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segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

Aroma Lurks around Every Corner: New Fragrances from LURKshop

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Inspired by a long-time passion for sustainable living, eco beauty & the power of essential oils, LURK was created to develop luxury perfumes for the modern organic lifestyle. Hand poured and blended by founder and perfumer Anne Nelson Sanford, LURK adheres to the most stringent standards for perfume quality and purity.
LURK is 100% pure essential oils with no additives, synthetics, compounds, fixatives, preservatives, GMO's, phthalates, or parabens. LURK perfumes transcend age, race, gender, attitude and affliction.
LURK offers a range of 10 fragrance oils in a 1/8oz size priced at $55-$65 USD, and two 30ml Eau de Toilettes priced at $185 USD. The oils cover a wide range of the fragrant spectrum from Cedar, Tuberose, Rose and Spice in AS 01, to provocative notes of Oudh & Sandalwood intertwined with Jasmin and Lotus Blossom in OM 011.
BS 003: Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet Bergamot to produce this effervescent yet balanced fragrance. This scent is beautifully suited for men and women alike and moves between seasons seamlessly. Our signature essential oil blend is infused in a base of USDA organic cane alcohol that is triple distilled for purity.
RSW 005: Warm Sandalwood and earthy Rose produce this androgynous scent. Smooth with a crisp citrus finish, this is an essential scent to slake even the most parched perfume palette. Deep woody notes intertwine with fresh florals, never cloying and surprisingly vibrant.
The fragrances are complex, beautiful and made solely from authentic essences, sans synthetics, hand-blended in the LURK studio in Shelter Island, New York. The pure blends are sustainably sourced from the most rare, exquisite oils, resins and absolutes, and in doing this, LURK has created something extraordinary and modern.
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