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sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

4160 Tuesdays Sex Goddess

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Some famous perfume houses create fragrances and entire collections that can be worn together, by combining them mutually. They are created with the intention to act and sound as one whole, while they allure us, perfume fans, to a game of fragrant layers that creates a true fragrant spectacle on our skin. The perfumer of the house of 4160 Tuesday came to her new creation by using such a fragrant game and called it  SEX GODDESS, which arises from combining two existing compositions – the fragrances Goddess of Love and Perfume and The Sexiest Scent On The Planet IMHOSex Goddess promises the power and seduction of both previous editions.  
As the perfumer of the house of 4160 Tuesday, Sarah McCartney, states: “I think that perfumers generally prefer people to appreciate a fragrance as a whole rather than trying to pick it apart and isolate different notes.  Besides, what you put into a perfume is often unrelated to what people get out of it; plus we all notice different things, based on our experiences.” Regardless of the fact that Sarah tried her best to make sure all the notes build a new whole, she revealed that for this particular fragrance she used the intoxicating and seductive notes that define Sex Goddess and that we can clearly smell in this composition: rose, plum, blackcurrant, violet, cedarwood, musk, lily, raspberry and jasmine. The house of 4160 Tuesdays reveals that the composition also features a small amount of oak moss which is barely noticeable, but it is this note that provides the fragrance with the vintage charm of the 60s and contributes to the longevity and strength of the perfume, while leaving a sophisticated misty effect.  
Sarah McCartney also explains that the union of the house’s best-seller Goddess of Love and Perfume from the series Crimson of Passion and The Sexiest Scent Of The Planet IMHO to make SEX GODDESS came about quite by accident. “It happened when one of our layering experiments got out of hand and went too far. We love to see what happens when we blend our scents. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t; this one was so magnificent that we decided to bottle it,” said Sarah McCartney, 4160 Tuesdays’ founder and perfumer. “We’ll give the credit for this one to Aisha Addison, our lovely intern, who is currently the only person to own a whole bottle.”
Sex Goddess was announced in November 2015 and launched in January 2016, in 50 ml flacons Eau de Parfum, priced at 60 pounds and 100 ml priced at 90 pounds. The fragrance can be ordered on the official website
The video clips that I chose for this article show perfumer Sarah McCartney speaking about the creations that were crucial for the composition of Sex Goddess: Goddess of Love and Perfume and The Sexiest Scent of The Planet IMHO.

4160 Tuesdays press release

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