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segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Best in Show: Cherry Blossom Fragrances (2016)

by: Marlen Harrison, Ida Meister, Elena Vosnaki, Yi Shang

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”
Sakura enthusiasts and plain cherry blossom fans should find their favorite among our editors' selections. Tell us your own favorites in a comment below.
"PARFUM SATORI" is the fragrance brand of Japanese independent perfumer Satori Osawa.
I've smelled a lot of cherry blossom scents over the years and Satori Osawa's Sakura is the one that rings most true to me as an intepretation of the often unscented blossom. That's right, most of us know that cherry blossom rarely has an aroma and when it does it doesn't quite smell like cherries; the appearrance of the blossom impresses much more than the aroma. That being said, Osawa-san's cherry, rose and jamine blend offers a subtle, sweet, almost powdery floral aroma that reminds me of sipping Japanese plum wine and conjures images of enjoyinghanami under bright, blue Osaka skies. It is fascinating to experience an interpretation of sakura by a Japanese nose.
Runners up: Miya Shinma Sakura, Floris Cherry Blossom, Olympic Orchids Sakura, Terra Nova Sakura Garden and Green Tea,
Cherry Blossom was created by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1999. Ida Meister has chosen its first, original version of parfum 7.5ml (at the photo made by Ida).
Cherry blossoms murmur of spring, tender-petalled auguries of the Eternal Return, and as short-lived.
The Guerlain Cherry Blossom line was created with an eye towards the Asian market: airy, wispy-delicate perfumes which float upon the atmosphere [but not too much!] and person. A fantasy fragrance, its intent is not to mimic the flower's actual aroma so much as to evoke an atmosphere of vernal tranquility.

Fleur de Cerisier or Cherry Blossom was launched in 2007 and since that has been re-produced in many different versions.

Nothing could be further apart than the vivacious, gregarious ways of the Greeks and the orderly, over-refined ways of the Japanese celebrating "sakura", the ephemeral beauty of the blossoming cherry trees. And yet, in the transience of "we live only once", I can find all the inherent melancholy of Greek philosophy.
Cherry blossom fragrances therefore greet me with the conundrum of transient joy over fruitful outcome. I pick this jammy-smelling scent by L'Occitane because it encapsulates disparate elements of the delight in the ephemeral: a touch of rain, a hint of apples and melons to come, peppery jolt in the air, the lingering aftertaste of cherry jam when the jar has been emptied...

Popular British perfume & cosmetic line launched Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT in 2007 and then relaunched in 2012 as a part of Voyage collection. Yi has chosen an oil version.
I have to confess, cherry blossom is not a perfume note that I would actively seek out for. I always felt that there is a kind of exquisite and delicate beauty in those otherworldly flowers, and such beauty cannot easily be rendered via liquid form. Perhaps the only way to properly feel the whimsicality and sentiment cherry blossoms can bring, is by strolling along a boulevard with advanced cherry trees planted on both sides, and letting the cool spring breeze genteelly send some sakura petals to your shoulders.
Somehow, Japanese Cherry Blossom oil from The Body Shop has captured such hauntingly beautiful feeling! The cherry blossom here is innocent and serendipitous like sweet first love. Apple makes the otherwise too sweet perfume juicy and sparkling, while hinoki wood provides a grounding vibe. Through its comforting quasi-shampoo smell, I seem to hear the wonders of sakura blossoming and fading, and another season’s passing…

If you have different cherry fragrances in mind, please share them with us!

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