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quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2016

Only Scent Remains: New luxury perfumed candles

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

12.29 is a new line of perfumed candles developed by Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, experts in fragrance development and branding. Housed in handmade, bisque porcelain jars from Limoges, France, the 12.29 aromas which are currently for sale at Barneys New York and directly from the 12.29 website ( include:

It Was All a Dream

Love ... as intimacy, purity, strength and reason. It is the bond
between the intangible tender beauty of you and another.
Petally opulent jasmine
Dark textured oud
Soft orientals

A Vivid and Wild Beauty

Can eyes see love? Can ears hear desire? Can skin feel dreams? Can the
mouth taste romance? What is left of beauty if only scent remains?
Lactonic florals
Freshly turned earth
Crunchy vegetal green

A Dark Affair

Desire is a dangerous love story that burns and breathes. It transcends
time and distance. So light and deep that it is beyond words. Never to be
Resinous amber
Smoked woods and musk

Forget Everything But Me

Lost in the sensation of you. A tortured romance that cannot be harnessed.
An unbridled tenderness that slips through the fingers and
vanishes in a scented breath.
Saffron honey
Cistus labdanum
Animalic amber and rich spices

A Forgotten Memory

Rememberance of a time when love itself could rescue you. When
dreaming in the day was as consuming as seducing in the evening.
Warm spices
Fresh tobacco
Sumptuous leather and earthy woods

A Moment of Surrender

Forgive me, love. I return to you, vulnerable and amorous.
This moment begins our story.
Smoky white tea
Dewy shiso leaves
Raw papyrus and clean woods

Dawn & Samantha Goldworm

This Feels Dangerous

Smolder and release. Embrace and dismiss. Love and let go.
I remember love as a lost dream.
Delectable dark chocolate
Sumptuous vanilla beans
Addictive animal notes and whipped musk

A Beautiful Sacrifice

The most divine danger is the sacrifice of the heart.
Juicy black currant
Spicy rose absolute
Black leather and earthy moss

The company was kind enough to share It Was All a Dream with me and I found the outer packaging, ~12 oz porcelain jar and aroma to all be exquisite. The scent from It Was All a Dream filled my living room and kitchen without even having to light it. For days I kept wondering, "What's that amazing smell?" only to remind myself that it was the new scented candle on the kitchen island. It Was All a Dream's jasmine and agarwood blend reminded me of Givenchy's woody-floral Amarige. When I did burn the candle, the throw easily scented a large room and as the candle burnt lower, the flame caused the bisque porcelain to illuminate and glow. One of my favorite perfumed candle experiences, 12.29 earns a place right up there with Diptyque and Cire Trudon. Looking at their other products, I would love to sniff their gourmand This Feels Dangerous (chocolate, vanilla and musk) and Asian-inspired A Moment of Surrender (shiso and white tea!).
12.29 describes itself as "the premier olfactive branding firm that designs custom scents for luxury brands. In a world where branding is everything, smell is the sole remaining sense that can directly influence how a consumer regards a brand. Smell has been noted as the most powerful and emotional of all the senses. In combination with other marketing cues, scent can heighten brand connection, create stronger communication and deepen brand loyalty. 12.29 designs signature scents for hospitality venues, retail environments, financial institutions, fashion shows, special events and private homes.
12.29's Scent Director, DAWN GOLDWORM is an olfactive expert in the Western, Asian, Middle East and LATAM fragrance markets while SAMANTHA GOLDWORM, 12.29's Business Director, is a branding and marketing research lead. Together, their complimentary expertise creates a solid foundation for the success of 12.29 as an olfactive branding venture."
  • Burn time: 80 hours (approximately).
  • 11.3 oz/320g single-wick candle.
  • Available in white; A Dark Affair also available in black.
  • Wax. Vessel: Limoges bisque porcelain.
  • Made in France.
  • $150 USD from with refills priced at $75 USD.
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