quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2016

A Rose For... by Floris

by: Elena Knezhevich

Floris London has designed a modern floriental perfume, A Rose for... , devoted to the Rose and inspired by the relationship the flower has with intense fragility. A Rose for... has become a part of Floris' By Request perfume service.
A Rose for...: "the main character of the fragrance is carried in the heart where the floral balance of red roses is delicately wrapped in incense, oud and orris. Characteristic warm woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber in the base give the fragrance strength, refinement and depth".
Following a visit to the rose fields of Morocco in 2015, Edward Bodenham (the ninth-generation descendant of Floris and marketing manager of the brand) was intrigued by how roses have the ability to interpret the identity of its natural origin, and sought to explore this classic Floris perfume note in an altogether different environment of exotic warmth, ardour and elegant beauty. A Rose for... is unique to the possessor, signifying their personal attachment to the scent. Defined by no-one, it is truly for you.
By request limited edition
Only 100 bottles will be hand-poured at 89 Jermyn Street and sold exclusively in store and atflorislondon.com, each bottle being named by hand as a final flourish for the owner, thus creating 100 absolutely unique fragrances.
Darjeeling tea, Incense
Red roses, Tuberose, Orris, Oud
Cedar, Sandal, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla
The perfume service By Request was started to realize some brilliant ideas the house of Floris regularly received from their customers.
"Periodically an idea will be selected from the requests received, which will be hand blended by the Floris perfumer. A very limited number of eau de parfums will then be realised for purchase in the Floris shops and online". 
Since the start, several unique perfume creations have been released. Some of them are still available online (Fumee de Jasmin and Malmaison Encore).

Source: Floris London Press release