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domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope February 29 - March 6

by: Hieronimuss

The question this week is whether we can allow ourselves to dream and let dreams play a more significant role in our lives. This is the week to do so, and not in an escapist or selfish way, but with an eye on reality where we are all connected and if just one of us is not happy, we are all affected by him or her. It’s the dream of a big Union that will make us all stronger. Dreams (Neptune) are infusing this week our sense of purpose (Sun). This week we are looking at the wonderful Parfums Berdoues.


You are a pretty brainy creature so chances are you will either refuse to believe things you cannot see and touch, or you will become curious and allow for the subtle messages to possibly take you back into the past where something was supposed to be done differently. Ideally you should attempt to think in sense of a lost union that nothing will take away. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Citrus Hesperida from 1902.

You may have observed many changes in your social circles in recent years. Some of your friends have joined the new age movements and for you it was not as easy to make a shift towards something that doesn't produce very concrete results. The idea with this week is to look into yourself and decide what social circles would truly benefit you and help you fulfill your dreams. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Selva do Brasil.

In recent years you may have observed how only those social assignments work for you where you both engage your full faith,but also where you feel a part of a whole which you can in some ways influence. It's time to infuse this path with fresh energy and articulate your dreams as clearly as possible so that can come true. From Parfums Berdoues consider samplingScorza di Sicilia.
You are maybe not that kind of a person to make big moves at once, but there should be some kind of observable growth in what you believe in. Maybe the time has come now to go more public with that, especially if things like spirituality, mental and emotional health are part of your agendas. No one has your depth. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Somei Yoshino.
You should feel at this point closeness to your partners that at the same time inspires both strength but also the idea that you may be giving up some part of your power. In short, you need a better sense of direction of what and how much you should invest in your partnerships. If you think that there are limits there, keep it a helpful second-hand theory, but still give it a serious consideration. My suggestion: Invest it all, you are really not able to have any regrets anyway. From Parfums Berdoues consider sniffing at Oud Wa Ward.
It's not easy compromising as much as you do. This week may see you either strengthening your faith whenever you say “yes”, that this actually serves you, or you may just see how it's becoming detached from reality to the point that you cannot tolerate it anymore. The problem is that there are no immediate answers this week, and you should enjoying coming to a conclusion like when you’re tasting good wine. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Thea Verde.
There may be some ubiquitous developments in your day to day whereabouts. The people that you work with may show the faces that you haven't seen until now, more sensitive and even more compassionate. It is also a good time to get confused about what is best about your health. Do not sign up for anything longterm blindly, unless you are very sure what you're getting into. From Parfums Berdoues consider trying Arz el-rab.
It's a week to allow for some form of spirituality to interweave into your life. The very specific benefits should soundproof your creativity but also add a new fresh flair to your flirting rituals, or at least make them more understandable for your real and potential love targets. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Oud Wa Vanilla.

The concern about your place in the world may become real but also constructive. Some of the discomfort can be clearly connected to not doing what your dreams are telling you to do. The other reason is the belief that you will be forever naive and taken advantage of by all those practical citizens. You are the real leader, so don’t buy into any of that. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Oud Al Sahraa.
The cosmic push towards creating a more visual thinker over time will be receiving a new fresh infusion this week. It should go hand in hand with how you can be critical and maybe it can also help divert the few negative attitudes that you have into more positive ones. Do a little experiment this week: If you need help with anything even minor, ask for it and you will be surprised. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Assam of India 
This is a good week for you to admit to yourself that in spite of all the criticism that you are throwing at the world, that you are an idealist and dreamer at heart. Look more closely at your dreams and find the ways to live more in harmony with them. Be careful with big purchases, they could be either the best or the worst depending how they will make your energy flow. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Cardamomum Vegetalis from 1902.
Is it possible that this week you may face something that is the most real you, no matter how unreal it feels? The real you doesn't get involved in other people's business and let complicated situations drain its energies. The real you is like a mother ship where others land to gain a close-up understanding on how love, compassion, and wisdom work. From Parfums Berdoues consider sampling Vetivera Herbacea.

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