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domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope January 18 - January 24

by: Hieronimuss

This week we are looking at Jupiter, commonly associated with our spiritual and material growth. The Big Boy is currently in Virgo, which involves us in organizing day-to-day, carefully choosing ingredients, and communicating how we incorporate it all in our growth. Dr. Jupiter started a retrograde motion on January 7th and will remain retrograde until May 9th. It’s a very promising period for everything, as long as we understand how to stay smart and work on possible self-control issues. Big moves like marriage and big purchases, I would leave for May. This week we are looking at some great sniffies from Atelier Cologne.

As you probably know your work place bas been very dramatic recently, and it underwent all kind of changes since the past summer. It is also possible that you have many internal questions about where to take your energy in the most optimal way. This is the time now for calibrating your sense of orientation. It will last almost until May. That sounds like a long time but remember that many masterpiecest are created while the artist was waiting for that big masterpiece. By Atelier Cologne sample Bergamote Soleil.

Where do you feel right now that you could get really lucky? You may have felt over the past five months that a good fortune is somehow very close to you, and that the world looks more promising than in a long time. It is not really the time to make big moves, but pick your personal winners for the past period, and focus on those until May. This may involve offspring as well. By Atelier Cologne sample Bois Blonds.

If you haven't made any big moves don't plan them for the next few months.  It doesn’t mean they will not happen on their own, just don’t put pressure on yourself. This is the time for research projects. The main goal could be to find a more comfortable, affordable, and enjoyable living space so that your life gets sparked up again. The next few months could also bring some interesting resolutions regarding your parents. Keep in touch. By Atelier Cologne consider sampling Grand Neroli.

The world seemed more or less well structured until January 7th, but now you have to rethink every day and understand it in a different way. You don’t adapt so easily, but consider going to the gym for your mind. You have to work it in all directions and expand that thinking space. The goal is that whatever will be stirred in your mind, to gain a muscle to your mind, and make sure that the late spring and summer flow exactly according to your wishes. Let those obstacles melt away. By Atelier Cologne sample Pomelo Paradis.

If over the past few months you were focused on increasing your finances, now it's time to learn what plans will stand 100% for you. It is not about making the choices now or even acting your desires out, it’s about understanding and deepening them. You may have also experienced the shift in your spending habits. Same thing: it time to see if what you've spent really works well for you without adding to a clutter. By Atelier Cologne sample Orange Sanguine orGold Leather.
There should not be any problems in your current life, but a perplexity of which path to take.  Let me see if you can work with this. Goal: Creating a life-changing new level of financial security. The first step is to embrace that there is still something that you can learn. The second is to incorporate your desires into your needs. The final step which will include the accomplishment of your goals will come then on its own, after April. Now you’re still on stage 1. Good Luck! By Atelier Cologne sample Oolang Infini.
You’ve been waiting for a while, and now it’s time to go for it. There are many variations of your “targets”, but let me give you three examples. Ever since your childhood you had an obsession with certain scents. Make them into a perfume. There has been a place where you wanted to go, maybe a salsa class. Time to join. You loved someone in the past, and you never got over them. No matter what, time to contact them. You continue the list. By Atelier Cologne sampleOud Saphir.
The network of your friends and even their friends is very significant for you. They don't play just a potentially lucrative long-term role, but they enrich your knowledge and understanding of how groups work. Now it's time to look deeper into those social circles, understand how the different subgroups work, and which one can be more influential in your future decisions and orientations. Join the groups that you always wanted to join. In May it will start to unwind. By Atelier Cologne sample Vanille Insensee or Figuier Ardent.

The nice thing about this point in your life is that you can experience what it means to be really successful in life. Nothing like full understanding and awareness of what is going on can lead you towards the right actions giving you different variations of also feeling successful. Spend more time in front the mirror understanding what a gorgeous human being you are. By Atelier Cologne sample Cedre Atlas
No matter what you are currently doing, this year for you is sabbatical. Your hunger for knowledge overrides everything and becomes almost an obsession. Ideally you have a partner and the employment situation which is flexible enough to give you enough time to explore. A longer trip abroad will become an irresistible idea until the summer. By Atelier Cologne sampleMusc Impérial or even Vetiver Fatal.
Over the past few months you may have observed how you actually became in some ways more aware of your partner's needs and how your partner reacts to your behavior that sometime is also a bit strange. You found out that you want to grow together, and until May, you will need to pump up your ability to show commitment. You partner is ready to give you anything you ask for; you just need to remain as responsible as could be. By Atelier Cologne try Mistral Patchouli or Silver Iris.

This time for you recently points at the direction of trying to befriend the cruel, divided, and inconsistent world that surrounds you. See who entered your life in the recent few months and try to understand if you are ready to let them play a greater role in your life. You have until May to decide what fits the description of a perfect partner for you. By Atelier Cologne sample Sud Magnoliaor Jasmin Angélique.

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