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terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2016

Acqua di Parma Cedro di Taormina

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

The Italian house of Acqua di Parma (under license by LVMH) expands their Mediterranean inspired collection BLU MEDITERRANEO with a new edition, CEDRO DI TAORMINA, dedicated to the spectacular landscapes of Taormina, where the unique and lush nature of Sicily blends with the strength of volcanic rock formations. 
Cedro di Taormina is the scent of the city of art and the sea. The look embraces the clear sea, softly brushed by the light of day. Peacefulness is all around. The air is clear and carries the subtle, crisp scent of cedar trees blooming in neighboring citrus gardens. Intricate alleys and medieval pathways suddenly widen to house magnificent baroque palaces and the stalls of the ancient Greek theatre appear unexpectedly. In the distance sparkling vapors announce the presence of the Etna. The scent unique to this city of the Italian Mediterranean basin, where opposing, yet not conflicting emotions blend together like nowhere else. Acqua di Parma renews once again the sensory charm of the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance collection, each inspired by an ingredient epitomizing a place, a coastal region, or a landscape and evoking its unforgettable atmosphere. 
Cedro di Taormina is the scent of fire, earth and wind! It is rich in fruity pulp of citruses opening the composition, blended with petitgrain and aromatic basil depicting the vibrant landscape of Taormina. The heart incorporates black pepper and lavender which are mixed to contribute to luminosity and spicy shades, perfectly combined with an elegant, intense base made of cistus labdanum, vetiver and Virginian cedar. 
"Its fragrant zest, in warm and intense shades of yellow, unleashes all the energy of Mediterranean light. Its rich and juicy pulp evokes the roots of the earth, of the crisp sweetness of the air and of the sea’s slowly moving waves. A fruit that stirs memories of unforgettable landscapes. The cedar, or golden apple as defined by the ancients, is the primordial forefather of all citrus fruits. The symbol of a place where the charm of a majestic volcano coexists with the highest expressions of art, with the unique aroma that instantly captures all the senses, of the landscapes surrounding a city of stunning beauty – Taormina."

edition 2016
citruses, petitgrain, basil
black pepper, lavender
labdanum, vetiver, Virginian cedar
The flacon of the fragrance, just like the previous editions of the collection, is made of blue glass, which perfectly reflects the effect of sea waves. The characteristic design of the Art Deco bottle and stopper poses a contrast to the white tag with the name of the brand, collection and the fragrance. The flacon arrives in a cylindrical outer packaging in blue. The fragrance Cedro di Taormina can be obtained in the amounts of 75ml and 150ml Eau de Toilette. The collection encompasses perfumed shower gel in the amount of 200ml.

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