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terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

An Evening With Stendhal's Rouge Divin

by: Miguel Matos

Finally you are home, just in time to dress up for this fancy dinner you have been anticipating. You feel sexy and you are preparing yourself for a romantic evening. Red dress, black heels, vintage hairdo, a perfect purse and a red fur stole. You start to feel like a movie star and you get the keys, money, lipstick...
OMG! Wait! What are you thinking? You forgot your make up! You never leave without at least having the perfect foundation, mascara and lipstick. Now you are running late for your date and you know you will see a lot of people looking their best. The evening is chic and you must be flawless...
So you rush back to the “boudoir” and get all the products. You have 5 minutes tops! Quickly you apply your foundation and blush, eyeliner is not helping. You can't get a straight line. Oh damn! Last try. Ok done. Mascara is on. Hmmm, just a little more powder. Let's get the cheekbones as high as possible. Oh! No! You just spilled everything on the floor. Blush, loose powder, eyeshadows...
Everything is covered in colorful pink dust! You start picking things from the floor and you suddenly notice you are getting peckish. You decide to get some raspberry pie from the fridge. Yummm, delicious this vanilla custard with raspberries and strawberries. Some plum slices here and there. Suddenly, ooops. You are on the floor. You slipped and now there is pie and fruit all over you. Even your makeup is now smudged with berries and cream.
You are such a glamorous but clumsy girl. Now what? Ding Dong! Your boyfriend is at the door. You open the door and there he is, handsome and elegant. As a true gentleman, he gives you flowers as he laughs uncontrollably! Freesias and roses... And do they smell good! He enters and you offer him a box of Mon Chéri bonbons for him to devour as you try to finally pull yourself together. Be careful, he is naughty and the night may end differently if he sees you getting undressed.
There is a mix of smells in the room and this reminds you of a fragrance you have been wearing, the oriental-fruity-gourmand Rouge Divin by the French house ofStendhal. An unusual gourmand in the realm of the talents perfumer Violaine Collashas been showing recently. She sure knows how to make a gourmand feel elegant and different. This one conjures musky elements with vintage powdery aspects and a juicy fruit note. There is the fun, the glam and the sex, all in a red gorgeous bottle, perfect to show next to the make up collection on top of the vintage dressing table. But you don't have time to think about it now, you digress and you must get ready for dinner. He awaits...
Suddenly, as you take off your dress and wonder what you're going to wear (and make it real quick), you feel his embrace from behind. He just entered the room and instantly you have forgotten all about the make-up, the pie, the cream, the flowers. “Who cares? Let's just stay in!”, he says.

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