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domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope February 22 - February 28

by: Hieronimuss

This week is largely about the inner excitement finding constructive direction. The only way to really work with it is to keep restlessness at bay, and practice relying on your intuition (Sun in Pisces). If at some point intuition makes your thinking less stable, and if it prevents you from staying organized, this is exactly what you need to work on (Full Moon in Virgo). The further away you are now from trusting yourself, the more you may wander off the way. This week we are looking at two phenomenal designers: Atelier de Geste and Andree Putman.

This week will put some closure on your job situation. Whatever change needs to happen there, now is the best time to improve how you feel about your day-to-day routine. In the most extreme case some kind of health imbalance can force you to change the routine. It’s okay not to be totally in control these days, and the best way not to feel bad about it is to ask your friends for opinions. You’ll be surprised. From Andree Putman try L`Original.

You are actually overflowing with love this week, and most probably a majority of this energy will go towards your big career aspirations. Make sure to stay proactive and to also listen to your creative nerve, because it may be ready to create something bigger than usual. From Atelier de Geste try The Good Earth.

Your family will in some significant way capture your full attention at the beginning of the week. You’re currently so much involved with making progress in your career, that you will need to find the way to be there for everyone. Planning the details of your summer trip can lighten this week a bit. From Andree Putman tryTan d`Epices.
This full moon will not have you overflowing with emotions as is commonly believed, but thoughts and ideas will overflow you. Keep your communication channels open, since this is the time when good news may come from abroad, giving you a different perspective on what you may view as a too complicated situation. Your partner may be overly sensitive. The plans that you share must be very specific and realistic. From Andree Putman try Un Peu d`Amour.
This week will come with a strong need from you to be appreciated for who you are. Your magnetism is fully on, and the less you insist on it, the more positive feedback you will get. If you are single, there is a strong opportunity of someone significant entering your life. If you are in a relationship already, the responsibilities may step up. From Atelier de Geste try Blood Sweat Tears.
With the full moon in your sign this week you should find yourself feeling on top of all that has started to emerge in your life in recent months. Your partner should fully support your ideas and whatever you are planning for the future should involve mainly a good focus and staying organized. On the day-to-day level you will remain being very busy with your work without many obstacles or resistance.  From Andree Putman try Figue en Fleur.
This week’s full moon will bring attention to your dreams. Be perceptive of the messages that are coming since they can become significant way-showers. The dream could show you what could be the ultimate way for you to express your love, and you should be able to right away apply it in everyday situations, and keep this positive attitude until it almost becomes automatic. From Andree Putman try Preparation Parfumee.
This week’s full moon brings some significant new contact or a recent contact that at this point should become fully ripe and tell you that you have a much greater reliable support than you even expected.  You are clearly in a creative mode, and all of this will come out in your home environment. When was the last time you threw a party at your place? Aren’t you missing it? From Andree Putman try Blues.

You will enter this week with heightened expectations from yourself. It may feel like pressure at first, but soon the flow will take over and you will get that successful feeling. You are these days a sweet-talker and whatever you can do to reach out to your parents and your family will further fortify your sense of purpose. From Andree Putman try Formidable Man.
This week you may wonder what you are still doing at home. A travel bug will enter your mind and it will be hard for you to stay focused. Unless you can make some plans for a trip, you may choose a study path, getting to the bottom of things. Your written and spoken expressions are strong at this time, and if there is an increase in your income, give yourself credit. From Atelier de Geste try Stones.
This week your eyes are at your partner who may come up with a need for some significant ideas to be made. The good news is you are up for anything these days, but before you agree, maybe ask a few questions, with the best possible intentions. If the decision involves some sizable investment, go for it. Whatever you buy now will stay for a long time. From Atelier de Geste tryWild is the Wind.
This week’s full moon brings the eternal question of how well do you understand your current, potential, and imaginable partners. The best way to protect yourself from being misunderstood is to genuinely share your deepest dreams and even secrets. If there is a chance of paradox, throw another paradox on top, and once your partners show good humor, you will know that you’re in the right company. From Atelier de Geste try Magnolys.

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