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segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

Phebo e Granado Perfuming Generations

by: Jernê Knowles

In 2016, the beautiful and busy Belém which is the capital of the Pará state, also known as Cidade das Mangueiras, celebrates 400 years of existence, strength, culture and the rising of its hard working people. Many stories of Belém also involve the universe of perfumery.
This month we celebrate the memorable ritual of passage of this great city (capital), and it is an honor to mention as part of its history the foundation of the niche house Phebo | Granado.
About Granado:
Originally founded in 1870 as the entrepeneurial vision of Portuguese José Antônio Coxito Granado, Granado is known as the oldest pharmacist in existence in Brazil. For a long time it served the whole Royal Court with its personal hygiene and beauty products. The king Dom Pedro II gave Granado the privilege of Exclusive Official Pharmacy of the Brazilian Royal Family in 1880. Since then, this house has never stopped growing, its doors still open today.
About Phebo:
Born from a partnership between Portuguese brothers Antônio Lourenço da Silva and Mário Santiago in 1903, niche perfume house Phebo aimed to create in the heart of Brazilian Amazônia, specificallyin the Pará state, a high quality perfumery with natural fragrances of singular quality.
In 2004, Phebo and Granado united, becoming one single company with multiple similar objectives under the direction of the English Christopher Freeman, with two iconic fragrances created by Isabela CapetoIsabela Capeto and Isabela Capeto 2.
Enticed by the celebration of the newest “quatrocentona” of Brazil, my dear Belém do Pará, we decided to visit the house to get to know the latest editions. We spent a very pleasant afternoon going though the analysis of specific fragrances, exchanging some words about the universe of perfumery and even some courtesies with a dear friend that will keep us company in this adventure, the Fragrantica member and my fellow countryman, Leandro Houat.
Besides buying some soaps, perfumed candles, hand and foot creams, natural classic colognes, pet products, body emulsions, exfoliators, oils, shampoos and conditioners, it was impossible to resist the Perfume Mini Kit which included Rosa ImperialLichia e PimentaCarnavalSamambaia and Âmbar, all 30 ml each, housed in the finest imperial box with the classiest EDP’s of the brand, doubtlessly a perfect set for any conoisseur to be proud of with different aromatic alternatives in one place.
On the official website we can find the different places where the stores Phebo | Granado are located for future visits, not only in the Brazilian territory, but also in some European places, like France and England.
The structure of the stores is rustic, highlightied in brown and beige colors. The products for sale are displayed over wooden counters of vintage nature and shelves artistically crafted. The sales staff is composed of people dressed in the shirt and apron of the house who are simultaneously sellers, cashiers and olfactory consultants who know about all the properties of the stocked products (Phebo | Granado).
Finally, each purchase is accompanied by more than a handful of products from the house, all of them in the form of identical miniatures, for sampling later at home.
Conceptual and Niche Perfumery in Belém do Pará has a name, and it goes by Phebo | Granado.

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