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sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2016

NYFW FW16 Designer Inspirations: BCBG, Banana Republic, Milly And More Share Influences

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off on Thursday, but before you check out what your favorite designers send down the fall/winter 2016 runways, we wanted to share with you the inspiration behind some of these creative collections.

Below, some of our favorite brands, like Elie Tahari, Milly and Tadashi Shoji, share their fall/winter 2016 inspirations. Keep reading to learn more, and let us know which collection you're most excited to see this New York Fashion Week in the comment section below. 
(Photo : Courtesy/The Art Institutes)
"My inspirations derive directly from the concept stages of industrial designs and architectural blueprints. I owe a large part of my inspiration to my attraction of industrial material in fabrics. A black tone has been set as the foundation of my designs along with costume quilted neoprene." 
(Photo : Courtesy/The Art Institutes)
"The collection envisions the strong and independent image of women in the next generation by using architectural elements and geometric forms."   
(Photo : Courtesy/The Art Institutes)
"The glamorous women of Old Hollywood and their sensuality alongside their fascinating attitude are the inspiration behind my fall/winter 2016 collection, Extinct.' The subtle shine of the beaded mesh fabric combined with magnificent faux fur in rich shades of mysterious black and blue are reminiscent of days gone by and yet at the same time offer a fresh, modern take on romance and luxury without compromise or sacrifice." 
(Photo : Courtesy/The Art Institutes)
"My fall/winter 2016 collection embodies the tranquility of the sea after a thin layer of ice has formed on the surface. The designs capture the cave-like silhouettes and iridescent hues that continue to exist beneath the surface of the ocean." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Banana Republic)
"Inspired by the tension of structured ease." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Marissa Webb)
(Photo : Courtesy/BCBG)
"Our muse is a performer at heart, with an artistic sensibility."
(Photo : Courtesy/Loom Loop)
"Androgynous by butterfly lovers."
(Photo : Courtesy/HIDY N.G.)
"The luxury of art reveals in an unruly way." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Yohanix)
"We dream to be the one." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Jarret)
"He gently flows in my heart." 
(Photo : Courtesy/O’2nd)
"A vintage mood meets a modern city." 
(Photo : Courtesy/DEMOO Parkchoonmoo)
"For fall/winter 2016 Demi Park, known for her minimalist and monochromatic collections, sought inspiration in Korean traditional garb. The collection is an homage to the designer's mother, whom she would only see rarely as she was growing up for important holidays, then dressed in more traditionally korean attire, such as the hanbok, a typically Korean dress." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Elie Tahari)
"Past modern." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Frame Denim)
"We design for the women that surround us, our new collection embodies these women." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Milly)
"From couture/utilitarian to soft/structured and masculine/feminine, my Milly fall/winter 2016 collection is a spirited study of duality." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Georgine)
"Fall/winter 2016 is all about magic! I re-read all the Grimm's Fairy Tales I loved as a child and reinterpreted the heroines and villains of those stories into modern day characters living in a 21st century, urban, magical forest." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Jasmine Chong)
"The things that do not last are the most beautiful." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Ji Oh)
"The mood is rejuvenation found in going against the grain. One always rises after a fall; instead of falling apart, she strives to elevate and rise above. She navigates a metropolitan landscape with attitude and a luminous energy. In this way, this collection builds upon the marred backdrop of yesterday. A palette of sunshine yellow and pale mint contrast with deep navy and asphalt gray, done beautifully in cocoon shapes, wrapped silhouettes and asymmetrical hemlines. Smooth knits are done in exaggerated proportions, sleeves grow longer and fur pockets stand out from sleek, draped shirting." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Suno)
"There's no denying that the world is in a bit of a state. What we know, whether it be politics or fashion, is suddenly not what it is or has been. The rules are changing, but no one seems to have a playbook, so we're all just trying to hold on. For fall/winter 2016 we wanted to explore with the idea of subversion and tradition — creating fabrics and silhouettes that at once feel both familiar and new, pretty and off. Creating a collection that felt true to us and who we are as a brand, referential and colorful, but also pushed and mildly uncomfortable." 
(Photo : Courtesy/LaQuan Smith)
"Exploring androgyny with shape, texture, and sheer simplicity." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Tadashi Shoji)
"Skin beautification." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Taoray Wang)
"The fall/winter 2016 collection is inspired by the Victorian era. This season is filled with a combination of traditional heritage and modern silhouettes." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Rohitava Banerjee)
"My work reflects my eternal love for history and narrative, drawing parallels between history and today's contemporary world. My fall/winter 2016 line is inspired by Greece — both its mythical past and the tumultuous economic times of the present. The show is divided into five sections representing the five rivers to the Greek underworld. The audience can expect to see a collection inspired by pure fantasy, experimenting with silhouettes, unexpected shapes and detailed embroidery." 
Herve Leger
(Photo : Courtesy/Herve Leger)
(Photo : Courtesy/Adrienne Landau)
"The collection is a departure from the expected with Landau citing inspiration from the diverse New York City urban culture and how she sees people wearing her luxury collection in real life." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Rebecca Taylor)
"As a child, my family spent time in England and I remember my uncle's mother Jean, a well-known print designer working in London in the 60's and 70's. She created beautiful floral prints, exotic Indian paisleys and patterns, often inspired by Kate Greenaway's illustrations. Jean's influence and spirit is found in my latest collection. It's a collage of textures, techniques and flora motifs made modern in their application. I'd like to tribute this collection to her — Jean passed away late last year at the grand old age of 100." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Rachel Zoe)
"Fall/winter 2016 is a play on masculine tailoring and feminine silhouettes. With juxtaposition between androgyny and romance, there is a subtle and unexpected sexiness throughout." 
(Photo : Courtesy/Custo Barcelona)
"Not only does this season mark an important benchmark in the career of the designer, it also reflects on the end of a cycle and thus a new beginning that introduces a different concept within Custo's brand DNA: The overall color palette is softened, there are less graphics and mixtures of fabrics, and to mark the change more drastically, a lot of black appears throughout the collection, where it was quasi absent before. Intricate details, embroidery and lace also move the collection towards more sophistication and luxury, appealing to a more fashion-conscious consumer."

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