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segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope March 7 - March 13

by: Hieronimuss

The solar eclipse on March 8th is so complex in possibilities that we can expect almost anything. First, the Super New Moon is deepened by seriousness in what we expect from ourselves and others (the square to Saturn). Because of that, we may feel inner resistance to changes needed. The greatest obstacle to make that move into the right direction is that we may feel that it's just not practical and not even realistic. We will really need to get in touch with what invisible threads run our lives. This week we are looking at some master pieces by the Floris House of Perfumes from 1786.


This week you will probably be memorable as your train will enter a pretty sharp curve. Since you were probably already leaning out of the window, the possibility of flying out of the train into foggy and muddy terrain will become a real lesson. The good news is that you will realize that you are even more resilient than you thought, as long as you get out of this week determined to clear something from the past that still keeps bothering you. By Floris try Bergamotto Positano.

You would think that losing a friend or gaining a new friend is somehow a marginal event. It's really not, because if you imagine all your friends somehow gone, your future will somehow shrink, including social circles. You would also have a minimalistic audience, which would seriously decrease your own self-esteem. Focus on learning what kind of a friend you are and also what your real friendship needs are. By Floris try Fumee de Jasmin.

There may be a question hovering over you somehow: "How real is my progress?' How can I measure it?" The chances are that it cannot be measured by financial rewards. Happiness in astrology and I believe in life is measured by how much one is aware of one's full potential. So this week can lead you to what is blocking you to be in a perpetually winning situation. There will be a fragment added to this mosaic that will make it possible for you to make many connections, but be aware, it may be painful at first, depending on the level of your integrity. By Floris try Malmaison Encore.

You may hear something that you don't want to hear, and you will not be able to hold back. You will react in a very direct and verbal way because it will relate to something that has been on your mind for quite a while. The lesson will be that you (and those around you) either need to be more open, or you need to commit to some kind of a learning process where as many perspectives as possible are considered, but also actively pursued. A very surprising and stimulating communication will come from far away. By Floris try Florissa.
The real issue of this solar eclipse which you typically feel more strongely than others will in some ways relate to the physical expression of love. How happy are you in your sexual life? Is it the source of great support and bliss, like it is supposed to be? Do you get additional energy from it? So there could be easily an intimate encounter that will trigger you into a direction that may seem neglected for no good reason. By Floris try Victorious.
This week will bring some kind of surprise from your partner. The surprise will cover a lot of ground and might be good or bad. It will make you think about what makes you a good partner, and how you could eventually be even a better partner. Don’t dig into your conclusions because at this point they will not point to a constructive direction, not yet at least. Feel the moment and find happiness in togetherness for everything else to fall into place. By Floris try Ebury Street
There may be two types of surprises coming this week for you. One is from your coworkers and the other can easily relate somehow to your health concerns. In both areas you may feel for a moment panicky, like “Is this just the tip of an iceberg?” The real reason is to measure how much your daily routine and habits work for you and how much against you, and change accordingly. By Floris try Vetiver.

This is an exciting week where you will either fall in love, or fall in love again with the person that you’re with, as long as you have a genuine feeling of love for them. Love is ultimately freedom to be yourself, and now it’s time to recognize that your partner actually makes all of this possible. Enjoy games without winners. By Floris try Limes from 1832.

The key phrase for you this week is River Runs Deep. It means that the emotions aroused this week will need your action, but it may not come immediately to your mind what action would work for the best. There may be easily some kind of a new development with your parents this week that will change your perspective on priorities. By Floris try Jermyn Street.
Observe how this week you will be taken over by your communication devices. It’s not the amount that may get you out of tilt, but some emotional undertones that you may not know immediately how to respond to. Keep the channels filled with human warmth, and also remember that it is you who is controlling and directing these communications, and if necessary, remind the other parties that you are making your choices based on common good. By Floris try Special 127.
It’s up to you to create the space where you feel loved. Observe how almost random comments made by others about you can resonate very deeply with you this week. Remain friendly, but don’t let it go unnoticed. Ask others about their motivations, so that you can better calibrate your own sense of self-value. This week you can grow tremendously creatively, but you need to be willing to cooperate. You will be able to do so, once you feel safe and loved. By Floris try Lavender from 1821.
Listen one more time this week to the song by the Bee Gees “How Deep is Your Love?” or your favorite piece of classical music. You really need to focus this week, because just like in nature, land-slides occur; there could be a reality-slide for you. Whatever you feel, don’t fight it, and let it out. Once you are certain that you are holding nothing back, be as practical as possible. Miracles will happen that can strengthen you, and you may realize that spirituality is really the base of all reality. By Floris try Amber Oud.

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