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sábado, 19 de março de 2016

Esxence Presents: Two New Fragrances by LM Parfums

by: Juliett Ptoyan

It seems like the upcoming Esxence is preparing for an abundance of novelties – both from brands that recently entered the market and those we already know. As always, most exhibitors don't unveil their plans til the very last minute, but from others we already know for sure what to expect. Laurent Mazzone, for example, will present two new fragrances – Sine Die and Aldheyx – which will be the re-start of an Eau de Parfum line; for the last four years this house released their juices only in extrait concentration.
A poster from the campaign for Sine Die and Aldheyx
The first one of this couple holds the name of a latin phrase which is translated as "without day", meaning no date was set for the next meeting. Sine Die is all about the revival of fig: it starts with its smooth pulp and some icy drops of grapefruit. In the heart we can feel a touch of velvety violet and a subtle, evenly distributed leather, which continues, combined with woody-ambery undertones, in the base.
The second one is created in a really uncommon manner (in comparison with the previous works of LM Parfums): a burst of aldehydes and bergamot is placed in the foreground, which is later supported by a smashingly bright mix of jasmine, heliotrope, cashmeran and gentle white musk. The result is really fresh, futuristic and dynamic – but we will tell you more about both fragrances (and the stories behind them) after Esxence.
Not too long ago, during the last Pitti Fragranze, LM Parfums also presented two fragrances – the develish Malefic Tattoo, and the ecstatic Sensual & Decadent (read more here) with notes of raspberry and hot caramel – a peak version of Sensual Orchid, the main hit of the brand.
As all previous launches, Sine Die and Aldheyx will be released in massive black flacons of 100 ml.

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