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Dior Poison Girl - How To Stay Relevant (2016)


Dior will launch a new perfume for women from January 26, 2016 called Poison Girl, an addition to the series of Poison fragrances which was inaugurated with the enigmatic, voluptuous and hard-to-miss Poison in 1985...
It follows in the scented wake of creative flankers Pure Poison, Poison Tendre, Hypnotic Poison and Midnight Poison - the latter, sadly, was discontinued...to be reborn as its immediate and pricier next of kin, Gris Montaigne.
This is the first one in the collection which explicitly advertizes a generational approach, clearly aiming a new generation of Poison wearers. The poster girl for the perfume is Camille Rowe. Tag line is "I am not a girl, I am poison." And apparently, to stay relevant you need to smell delish rather than bitterly medicinal and suspect.
The jus is said to be a gourmand floriental thanks to the alliance of orange blossom and almond-y tonka bean from Venezuela; the eau de parfum opens on fresh bitter orange from Sicily leading to a heart of May rose from Grasse and Damascena Rose; the base rests on tonba bean and Oriental vanilla.
Perfumer François Demachy signs the composition.
SRP: 110€ for 100 ml.

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