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domingo, 27 de março de 2016

News from Hermès: Muguet Porcelaine

by: Juliett Ptoyan

On the 1st of May, the French House of Hermès will present its new edition calledMuguet Porcelaine, which will become the 13th fragrance in the Hermessence collection. The date of this latest launch is timed to coincide with the famous May Lily Day to celebrate the beauty of this flower and a stunning local tradition of gifting lilies of the valley.
The new fragrance of the iconic French saddler is signed by Jean-Claude Ellena; for him, the scent of tlily of the valley is "a rebel whose artless delicacy hides its strength and mystery."
In Muguet Porcelaine, its light, young character will be accentuated by a green accord.
The name of Muguet Porcelaine («Porcelain Lily-of-the-Valley») was chosen because of the frailty and delicacy of the main ingredient. The cap this time is swift with emerald green lamb leather, the lush colour reminds one of the flower's leaves.
This new edition from Hermès will be availiable in eau de toilette concentration in bottles of 100 ml (210€; 470€ in leather coffret), 200 ml (320€) & 15 ml as part of sets (4 pcs for 128€, 8 pcs for 256€).
The history of May Lily Day dates back to the times of Charles IX who was gifted with a bouquet of lilies-of-the-valley. It's said that the French monarch was astonished by the beauty of the tiny white bells and later decided to present these flowers to court ladies. French people have celebrated this flower for many years: for example, lily-of-the-valley was a favourite flower of Christian Dior, and Guerlain celebrates its glory with an annual limited edition called Muguet, which appears on sale only for a day.
Photo credit: portrait of Jean-Claude Ellena by Stéphanie Tetu

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