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Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio (2010): Dual Spiritual And Gourmand Fig

Ninfeo Mio is named after a masterpiece of garden art, the latter the happenstance result of the Italian Duke Onorato Caetani having married an English woman, Ada, with a passion for greenery. The Giardino di Ninfa located in the vicinity of Rome appears today to be the embodiment of vegetal and Edenic voluptuousness done in the English romantic landscape style, a priori a good fit for the universe of the house of Annick Goutal who have drawn constant inspiration from garden impressions and a Romantic engagement with nature from the early beginnings...

Ninfa-column.jpgIn Ninfa, there is even a Gothic streak of romanticism apparent in the medieval ruins that compose the park and on which the half-effaced images of saints can still be seen. For the authors of Mandragore and Mandragore Pourpre, perfumer Isabelle Doyen and designer Camille Goutal, this medieval setting could only come as a reinforcement of their own symbolic universe.

What was intended to be a Garden of the Hesperides scent transformed itself into a Garden of Ninfa perfume.


A word about the name of the fragrance might be useful in order to better capture the inspiration of the scent. Personally, it helps me better apprehend the aquatic, pale facet of Ninfeo Mio. A "ninfeo" or Nymphaeum or Nymphaion is a sacred edifice from the antiquity consecrated to water deities or nymphs and consequently built near fountains and springs. While the river in Ninfa is actually called Ninfa, one can feel the poetry of a perfume called Ninfeo Mio which would mean something like My Sacred Temple to the Nymph of These Waters. 

Ninfeo Mio at first is deliciously fresh, verdant, thirst-quenching and complex with a profuse spray of green and citrus notes mixed in with more aromatic herbal hints. Annick Goutal know very well how to do herbs and to tap their simple charms to add atmospheric notes to their scents. Sables, Mandragore are moody and mysterious in part due to a research on quirky herbal-y hints. In Ninfeo Mio, the aromatic facet introduces a measure of cool reflexivity and distance from the happy, effusive spring-like notes but without taking center stage.

After this kaleidoscopic green and fresh opening which feels like cool leafy and grassy fireworks on which lemon juice and coconut were drizzled, the composition lets through a warmer balmy sweet accord of vanilla and bergamot recognizable as the classic sweet powdery "note" of Shalimar by Guerlain.

Little by little, the perfume takes on a more characteristic fig personality which is treated a bit in a standard fashion to my nose as fruity and milky with coconut-y and salty notes. A lime-y facet fortunately counterbalances this thrust. The citrus facet is more perceptible after I have sprayed on the perfume a few times and the citrus oils concentrate better and remain longer. The fruity fig note reminds me for part of it of the fig wave that washed over soaps a few years ago in France as the new in-note in suds bars followed by fresh vine tomatoes a couple of years later. I would probably be more immediately under the spell of this fig rendering if I had not used and smelled one too many fig soap, shower gel and even fig oils. This is a common pitfall both for consumers and perfumers. The latter have to navigate in principle cautiously to avoid such identifications although lately, they have turned the tide completely by copying soaps and detergents. 

What remains more Goutalian here is the juxtaposition of this off-the-shelf fig note with the more sophisticated citruses of l'Eau d'Hadrien which are still able to convey a sense of being a shimmering gold brocade. This is not easy a task as lemony notes are everywhere in our daily lives.To be able to offer a sensation that translates as gold muslin rather than lemonade - or even Lemon Pledge, god forbid - is a feat to be underlined.

I think that the house was well-inspired to keep this signature accord to personalize the more standard fig accord in my view as the first one seems to lack a bit of a creative process while the second one obviously has had much time to mature since the creation of l'Eau d'Hadrien followed by Mandragore and Les Nuits d'Hadrien. If you compare the fig note in Ninfeo Mio with the one of Un Jardin en Méditerrannée by Hermès for instance, I would say that the latter is more thoughtful and original. From a commercial vantage point, l'Eau d'Hadrien is a confirmed bestseller of the house and so it would make sense to please patrons who might feel conflicted about using a new fresh summery perfume from Annick Goutal while having to forsake the elegant hesperides of l'Eau d'Hadrien. 

Ninfeo Mio however distinguishes itself from l'Eau d'Hadrien in that it is also sweet, milky, fruity and green. I personally find the fig impression, again, at times, a bit heavy, caramel-y and playing on the "regressive" register as is customary to say in the jargon of perfumery which means that it tends to be child-like and simple in taste-orientation with a bias towards candy and pastry flavors. There is however a green sappy, grassy and lime-y nuance that attempts to counterbalance the gourmand aspect of the fig and succeeds at times but gives way at other times to what the French like to call a "doudou" scent to denote a comfort perfume. This comfort facet is willed as is clear from the press material and not a skin idiosyncracy. A translation in English might be a "blankee" perfume in homage to Linus Van Pelt's most cherished and dependable companion. This is not just subjective cultural speculation of mine: French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbaljac even launched a perfume that was meant to evoke an iconic blankee both in scent and perfume bottle shape.

Overtime Ninfeo Mio refines a bit this gustatory and dessert-y fig motif. The scent becomes more abstract and while still comforting becomes better meshed with a more sensual skin impression. The fragrance is still sweet but more evanescent. It is an Eau de Toilette concentration and is meant to perfume lightly during the hot days of spring and summer where it should do well.The salty edge of the coconut milk note used to build the fig accord comes through a bit more, going in the direction of the Thai coconut curry sensation found in Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar.

Depending on how and how much you will spray it on, it seems, the perfume will be more fig-y and sweet or more citrus-y and crystalline. I prefer the fig be buried as much as possible to let the transparent green veil of the nymph enshroud me and really evoke the virtues of the coolness and water-dispensing deity who lives by the river Ninfa. Perhaps there is a fig tree in the shade of this water-splashed temple, but I wished its fruits were fresher and subtler rather than veering in the direction of confectionery sweets or fig-filled macaron.
Ninfeo Mio is for those who cannot bypass a fig scent and can easily imagine sleeping in the shade of a tree by a green river thanks to a few suggestive notes.

Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Chéri Par Camille (2011)


The whiff that escapes from the burgundy-colored bottle of Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille (My Darling Perfume by Camille)
Upon spraying the perfume onto the skin, what you get is a different sensation, one which is more iris-y, suede-like. It's a comingling of soft, powdery and root-y iris with sweet Coca-Cola-like amber and mineral, graphite-like, smoky Indonesian patchouli. Musk is present, enveloped by the other notes, never overly of the unbathed persuasion, although it is not clean and white.
The house of Annick Goutal announced the perfume as a reconstitution of an old formula, one that is that of a concrète offered by sensualist French writer Colette (1873 -1954) to the founder of the brand Annick Goutal (1946 -1999). It is a project very much rooted in nostalgia and filial love as the concrète can be seen as a baton passed on from Annick to Camille and back. Camille, the daughter of Annick, wanted to mirror the offering of her mother, the perfume Petite Chérie, in this altogether different fragrance, Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille. The composition is created to "honor the eternal beauty of her mother." There are no links except in names and intention, and perhaps via two fruit notes, pear for the first and plum for the second. Other than that, it is like contrasting two separate worlds of taste: a fresh fruity floral and a woody-floral chypre. And while usually the brand does not hesitate to feature their in-house perfumer Isabelle Doyen, this time Camille insisted on making her signature part of the name of the perfume.
"It all started with a precious present stowed away in their office : a small concrete that the author Colette gave to Annick Goutal. A woody, timeless fragrance that has survided decades with no signs of aging. Camille, obsessed with this unusual fragrance, was drawn back to her childhood memories of Hollywood's wartime movies. Tempting satin. Delicate lace. Actresses and their gloved hands and ruby lips. And a memory of her mother dressing for an evening out." ...

Colette_in_Rêve_d'Égypte.jpgColette as one of the actors of this perfume recreation, we can try to better understand in her relationship to her gesture of offering a perfume token. The writer has always had a foot in the world of beauty and fragrance, not only by taste but also for professional reasons as her road to emancipation went through her early experience as an exotic dancer who needed her pans of makeup and bottles of scent like every other show girl. Later on, she would try to use her expertise and de facto serious interest for all things beauty to try to become an entrepreneur, creating her own scents and opening a beauty parlor. But the endeavor was short-lived. She was also a beauty writer, often a complacent one, trying to push products in women's magazines where her friendly tone was always and unwaveringly warm. She was in fact a great PR. If you pay attention to the writer's face from the perspective of a beauty fiend, you cannot help but notice her dark, smoky eyes lined with black khol, her slim lips wearing an insistent swipe of rouge. Into her old age, she never let go of her coquettry.

She also apparently liked to offer little presents as mementos of her to people who came to see her. Truman Capote recounts at one point how he visited her in her appartment in Paris and left with one of the paper-weights she collected, which he saw strewn on her bed and/or besides it, I can't recall exactly. They inspired her with their imprisonned motifs. Her philosophy of gift-giving which she imparted to Capote was that one ought to give only what one treasured personally. The fact that Annick Goutal was the recipient of a similar gift in perfume form confirms this habit of hers and invites us to think that Colette loved the perfume she gave away.

Like a cloud of dusting powder settling in from the past, Mon Parfum Chéri once was a contemporary smell and now is a nostalgic one. Without resorting to fragrant narration, the revived composition is content with being a mark left by actions which took place much longer ago.This scent is their trace.Mon Parfum Chéri, whose name seems to also quote the Chéri series of novels by the writer, just like it does the perfume Petite Chérie, is an evocation of a bygone era when certain olfactory palettes dominated the scene in typical fashion. If today, the rose-ambery-patchouli accord of Narciso Rodriguez for Her is so ubiquitous, in the past, certain bases dominated.
The composition is not very evolutive. It is more like a photography of what people used to call an "odor." Using the word anew today puts the emphasis for me on its linear nuances although Jicky by Guerlain was called an "odor,' the old-fashioned term for perfume. Of course, its origin as a solid perfume influences this aspect of the recreation. Cream perfumes tend to be flatter. The scent reveals an old-fashioned palette of notes: powdery, oakmoss-y, prune-y. The plum note would give it out as a WWII-era scent, if we follow the official perfume chronology, with Femme de Rochas being the first plummy perfume to appear and to leave its mark. In reality, synthetic plum notes had already been created and even marketed in 1912 with Vague Souvenir by Guerlain.
The perfume is absolutely not airy as 21st perfumes can be. If it were to evoke any type of space, it would be that of a slightly claustrophobic drawing room whose windows are not often opened wide. Velvet cushions, tapestry ones are decorating heavy, plush couches. In an atmosphere such as this one, time stands still.
There is therefore something immobile about the revitalized Mon Parfum Chéri. It could be the smell coming from the bottom of an abandoned bottle. It could be the scent lingering in an old handbag. It is, we know, that, the leftover aroma of a solid perfume.
This is definitely a perfume for nostalgists. From the perspective of a history of smells, it is noteworthy to see how patchouli is used to recreate this slightly smoky, opium-den-like and musty impression of ancient perfumes choke-full of oakmoss. The humus of patchouli replaces the humus of oakmoss.
Looking back, one might be struck by the evolution in fashion tastes. Why did people think that women smelling of dusty old books, almost, could smell seductive? This is a rhetorical question, because I don't have a problem imagining why it might be seductive. The perfume forces us to change our myopic view of pleasantness and sexiness. The touch of fruit which is present with the dark, Chinese prune, draws a link to present-day taste for fruity florals, but this is a fruit which is dry, discreetly plummy rather than bursting with juice and freshness.

Personally, I feel that Mon Parfum Chéri is more chic than glam, thus more Parisian than Hollywoodian. The perfume does not really thrum at my heart strings because I find it too antiquarian in spirit and I don't usually tear up in front of a museum display, but it can offer a fairly authentic vintage charm. I am sure that the perfume being related in Camille Goutal's mind to a memory of her mother, this would be much more moving to her.In a sense Mon Parfum Chéri can be seen as an anti fresh scent. Air, water, have been evacuated from the palette of notes. What we are left with is smoke, ashes, dust, a powdery cheek, a hint of mold. But there is something else, which is a certain sense of chic. It signs a certain type of elegant presence. The brand wanted to recreate what the perfume evoked for them: Old Hollywood glamor, a makeup accord. They included iris, violet and heliotropin notes to that effect. 
At any rate, it is an artifact worth experiencing and amateurs of the genre might feel very happy indeed that there is a revivalist vintage perfume launched. Besides, you can always use it as a reminder of Colette too, as you read her today.
Notes: Indonesian patchouli, iris, violet, heliotropin.

Lonestar Memories By Andy Tauer

Lonestar Memories is the latest creation by Andy Tauer. People who are familiar with his first two perfumes, both introduced in 2005, Le Maroc pour Elle and L'Air du Désert Marocain, will find that it departs from the previous two in that it is not a perfume with Oriental references but rather an ode sung to the naturalness and freedom expressed by the myth of the American West. I will add that it is also, to me, a perfume that contributes to defining without any ambiguity or restrictions a classic ideal of rugged masculinity as conveyed by a fragrance; it is rather efficient. In case we had forgotten, Tauer reminds us that certain perfumes just might smell more erotic on a man's skin than on a woman's if we are to recognize that to be able to provoke "trouble" (in French) could be a perfume's ultimate mission...

Lonestar Memories starts with, to my nose, a slightly boozey accord reminiscent of whiskey mixed with the sweetness of dry fruits preserved in liqueur then segues very quickly into its dominant theme, Leather. Whereas Ambre Russe by Parfums D'Empire evokes a cosy and plush library with luxurious leather armchairs, aged liqueur, and a roaring fireside, Lonestar Memories evokes vast open spaces, the warmth of a cattle herd, coffee, and a campfire. The leather accord that develops in Lonestar Memories is dark, raw, smoky, animalic, with sweet undertones. There is also a bit of a fatty aroma that ties in well with the theme of the prairie. Later it will become drier. Cedar, birchtar, and a smokiness evocative at times of Lapsang-Souchong tea and at other times of a campfire weave their motifs. The dry down is woodsy and reminiscent of the base notes in the other two perfumes by Tauer but with less of a marked sillage making it more masculine in that sense too.
We are transported to another place. I feel as if my nose were pressing against horse trappings or that I am back in Anatolia visiting a local saddlery. It is very evocative of the olfactory impression made by a freshly made horse saddle that has not quite lost touch with its origin and thus it also evokes raw hide. Even more than that, this very animalic leather, to my nose, goes as far as to suggest the live animal and its perspiration, the fume of its very presence however transfigured enough as to be evocative rather than present.
I have no trouble imagining what Andy Tauer probably wants us to picture in the eyes of our minds: horses, cattle, a man, a fire camp, pasture with some medicinal herbs scenting the air, and even dark syrupy and smoky coffee drunk by a virile and nonchalant solitary cowboy staring silently into the fire, sipping his coffee, and resting from a day of hard work half-leaning on a horse saddle that bears unevaporated marks of sweat. It is a multi-sensory experience; now, I can even hear the clicking sounds made by the horses' trappings as the animals move, their neighing in the background, and contemplate the mauve crepuscule descending upon the prairie. This scent is both eminently evocative and realistic.
For people who fall for the idea of unabashed virility (like I suppose I do when smelling this perfume), this is an über sexy scent. This is, to me, going deeper into our unconscious, how a centaur might have smelled had it ever existed. Once, in the depth of history and mythology, there was a being who was half-animal, half-man. Then civilization separated the two essences. The human essence often feels nostalgia for its fuller nature, and at times attempts to recreate its former state. Being a horseman or a cowboy is one way. Using a perfume to recreate that fuller essence is another way. Lonestar Memories hints at a type of human energy based on deep nostalgia allied with raw eroticism, an energy that lingers on like the memory of ourselves originating from our archaic animal natures.
As a woman, I would much prefer to smell this potion of love on a man but if you like your leather dark, smoky, and very rustic, this is a perfume that should be made part of your collection. Of course, as we know, rusticity is an urban invention, so it is actually a very sophisticated leather scent that simply toys with our fantasies of or nostalgia for the primitive, the unadulterated, and the raw.
Mr. Mimi Froufrou just came in and a few drops later he says that he likes the scent and that it evokes for him "civilized wilderness." I did not communicate with him about my impressions; he just got it from the perfume.
Notes are: Geranium, Carrot seed, Clary sage, Birchtar, Cistus, Jasmine, Cedar wood, Myrrh, Tonka, Vetiver, Sandalwood
You can purchase Lonestar Memories for $65 on Andy Tauer's website or $80 at Luckyscent

Parisiennes - Grace

Parisiennes - Grace © 2015 Chant Wagner
Soaking up a late summer sunshine in-between downpours - three Parisian friends are having a chat at a café terrace, a common sight which is here slightly different for the sense of grace which emanates from this group...

There is one lady which remains invisble, but there is still an atmosphere in which she partakes and contributes to, no doubt.
The lady with the turban looks like a cancer sufferer, yet she has remained full of femininity and grace.
It's really a form of courage to be stylish and done up when you go through such challenges. It's even a form of courage when you get engulfed by everyday practical life.

Ann Gerard Rose Cut

Ao ler outra peça sobre um lançamento de uma frgarância de rosas, inadvertidamente coloquei a questão: “Será que precisamos de outro perfume de rosas?” Depois respondi eu mesmo: “Tal como novos livros ou canções!” A rosa é bela. A rose é incansável. É difícil desperdiçar a rosa num perfume. A rosa inspira artistas, poetas e pessoas comuns, sendo o símbolo da beleza natural.
Os joalheiros também se inspiram na rosa. Em meados do século XVI, os joalheiros de Antuérpia inventaram uma nova forma de cortar as pedras preciosas e lhe deram o nome em honra da rosa—“rose cut.”
Uma base plana sem pavilhão, a face coberta de facetas simétricas triangulares (desde seis facetas até 24 facetas no Full Rose cut—saiba mais aqui), as pedras em Rose Cut precisavam de mais luz, e eram muitas vezes colocadas sobre uma camada de folha de prata ou de ouro nas jóias. Dizem que os diamantes vintage em Rose Cut estão outra vez na moda, e isso se deve em parte ao fato de que o rose cut representa a origem antiga da pedra, ou talvez de toda a peça.
Full Rose Cut aka Dutch Rose. Foto de
A joalheira parisiense e diretora artística de sua própria casa de perfume Ann Gerarddecidiu usar o nome como forma de unir o mundo da alta perfumaria ao mundo da alta joalharia. Eu não sou joalheiro para avaliar o nome, mas pode-se esperar que Rose Cut seja um perfume com uma fragrância discreta e suave. O mesmo estilo discreto deverá ser esperado na base das fragrâncias anteriores de Ann Gerard Parfums, criadas por Bertrand Duchaufour. Parece que o estilo gracioso, discreto e modesto dos perfumes invulgares é congruente com a joalheria de Ann Gerard, que não enche o olho e não é feita de peças de bling-bling para mostrar o dinheiro que se gastou.
Rose Cut cintila, um pouco intoxicado e um pouco especiado, como bolhas numa taça de champanhe, como olhos brilhantes após algumas bebidas com morangos. Um pouco como glitter rosa suave com sabor de bagas em seus lábios e cheiro de sabonete de morango.
A doçura de Rose Cut parece com a das bagas com ligeira infusão alcoólica no início, como morangos em Kir Pêche, como as pétalas de uma rosa em xarope suave de baunilha e finalmente xarope com fumaça. A lânguida rosa caminha na fumaça no seguimento de um fantasma de patchouli e rapidamente se perde numa núvem doce-resinosa de benjoim e baunilha.
Fruitcholi? Chypre Moderno? Floriental? Bem, Rose Cut pode ser incluído em qualquer destes grupos modernos com um adjetivo adicional: “leve.”

Incrivelmente maravilhosa no blotter e nas roupas, a balsâmica rosa de Rose Cut em minha pele fica reduzida prematuramente e rapidamente passa a uma secagem suave e persistente tornando-se numa baga rosa meio-sobremesa, meio-fumaça, sendo suave e quente. É mais como um sussuro do que um perfume. Isso não é um defeito — todos os pais que já ouviram a primeira palavra “papai” de seus filhos podem confirmar que um sussurro pode ser tão poderoso como um grito.
Se tentarmos comparar o perfume com pedras preciosas, então eu não escolheria o diamante, nem sequer um vintage, pois Rose Cut Ann Gerard não se compara a esta pedra por sua resistência, durabilidade ou brilho. Permitam-me que o associe com um rubi translúcido de uma coleção indiana colorido como geléia de cereja ou mesmo uma turmalina rosa.
Esta é apenas mais uma rosa Rosa—não uma rosa a cheirar a batom, não um cheiro realista de um jardim de rosas, não uma rosa aldeídica e saponácea, não o casamento clássico de rosa com jasmim e violeta, não um severo chypre de gálbano com rosa, não uma rosa aquática—é outra Rosa. Na Terra, as rosas e os perfumes de rosas são mais difundidos do que os diamantes. Talvez seja por isso que há mais amantes de perfumes de rosas, e os perfumes de rosas, por norma, são mais baratos do que as jóias.
Notas: Aldeídos, Pimenta rosa, Absoluto de rum, Rosa, Peônia, Patchouli, Baunilha, Benjoim, Absoluto de carvalho.

No Brasil a marca Ann Gerard está presente em exclusivo na Cosmopolitan do Brasil.

Horóscopo Perfumado da Semana : 31/08/2015 a 06/09/2015

No dia 23 de Agosto às 07h37 o Sol ingressou no signo astrológico de Virgem. Virgem pertence ao elemento Terra e é regido pelo planeta Mercúrio e pelo planeta-anão Ceres. OBS: o Sol não ingressa num determinado signo no mesmo dia e no mesmo horário a cada ano, pois o `caminho do Sol´ não corresponde exatamente ao nosso calendário Gregoriano. O ingresso num signo também depende da latitude e da longitude. 

A Lua inicia a fase Cheia no dia 29 de Agosto às 15h35 a 6° de Virgem. A Lua estará Vazia ou Fora de Curso nos seguintes dias e horários: das 04h04 às 05h52 do dia 29 em Peixes: das 03h54 às 05h34 do dia 31 em Áries; das 13h38 do dia 01/09 ás 05h03 do dia 02, em Touro; das 07h21 às 08h49 do dia 04 em Gêmeos. Nesses dias e horários não é aconselhável começar algo novo, tomar decisões importantes (especialmente se os assuntos tratados tiverem relação com o signo onde a Lua se encontra), fazer aquisição de bens, assinar contratos e tratar de assuntos relacionados com o signo onde se encontra a Lua. Tampouco devemos fazer eventos públicos ou operações cirúrgicas, especialmente nas partes do corpo governadas pelo signo indicado pela Lua. 
O CÉU DA SEMANA - Analise das configurações astrológicas semanais e dos aspectos planetários. O Sol avança no signo de Virgem e se encontra alinhado com o planeta Júpiter, estimulando o otimismo e a generosidade, o que pode ser muito útil nesse período de crise. Aumentam as discussões sobre justiça e legalidade, assim como sobre os assuntos relacionados com o ensino e a educação. Por outro lado, Marte avança no signo de Leão e se encontra com o planeta Vênus - em retrogradação - num alinhamento que pode ser importante se desejarmos reacender um relacionamento amoroso morno, seja através de um dialogo franco com nosso parceiro que através de alguma ação renovadora. Mercúrio ingressa em Libra favorecendo os assuntos sociais, artísticos e culturais que ganham os noticiários. Ainda dá tempo de pensar numa viagem rápida de ferias.
tabela de ascendentes :

Você nunca se sentiu mais motivado e cheio de energia como agora que seu regente, Marte, vai se encontrar em alinhamento com o planeta Vênus, o planeta do amor e do prazer. Para aproveitar ao máximo essa boa configuração você pode começar a investir num relacionamento afetivo que você considerava perdido. Que tal preparar umas férias com o seu amor? Pense num convite irresistível! O campo profissional também será amplamente beneficiado, podendo lhe oferecer novas propostas e um bom reconhecimento pessoal. A quarta-feira lhe prepara uma surpresa agradável.
Perfume da Semana :

Vanitas Versace Feminino

Hermes Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche Hermes Masculino

Nem tudo o que você imagina pode ser realizado, por essa razão ponha ordem em suas ideias se você quer alcançar seus objetivos. Comece desde já a escrever numa agenda todos os passos que precisará fazer e atenha-se a eles sem se desviar do caminho. Um aspecto planetário favorável poderá ajudá-lo a melhorar suas finanças através de novas oportunidades ou então a encontrar um bom parceiro, seja ele profissional que afetivo. Você precisará decidir qual caminho seguir. Pode precisar enfrentar algum contratempo, como um compromisso desmarcado de ultima hora: não se aborreça!


Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Christian Dior Masculino

Oriens Van Cleef & Arpels Feminino

O leonino desfruta ainda de algumas configurações astrológicas favoráveis e não deve deixar passar este momento que pode lhe proporcionar ótimas oportunidades de crescimento pessoal. Você se sentirá bem disposto e cheio de energia por causa da presença do planeta Marte em seu signo. Porém, é necessário canalizar esta energia de forma positiva para não comprometer o resultado de suas iniciativas. Você pode se tornar mais enérgico e incisivo, mas também mais agressivo tomando ares arrogantes diante de seus interlocutores. Canalize sua intensidade em atividades esportivas ou faça mais sexo!

Hot Couture Givenchy Feminino
Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label Givenchy Masculino

Nesta semana o planeta Mercúrio ingressa em seu signo e por isso você se sentirá muito estimulado mentalmente, o que o ajudará a formular novos planos para o seu futuro profissional. Esta presença não deve ser desperdiçada, pois Mercúrio favorece a comunicação e também as pequenas viagens de negócios. Comece desde já a se planejar para poder alcançar os seus objetivos pessoais. A área dos novos projetos está sendo favorecida pela presença de Vênus, seu planeta regente; portanto, não há desculpas para não seguir em frente! Você pode usar o seu poder de liderança para coordenar uma bela equipe.


Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari Masculino

Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum Gucci Feminino

O trânsito do Sol não o favorece diretamente, porém a conjunção do Astro-rei com o planeta Júpiter, seu regente, pode indicar um aumento das oportunidades no ambiente profissional. Esta pode ser uma ótima razão para você enxergar o futuro com otimismo. De fato esta será uma semana de ajustes, especialmente no campo financeiro, de forma a poder fazer face a todos os compromissos assumidos. Continue firme em seus propósitos sem deixar de lado a cautela que nesses momentos de crise deve ser mantida. Tire algumas horas de folga no final do dia para atividades físicas ao ar livre para relaxar.


Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf Feminino
Ion Natura Masculino

Neste período parece que você vai precisar de mais empenho para conseguir aquelas pequenas vitórias nas tarefas mais simples. Algumas tarefas parecem se acumular e para dar conta de tudo é melhor você desmembrá-las em pequenas partes e compartilhá-las com colegas e parceiros. Ao mesmo tempo, procure aliviar um pouco as preocupações do dia a dia, deixando as coisas correrem soltas, sem a sua intervenção. Confie mais na sua intuição, pois nem tudo pode ser resolvido à luz da razão. Em sua vida privada você está precisando de algo novo: que tal começar um curso de dança?


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Como seu regente se encontra em retrogradação no signo de Leão, pode ser que você tenha momentos de pura alegria na companhia de amigos e entes queridos do seu passado e que não via há muito tempo. O Sol no signo de Virgem lhe é também benéfico, especialmente no ambiente profissional onde poderá desfrutar de bons resultados, sentindo-se recompensado por seu empenho e dedicação. Este aspecto astrológico favorece também o campo financeiro. Aproveite para relaxar um pouco e tirar dos ombros o estresse do dia a dia. Porém, não cometa excessos alimentares para não prejudicar a sua saúde.PERFUME:

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As configurações astrológicas desta semana continuam a focalizar o campo relativo às finanças o que pode ser útil se neste momento você tem a necessidade de refazer seu orçamento pessoal. O momento atual também pode ser favorável para planejar um investimento de longo prazo, especialmente se for relativo à aquisição de um bem material. Enquanto o Sol avança no signo de Virgem, você terá mais disponibilidade para a organização, seja no ambiente domestico que no profissional. Que tal começar por sua mesa de trabalho?

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O virginiano se renova energeticamente com a presença do Sol em seu signo e deve aproveitar também da benéfica influência de Júpiter que lhe oferecerá ótimas oportunidades de crescimento e não somente durante esta semana, mas também no ano inteiro! Desde já você poderá fazer ótimos negócios e concluir acordos e parcerias que lhe oferecem oportunidades de expansão no campo profissional. O único ponto negativo pode estar na área da saúde, pois a presença desse planeta pode agravar alguma doença já em andamento. Procure fazer um check-up e siga uma dieta alimentar balanceada.



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Os escorpinianos experimentam a energia de Saturno nos últimos graus do signo e provavelmente se sentem mais estimulados a manter suas atividades dentro das formalidades. Reuniões sociais são mantidas no âmbito familiar, com grupos de amigos e colegas do passado. Não devem ser tomadas novas iniciativas e nem experimentar ações arrojadas. Por outro lado, essa energia pode ser usada para fazer um check-up de saúde. Doenças mal-tratadas tornam-se crônicas e, portanto, pode ser muito indicado prevenir problemas futuros, especialmente no trato gênito-urinário.
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O capricorniano terá uma semana profícua, obtendo bons resultados de seu empenho pessoal, especialmente no âmbito profissional. Seus projetos pessoais tomam um rumo mais seguro, devido às energias positivas de seu regente, Saturno. O momento é de ajustes. Nenhuma ação nova ou arrojada deve ser tomada: mantenha-se na tradição. Você deve enfrentar as dificuldades do dia a dia procurando novas abordagens, mas sem perder a sua cautela tradicional. Aproveite para fazer um check-up para pesquisar a razão dos pequenos mal-estares que atrapalham seu dia a dia.
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A Lua Cheia que influencia esta semana atinge em cheio o signo de Peixes, podendo ser causa de suas instabilidades emocionais. O mar não esta para peixes e você, pisciano, deve praticar a paciência para poder levar adiante aqueles projetos que parecem ter dado uma parada. Não perca as esperanças. As pequenas conquistas de seu dia a dia irão avançar, mesmo que muito devagar. De qualquer maneira, você deve aproveitar este momento para examinar suas ações passadas, de forma a não cometer novamente os mesmos erros. Olhe para seu futuro com otimismo e não esqueça que você tem a proteção de seus guias espirituais.

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