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Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret 10 Years of Seduction!

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

The 10th birthday of Ange Ou Demon will be celebrated by the house of Givenchy with a special edition ANGE OU DEMON LE SECRET 10 YEARS which celebrates the duality of the original composition. The first Ange Ou Demon was launched in 2006 and created to reveal new feelings, to seduce, allure, play with secrets, to fascinate…. Its strong and charismatic composition skillfully balances cold spicy notes with a rich floral heart, which are consistently warmed by creamy rosewood, tonka and vanilla. Ange Ou Demon is sometimes aggressive, sometimes tame, gentle and strong at the same time. 
After the first edition, Givenchy offered numerous successors which found their fans: Those who did not like the first version were thrilled with the fresher, flirtatious, floral-fruity version Ange Ou Demon le Secret with dominant scents of cranberry, tea and floral notes, while fans of the more intense version of the original could choose Ange Ou Demon Extrait.
A sweeter, very intense version with leather was last year’s Ange Ou Demon Le Parfum & Accord Illicite, which was just up my alley.

The latest, jubilant edition was launched by Givenchy in honor of the whole collection and its 10 years of popularity on the market. GIVENCHY ANGE OU DEMON LE SECRET 10 YEARS arrives in the characteristic flacon in an apricot shade with lace illustration; its composition is floral-fruity. Top notes provide a dose of the carefree feeling and happiness, thanks to aromas of cranberry, while the heart features tea notes and crystalline jasmine. The base rounds out the composition with blond wood chords.
The composition remains unchanged from Ange Ou Demon Le Secret from 2014; the accent lies on the new jubilant flacon.  
The fragrance has been available since January 2016 as an EDP.

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