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sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

Jo Malone Introduces a New Limited Collection, The Herb Garden

by: Juliett Ptoyan

In March, Jo Malone will release a limited collection consisting of five fragrances in smoky-green bottles of 30 ml. At this time, the annual spring edition is inspired by a walk through the garden and is dedicated to herbs in combinations such as lemon and sorrel, clover and nasturtium, and others.
The sparkling zest of lemon wakes up a bright bouquet of bigarade and petitgrain, gently exposing the herbaceous heart of sorrel, lemon thyme and rosemary. Beneath, verdant geranium leaves and earthy moss grow complexity at the roots, uplifting the citrus to an elegant finale.
— official press release
Top notes: lemon, petitgrain, orange
Middle notes: sorrel, lemon thyme, rosemary
Base notes: geranium, moss
The peppery bite of flat-leaf parsley and tang of tomato leaves mingle with ripe blackcurrant before a delicate note of wild strawberries adds sweetness. Leafy violet springs up through the mossy undergrowth. A green and succulent accord in the air draws you deeper into the garden.
— official press release
Top notes: parsley, tomato leaves, black currant
Middle notes: wild strawberry, violet leaves, basil
Base notes: moss, white musk
Carpets of cool clover cut with peppery rocket get bright and fresh with a complement of sparkling lemon. Nasturtium blooms at the core, entwined with jasmine petals. At its finish, the perennial pleasureof vetiver grounds the fragrance in an addictive warmth.
— official press release
Top notes: clover, bergamot, lemon
Middle notes: Nasturtium, jasmine, rocket
Base notes: vetiver, amberwood, white musk
A hybrid of refinement and whimsy, the first impression of just-ripe carrot entwined with fresh fennel immediately hooks with a distinctive twist. Rose and orange flower water bloom brightly with the earthy sweetness of heritage carrot while the floral elegance of iris punctuates an unforgettable finish.
— official press release
Top notes: fennel, davana
Middle notes: carrot, apricot, rose, orange flower water
Base notes: orris, patchouli, white musk
A garden state of mind takes over the senses when a refreshing blend of English and French lavender opens the aromatic gates with a jumpstart of striking coriander. Earthy sage deepens the scent with a natural woodiness. Finally, the unexpected warmth of tonka bean adds depth and sensual balance to the exquisite richness.
— official press release
Top notes: coriander, juniper
Middle notes: english & french lavender, artemisia
Base notes: french lavender absolute, sage, tonka bean
A distinctive feature of the line will be released in its design, too: this time colognes are produced in smoky-green glass bottles decorated with 'herbal' prints (the design of the early spring collections were also different, for example, the neck of last year's Blue Skies & Blossoms were tied with bows, and Sugar & Spice, released in 2013, was adorned in the "pastry" pastel colors).
Jo Malone expects to launch the new collection in the middle of March.
Information and photos: PR-office of Jo Malone

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