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domingo, 27 de março de 2016

New Stars by Tiziana Terenzi: Tyl Assoluto & a Secret Hint of What's to Come

by: Sergey Borisov

Fragrantica continues to announce Esxence 2016, the Milanese art-perfumery and cosmetics exhibition. Today we`re going to tell you about one of the new perfumes that the Italian perfume House Tiziano Terenzi is going to launch there in March. We found out a few details: there will be four new Tiziano Terenzi perfumes, and the brand will continue the theme of constellations, as started in previous collections. Before their official presentation in Milan, we have contacted Paolo Terenzi, and smelled one of the new perfumes, Tyl Assoluto by Tiziano Terenzi.
Paolo Terenzi: Collection Assoluto was born in the fire of memories that warm and light our previous collection, Tiziana Terenzi Luna. The different moments of life, as precious pieces of the puzzle of the stars, inspired us to create these magical fantasies. With creative impulses and a demand for excellence, Tiziana Terenzi mixes the tradition of fine, Italian jewelry with innovative design, setting the tone for the entire collection. This visual style, in turn, is fused with the exciting olfactory genius of the perfumer [Paolo Terenzi] in search of new frontiers in a journey that will never end.
So, Assoluto: unique, precious, a limited collection of two aromas: TYL Assoluto and ADHYL Assoluto. Both of these truly precious fragrances are enclosed in stylistically perfect bottles with handmade jeweled designs, spirits of light extracted in the wake of cosmic parables, drawn from the stardust from which they are named.
After studying the constellations of Andromeda and the Dragon in the previous fragrances, we continued our cosmic journey, focusing research on two of the most enigmatic stars of the constellations. The bright dots in the infinite universe have now been captured in the perfumes of the Assoluto collection.
“Here comes Tyl, rising star of the constellation Draco. The fragrance arises from the evolution of Draco, and it reaches a border never explored before, realizing a unique and totally new fragrance. The precious scents of Musk emphasize and reverberate the notes of golden amber, made sparkling by citrus fruits, but sweetly balanced by the grace of flowers and by the generosity of vanilla. A stellar symphony able to lightly glide over the body like a gentle caress, and to lull the soul of the child that is in us!” (Tiziano Terenzi press-release)
Sergey's impressions: Tyl Assoluto is devoted to the Epsylon of Draco, one of the Draco constellation stars. I am happy to have received about 10 ml of this precious absolute (recommended retail price of 650 euro per bottle), and will try to describe this special perfume here.
Tyl Assoluto is a very gentle and light perfume, it's a hint of aroma. Judging by its power, it is intended to be perceived only by very close people – as a real extrait de parfum, it is not loud, it smells very delicate but for a very long time. Remember the phrase about the light of extinguished stars that are still flying through cosmic space, although the stars themselves are dead? If I remember correctly, usually the extraits' trick is the "head-heart-tail" approach that increases the base notes accord (compared with an EDT).
Of course, it`s quite impossible to remove all of the topnotes – lemon, lavender and transparent neutral synthetic material remain, but this chord of Tyl Assoluto does not recall the expected effect of a typical cologne, but the scent of lemon butter cake, or lemon-vanilla marshmallow. And then – there`s less lemon, more vanilla, cream-soda and light amber. Cool and weightless flower petals of slightly sweet flowers on the lemon-vanilla meringue background becomes white-pink and yellow-white stars of tropical flowers: frangipani-plumeria have a lot of different varieties and species, which can be smelled with citrusy, rosy, soapy, and coconut nuances. And then a lot of musk, huge white and fluffy clouds – for some people it`s an imponderable caress, for others it`s an unbearable torture. So it happens with sweets: one will delight by a delicious cake, and the other will suffer from sweet torture. Tyl Assoluto is a very fine perfume, if compared with most other perfumes; and its intensity is really like a distant star's light, compared with the sun's light.
It seems that the trend to replace the saturated, oriental composition now introduces other families of perfumery, and other properties of fragrance. The pendulum of perfume trends can swing toward weightless and subtle aromas that still manage to maintain a presence throughout the day, e.g. TYL Assoluto Tiziana Terenzi. Perhaps if we are tired of the powerful powerful Eastern perfumes, we might embrace the finest, weightless veil?
TYL Assoluto

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender, Oxygen;
Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Golden Amber;
Base notes: Vanilla, Precious Musk, Ebony
Paolo Terenzi: However, Assoluto is not our only new collection. Our other project that we are going to present at Esxence 2016 is a brand new perfume that is not associated with our previous collections. It is linked to the distant history, to the deep roots of perfumery. We have spent a very long time working on it, without telling anything to bloggers, it`s a long-term Tiziano Terenzi secret.
I can offer this hint: Ambrosia, Nectar, a fragrance worthy of the gods ... It is a very sophisticated and expensive collection, but let’s talk about it at the Esxence 2016 exhibition in Milan, OK?

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