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domingo, 15 de novembro de 2015

M is for Musk: a White Collection from Ajmal

by: Juliett Ptoyan

In the Ajmal booth at the Pitti Fragranze expo, which was so iridescent that no one could pass it by, the oriental house also presented their M collection, launched this spring. These three fragrances, in heavy snow-white bottles, have not been featured in our news section yet, and now the time is right: in the West, intense animalic perfumes pick customers' interest as cold times set in. 
M stands for "musk", and its role here is difficult to overestimate. Abdulla Ajmal is the creator and nose of all their compositions, and if you like his grotesque, almost kitsch style - full steam ahead!
"Infused with the warmth of amber, it is a deeply rich and evocative fragrance that never goes unnoticed. Swirling in a luminous blend of sensual and lush notes, it draws the user into its core. This exquisite fragrance is built with the top notes of floral infused with rose, while the heart is musky and ambery, with the base note being ambery, woody and musky, made up of ingredients like amber, cedarwood and musk." 
It's a very classic and very arabian fragrance, similarly made as all recent Ajmal creations; it's easy to confuse this fragrance with all other perfumes we find in the oriental corners of big shopping malls. Try it, if you have a secret collection of all things related to musk deer, but not if you don't. Really boring.
Notes: muskamberrosecedar
"Suffused with the energy of cuir, it is a luscious interplay of rich masculine and feminine notes that exude sheer power. Brimming with energy and passion, this fragrance is made to set the wearer apart. This exquisite fragrance is built with top notes of fruity musky, infused with watermelon, raspberry, musk, and the heart is leathery with leather accords and tobacco, while the base note is leathery musky, consisting of oak moss, leather accords and musk."
Did the notes of raspberry and watermelon astonish you? Me too - and it was even more surprising in my "nose-to-nose" meeting. I have a feeling that instead of Cuir Musc, the author planned to make a dry leathery fragrance, but at some point he decided to play around with food flavors. The result is a strange woody-berry-ish accord, that vapours away from your skin in several minutes. The drydown has a familiar woody aftertaste, which could come across as white noise for the animalic-as-hell lovers. 
"Immersed in the romance of violet, it is a dreamy, delicate and floral bounty, infused with voluptuous notes. Reminiscent of a fresh summer garden, this fragrance is as feminine as it is daring. This exquisite fragrance is built with top notes of floral musky, infused with lily of the valley, ylang, rose, musk, and the heart is powdery with violet flower. The base note is ambery, consisting of amber and musk."
This is one of those types of fragrance that high school girls love to wear to look more adult. One of those you inhale in the metro once and cannot ever forget; but not only that. This is the most vulgar violet fragrance ever, no kidding! A violet with devilish perming, blue eyeshadow and a playful apron from a sex shop - not a scintilla of the melancholic girl or the fierce dominatrix, as we've known her before. 

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