sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

Perfume Bottle Design Contest

by: Miguel Matos

Kenzo bottles designed by Karim Rashid.
To design a perfume bottle is sometimes like creating a work of art. So many perfume bottles turn into iconic images with associated memories. A perfume bottle can reflect trends in society and fashion. Perfume museums never forget to include certain bottles as symbols of both the brands and the juices inside. There are names that will be forever linked to the world of perfume culture. Designers such as René Lalique, or the modern Pierre Dinand, or the surprising Karim Rashid, are proven artists with the right to have their work exhibited in design and arts museums around the world.
Perfume bottle design depicting a pendant perfume simulating a Chinese snuff bottle.
René Lalique, 1895-1900
The International Perfume Bottle Association is preparing its 2016 convention in Portland, Oregon, and one of the many exciting events to take place will be the Perfume Bottle Design Contest. This competition is open to everyone who wants to participate and submit a design project for an innovative and beautiful bottle. The top entries will be displayed at the International Perfume Bottle Association Convention in Portland, Oregon from April 27 to May 1, 2016.
The bottle for Paco Rabanne's Calandre is an iconic design by Pierre Dinand. Image courtesy of Puig.
There will be prizes for the best designs, which will be awarded on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland, Oregon. The winning entries will be selected by the International Perfume Bottle convention attendees and photos will be published in the Summer Perfume Bottle Quarterly magazine. The challenge is real and the clock is ticking, so don't delay and design and create an original perfume bottle. It can be made from any medium (glass, metal, pottery, wood, etc). Along with the design, there must be a conceptual exposé and explanation of the creative methods and processes.
Innovative materials were used in Pierre Dinand's design for Calandre and Obsession.
Now for the prizes:
1st Place: $500 cash prize, one (1) year membership to the International Perfume Bottle Association and a photo will be used on the cover of the summer 2016 Perfume Bottle Quarterly magazine.
2nd Place: $250 cash prize and the design will be featured in the summer 2016 Perfume Bottle Quarterly magazine.
3rd Place: $100 cash prize and the design will be featured in the summer 2016 Perfume Bottle Quarterly magazine.
Valeria Bianco design: Kenzo Summer
Structural packaging re-design of perfume bottle of Parfum d' Etê by Kenzo.
Use these images of famous creations for motivation or inspiration and start sketching your perfume bottle. The deadline for submitting photos of your original designed bottle is April 1, 2016. All the contesters shall send their submissions to, providing name and address as well as a description of the creative process. More information HERE.
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