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quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

Givaudan Presents a Book in Paris on Their 250 Year Long History

by: Sophie Normand

Givaudan will launch on March 22nd the book Givaudan, une odyssée des arômes et des parfums which traces its 250 years of rich history. As a world tour of odors and flavors, this book focuses on the know-how of this global leader in perfumery and flavors. 
Givaudan was founded as a perfumery company in 1895 in Zurich, Switzerland by Leon and Xavier Givaudan, although some parts of the modern company date back as far as 1796. In 1820, in Grasse (France), Claude Roure successfully puts his mark on the fragrance industry, establishing Roure-Bertrand & Fils, which provides aromatic plants and essential oils, such as jasmine and rose. Roure eventually merges with Givaudan in 1991. The famous Givaudan Perfumery School was founded under the guidance of Roure perfumer Jean Carles, in 1946. Carles had taken young perfumers under his wing and helped guide their training well before his tutelage became a ‘school’. When Roure merged with Givaudan in 1991, the Perfumery School was retained and in 1997 finally moved from Grasse to more modern facilities on the outskirts of Paris where it remains today.
This exclusive publication captures Givaudan’s contribution to the industry, from its know-how to its creativity to the work it has undertaken to protect the natural resources that are used in its creations. With each turn of the page, readers explore a new perspective of the captivating history. It represents a gustatory and olfactory adventure which explores the expertise of Givaudan in chemical molecules as well as its experience in natural raw materials. As a world tour of scents, this ambitious book takes us through the whole process of perfume creation: from the plant crop to the actual perfume composing.
The title translates as "An Odyssey of Flavors and Perfumes" and specialist and author Annick Le Guérer provides a historic analysis of the industry, joined by researcher Caroline Champion for a philosophic view and supported by Professor Brigitte Proust regarding the scientific knowledge connected to Givaudan. Writers Percy Kempf and Sean Rose also contributed to this book. Contributions from the book’s five authors express the philosophical, historical, scientific and literary aspects of an industry that touches the emotions of millions of people around the world on a daily basis.
Caroline Champion, Annick Le Guérer and Percy Kempf pose for Fragrantica

It's a tribute to smell and taste, whose intention is served by the remarkable contributions of photographers Denis Dailleux and Lili Roze, adding the sensory experience of sight to the two senses Givaudan specializes in. These beautiful images showcase the essence of fragrances and flavors and reveal the people, places and ingredients that have helped to establish the company as it is today.

The olfactory compositions of photographer Lili Rose, presented during the event

The authors Annick Le GuérerCaroline Champion and Percy Kempf were present at the event hosted by Givaudan to share their interesting points of view about the place of perfume and flavors in our society.

Givaudan, une odyssée des arômes et des parfums (written in French), will be availablein French bookstores starting March 10, and from March 22 also abroad.
For a first impression of this publication, we invite you to visit The website includes inspiring articles and a video based on the book, which provides fascinating insights into the many facets of flavors and fragrances – both today and back through time.
Source: Givaudan website.

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