segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope February 8 - February 14

by: Hieronimuss

 I’m joining the people of China this Monday for the celebration of the New Lunar Year—the Year of the Monkey. Like each previous Lunar New Year, this one also coincides with the New Moon in Aquarius where the dreams for the future resonate deeper than in any other moment of the entire year. This week will fully support our actions with grounding and seeking the lasting qualities (Venus trines Saturn). We are looking at some amazing eco-conscious products by Harvey Prince Organics.

Imagine that your future is a toy this week. Don't just play with it, but allow yourself to get totally lost while playing it. You are at this point grounded and practical enough that whatever you can imagine could take shape over the course of the next year. It is a Power Moment and don't waste it by thinking that it may be hard for others to become part of your plans. Finding partners in adventure should not be difficult this week. From Harvey Prince Organics try Baciami or Hello.

Here comes the week for you to possibly start dreaming of a different, more playful career. If you are happy with where you're heading, it will not hurt to consider how to widen your horizons. This Monday is the single starting point of the year where you can fully grasp if you are on the right path, and to also move close to the desired direction. Full Awareness is the keyword here. From Harvey Prince Organics try D’Amore or Damask Rose.

This week initiates something like a launch of the integrating of all of those details of your work and life into a sound spiritual mission. The need will grow for inquiring, exploring ideas, and feeling the growing wisdom. This may also lead you to make some concrete step towards a formal education and getting those licenses and certifications that will seal your future. From Harvey Prince Organics try Signature or Hello Liquid Loofah.

As usually there is a lot on your mind when it comes to the future of your close relationship. The difference is that now you can also share your thoughts and stat acting on it. A major shift that occupies your mind could be anything between becoming physically closer to your partner to starting your own business together. From Harvey Prince Organics try Eau So Divine.
This week marks the end of a period of being tired and smothered by the daily grind. It was productive but still too monotone for you. Your desires will awakened for a social life with fresh surprises and adventures. Be ready for the input from others and it is okay to trust them even more than usual. By the end of the week financial news should put a big smile on your face. From Harvey Prince Organics try Bailando.
This could be a big week if you as long as you can see beyond the challenges that you are putting ahead of yourself related to work. Save your energies because what is needed for now is just a sketch, and not a full blown operational plan. E-motion is energy in motion and you can actually learn to control where it can take you now. Good news will put you at ease. From Harvey Prince Organics try The Story of Perfume.
This week marks officially a lot of fresh breeze entering your life in terms of partying and having fun. Especially if you neglected the purity of just plain playing, you may want to get ready to accept invitations not just for parties but for dating and creative projects as well. However this will stay for another month and this week will suffice for you to let this feeling of freedom grow. From Harvey Prince Organics try Yogini or Imperial Petaly Gardenia.
This week marks a period that you desperately need and which can be named Emotional Grounding and Recharging the Batteries. Slow down your mind and get your intuition sharpened. Connect to your sacred animal for the right directions and actions, and do it all in your home setting. The good news coming by the end of the week relating to your future plans will confirm that you are on the right path. From Harvey Prince Organics try Temptress orMadagascar Vanilla.

If you feel that recently communication with others was somehow too loose and too open-ended, this is the time to polish your communication skills. This will help you understand the others better. Your long-term goal should be that instead of them helping you, for you to become their advisor, and awaken the pioneering and courageous spirit in them. No one has your visionary powers. From Harvey Prince Organics try Sincerely or Singular Scentsations - Young Pink Grapefruit.
The game will slightly change this week. If you feel you have a lot to give, but it’s somehow not coming out, this is the point in time where your presence will become more physical for others. I hope you can really not prevent the situations in which you receive what you deserve and remain accreting. What you can get could be a lot more than what is in your mind. Anyway, an outstanding week for you where you should just try to enjoy being yourself. From Harvey Prince Organics try BIG.
Consider this week like your second birthday. The New Moon on Monday is a much focused energy, like a starting line for you to shed all that is ambivalent and sidestepping you, and work with your future. The best approach is to start with the past and gently expel the emotions that are the most grounding for your actions to bring you the maximum success. You are almost there to regaining your shining self, but give it another two weeks for the full blooming to take place. From Harvey Prince Organics try Ageless or Cherie Blossom.
This week may open an interesting period for you, but you need to promise not to come to any conclusions too soon. The feeling of suspension is now recommended where your eyes are now open mainly for your past. This is the moment to show your artful skills in reshaping what happened in the past and actually learn that this is totally possible. If in the process you realize that someone you loved the most is also in the past, nothing will stop you now from contacting them. From Harvey Prince Organics try Petaly Noir or Sexy Patchouli.