito adocicado. É uma fragrância despretensiosa  mas que agrada.

Blackbird's Zola Jesus Taiga

I must admit, I am a newcomer to the music of artist Zola Jesus. After watching and listening online to get a feel for it, I'm intrigued by her sound and her visual aesthetic. The brief video above doesn't fully showcase her powerful voice and unique musical stylings, so I'm including another video below which displays both to greater effect. Both videos also fit the theme of this article, which is also the theme of the perfume I am exploring: Zola Jesus Taiga from Blackbird.
Zola Jesus is the stage name for artist Nika Roza Danilova (in Russian: Ника Роза Данилова), an American-born vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of Russian descent. A classically trained musician raised in the forests of rural Wisconsin, she cites a myriad of influences across multiple genres—punk, new wave, no wave, pop, opera—which inform her unique sound today. Zola Jesus has released five albums to date, with the most recent being 2014's Taiga, after the Russian snowforest.
It's fitting on many levels that Zola Jesus teamed up with edgy Seattle, Washington design studio Blackbird to create a fragrance that captures the essence of her latest album. More than 50% of the state of Washington is covered by forests. Taiga was written on Vashon Island, which is near Seattle. The tree-filled video for "Dangerous Days" was filmed in Washington's Hoh Rainforest. Zola Jesus Taiga perfume is filled with precious wood, smoky notes and touches of lush greenery—a veritable taiga in a bottle. I can't think of a designer more suited to create a fragrance like this than Blackbird.
Blackbird incense burning at Elements Showcase, August 2013
(It's absolutely perfect, too, that Blackbird, known also for their amazingly creative incense compositions, have released Zola Jesus Taiga as incense pyres in addition to the perfume.)
Chock full of amazingly good stuff, Zola Jesus Taiga has official notes of Guaiacwood, Teak, Oud, Copaiba Balsam, Indian Frankincense, Cedar, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Choya Loban, Nagarmotha, Omani Frankincense, Sandalwood, Green Peppercorn, Smoke, Oak, Cistus, Ambrette, Myrrh, Davana, Helichrysum, Geranium, Vetiver, Caraway and Opopanax.  The fragrance opens with gentle flashes of plush green from the bergamot, geranium and helichyrsum, but I was hooked by its spicy sweet smoke over fresh-cut woods which appears shortly after application. The fragrance lasts a good 10+ hours, with powerful sillage for the first two hours that gradually settles to a warm, sweet and resinous finish.

There are many notes here that could easily pull this fragrance towards the traditional oriental fragrances of the Middle East, but  there's a density here that speaks more of temperate climates than shifting desert sands. Zola Jesus Taiga is the scent of a hermit's cabin hidden deep in the woods, where the sole inhabitant spends days and nights contemplating the mysteries of existence before an altar of burning incense. Intact trees of the forest surround the split wood cabin, which in turn surrounds the firelight and gentle glow of incense embers as the fragrance spirals on an inward journey to the depths of the soul. What will we discover about ourselves along the way? Darkness or light? Bitterness or sweetness? Such a journey is not to be undertaken lightly and it could very well be dangerous ...
Zola Jesus Taiga is available on the official Blackbird website as 30 ml spray, 10 ml roll-on and incense pyres in a travel-ready tin. 
Thank you to Blackbird for the opportunity to try this remarkable scent!
Official product image: Blackbird; Elements image: John Biebel.

terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2015

Kenneth Cole Blue

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Kenneth Cole refresca os homens neste verão com a nova fragrância BLUE que promete uma composição energizante e aromática. A fragrância Blue foi concebida para um homem moderno e esportivo com estilo, que prefere citrinos, notas marinhas e um final sutil. 
A composição de KENNETH COLE BLUE  abre com cintilantes e refrescantes acordes cítricos, levando a um coração com notas aromáticas que aparecem de forma dinâmica, como ondas. A base é masculina, sofisticada e decorada com tons quentes de cedro e âmbar. "Eu me inspirei no verão Mediterrâneo para esta fragrância. A estação muda toda a natureza da água, do ar e da luz dando uma característica carga elétrica. Eu quis transmitir a sensação que se tem quando se mergulha durante os dias quentes de verão no Mediterrâneo," diz o perfumista Mathieu Nardin.

A fragrância Kenneth Cole Blue está disponível em 30, 50 e 100 ml Eau de Toilette a partir de Agosto de 2015.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza Edição Especial 2015

 Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

ACQUA DI PARMA apresenta a edição especial da fragrância masculina COLONIA ESSENZA num frasco preto inspirado no terno e no laço, com um elegante motivo feito à mão por mestres luveiros italianos. O novo frasco de colecionador ganhará a atenção dos fãs e conhecedores desta fragrância. O luxuoso frasco em edição limitada é recarregável.
A composição permanece inalterada e tem as mesmas notas de Colonia Essenza de 2010 baseadas numa combinação de citrinos, ervas aromáticas e delicadas flores. As noas mais importantes são bergamota, alecrim, lírio do vale e âmbar.
edição limitada 2015
bergamota, toranja, laranja, tangerina, petitgrain
alecrim, sálvia, lírio do vale, rosa, jasmim, neroli
vetiver, almíscar, patchouli, âmbar, cravo da índia, musgo
ACQUA DI PARMA COLONIA ESSENZA SPECIAL EDITION 2015 está disponível em 180ml Eau de Cologne pelo preço de 140 libras. Além do frasco clássico e e da edição limitada especial, esta fragrância também pode ser comprada fomo frasco de viagem que vem num estojo de couro preto em 30ml Eau de Cologne pelo preço de 88 libras.