segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

Best in Show: Welcome Spring!

Spring is the most desirable season of the year for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in those years and areas with long and cold winters. With all the snow lately here in the USA, many of us have already started calling for spring to arrive with discussions of our choice of spring scents.

As part of a new series co-written by Fragrantica authors, we would like to share some of our favorites in a variety of categories. Here are the fragrances we consider the "Best in Show: Welcome Spring!" Perhaps it might inspire you to find your own perfect spring scent. Be sure to share your own choices in a comment below!
Elena Knezevic: Lilac is a beautiful fragrance, but its beauty is elusive. With rose, you can plunge yourself into it anytime and anywhere. But lilac is too simple and linear to hold your attention for too long. It has our great sympathy as one of the few blooms available during spring; its wet cucumber effect feels natural in the cold air of early spring. It smells like the fresh morning of your last day of school exams. A five petaled lilac was considered lucky, and you were supposed to eat it immediately: better grades were guaranteed.
En Passant is the most true to life and natural lilac perfume: fresh green, wet and naive. It is truly a seasonal bloom though.

Raluca KirschnerVioletta di Parma evokes a walk in a garden right after a rainfall. The earth is moist, the air is pure, everything is calm and I can smell the shy and dewy violets that grow along the alley. I also get some subtle hints of green grass, lily of the valley and iris, but these are much more reduced, far away, leaving the violets to be the curtain raisers, the main performers and the ones that get all the applauses in the dry down. It offers a glimpse into a Victorian boudoir that belongs to a muse with long blonde tresses who always keeps a tiny bouquet of violets on her vanity table during spring. I feel sorrounded by an infinite tenderness each time I wear Violetta di Parma, this is definitely my spring in a bottle.
Elena Vosnaki: Every girl wanted to own Anais Anaisback in the 1980s; clusters of nubile girls in romantic, gauzy dresses in the commercials compelled me to buy it with my pocket money.
Because of this and for the scent itself, Anais Anaisrecalls white paper doilies around lilies cut off at the stem, orange blossoms, off-white opaline vases, and delicate, ivory hands adorned in pearls seen through the vase's water, the blossoms arranged like languid swimmers afloat. It speaks of pastel pink bedrooms and games of hide & seek in the cool spring afternoon behind the anemones; of secrets shared between girls in pony tails and smeared Chapstick; and of teenage heartache and the heart-filling joy of being on the threshold of discovering life for one's self.
Miguel Matos: I strongly associate Donna Karan Gold(2006) with the first days of glorious sunshine. To me it represents the blooming flowers of spring in such a way that I do not wear it at any other time of the year; it's like a personal tradition I have. This is a strong floral focusing on two main accords: lily and amber.
The lily is concentrated to the point of bringing images of petals and pollen and the amber sweetens it even more. Add to this a touch of clove and indolic jasmine and you have a floral animalic that can take you to heaven (or hell depending on your taste). For me it is so rich and exhilirating, it perfectly embodies the positive vibes that the sun brings to me and to nature. Gold is thick and it tends to be sweet, but the flowers are so realistic and the sipcy tone that I love in lily is really well done.
Marlen Harrison: Spring is a time to bring back the citrus and more traditional eau de colognes that I put aisde during the colder months while enjoying the spicier, richer gourmands and orientals. One of my favorites is undoubtedly the classic Eau de Rochas pour Homme which always brings to mind the tang of Earl Grey tea. Launched in 1993 and created by Nicolas Mamounas, I first discovered this easy to wear and lighthearted classic take on the traditional cologne while in Barcelona and as such it always conjures strong associations with that sophisticated Spanish city. What I most love about EdR is the zesty, hesperidic punch in the topnotes, the subdued florals in the midnotes, and that mossy-woodsy base recalling other classics such as 4711. Though longevity and sillage could be stronger (how I long for an extreme version of EdR), I'm happy to overspray upon initial application. This is one time when the advertising for a fragrance totally matches the sensation I experience when wearing the aroma!
Though still a few months away, we welcome Spring!
Which aromas signal the end of winter for you? Please share your own Best in Show spring scents in a comment below.