sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

MojoMagique: The Beauty of Louisiana in Fragrance

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Conceived by Louisiana-born twin brothers John & Doug Kennedy in 1989, Mojo began as a creative studio designing graphic t-shirts inspired by the bayou culture. Shortly thereafter, the brothers' designs were worn by actors in American television shows like "Beverly Hills 90210" and "“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and it didn't take long for even more successes to come their way.

Now more than 25 years later, Mojo has developed into a thriving boutique, still in its original Trenton Street location in West Monroe, offering a range of products from clothing, to interiors and now even fragrances!

In 2013, Mojo launched their first fragrance titled Magique - a blend of flowers, woods and citrus notes - also inspired by the bayou and developed by IFF perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillan. Soon after, Belle - a heady floral from Laurent Le Guernec - andVoodoo Child - an addictive vanilla-oriental also by Chaillan - launched to much acclaim.

Now "MojoMagique", as the fragrance line has been titled, has launched two additional fragrances - the floral leather Seer by Pascal Gaurin and the lush floral Pixie Rose byCarlos Benaim.
MAGIQUE - the scent that started it all!
"Charmed with the magical notes of nature, Magique, a unisex woody-floral awakens with citrus notes of lemon and mandarin orange. Patchouli and fig take you through flowers of jasmine and lily of the valley, then arrives in the mysterious woods of cedar and sandalwood."


"This addictive oriental is rich with vanilla bean absolute, orange flower, and rose followed by a sensual woodsy and smoky leather base."


"A mysterious green opening redolent of pine needles and herbs, gives way to rich woods, leather and the delciate sweet opulence of a blooming osmanthus flower. It's part tea notes and part apricot that dries down into a heady elixir wrapped with a soft ribbon of savron."


"Like a freshly plucked rose covered in morning dew, Pixie Rose blooms with a velvety light Turkish rose that exhales facets of fruit, spice and aromatic crushed violet leaf. Bright yet creamy, lively yet elegant, the scent dries down to a lively balance of fresh lushness that dances on the skin wrapped in a sensual veil of musk."


"A lush and complex floral of gardenia and jasmine are accented with a citrus-fresh salvo spiced with black pepper, drying down to mossy and creamy woods."

Mojo Magique fragrances are currently available at as a part of the Avery Perfume Gallery and via Mojo's online shop: priced at $21 USD for a 10ml EDT roll-on and $125 USD for a 100ml EDT spray.
All images from Mojo's websites.