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segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2015

Perfumed Horoscope December 28 - January 3

by: Hieronimuss

I call 2016 the year of precautionary measures, and carefully reading instructions and ingredients. This is exactly what we will need in order to make our growth balanced and fortify the sense of what makes us truly fulfilled. The greater carefulness includes the food that we eat, the people we interact with, and the decisions that we make. We are on the path of learning to what extent we are all connected, and that there is nothing beyond Love to make these connections blissful and nourishing. Best Wishes for 2016!   This week we are recommending the exquisite botanical solid perfumes by Ganesha's Garden.

Maybe you already picked up on the strange pattern that started following you this passing year. First there is something like a mini-crisis and it seems like you almost knew it was coming. You threw yourself on it and fixed it in your no-nonsense way. Many of your skills are advancing now on the soul level through this. The price for these efforts will become obvious either through a partner who will understand you and accept you for who you are, or an entirely new relationship by the end of the year. By Ganesha's Garden try OM.

In the perfect world you are supposed to have a baby this year, or get rich by taking some substantial risks. Also, you are supposed to have a grand opening of your own show or any kind of artistic production. On an internal level you will continue radiating love that grows everything around you. Be aware of the heat in your chest, so that you can use it more. The more love you show, the more it becomes available to you! Save all the hard work for the last few months of the year. By Ganesha's Garden try Patchouli Rose.

The explorations of how you feel in your current residence or how you might feel in a different and new living setting will continue this year.  A time frame in September will open up and the move will totally become possible. This is pretty much about the foundation of your life, and you should not take it lightly.  It will show you how much you’re in control of your life. From October many things will fall into place and you will be much freer and involved in things that you prefer doing. By Ganesha's Garden try Oasis.

The first part of the year will continue to keep you mentally very active. Any activities related to reading, writing and communicating will stimulate your entire situation into a positive direction. It may be the time for a new car and even a new computer. At the end of the year you may enter a state of improving your living quarters or even moving to a location that will fit you better. If you dread the change of residence, remember that you’ll be much better off at the new place after a while. By Ganesha's Garden try Thousand Flowers.

This is the year of sophisticated overindulging for you. You may invest a lot of energy in the first half of the year to figure out what will most comprehensibly satisfy your many needs. It will be all about you, so anticipate some resistance from your cohorts. If you sense resistance, there may be even a lack of physical love making, and by that I mean the fine one that at the same time makes you feel creative and provides you with the sense of security. By Ganesha's Garden try Plumeria.
Until February you are laying out the plans for the rest of your life. These plans should be as grandiose as you imagination can take it. Forget about modesty for now. The plans should relate to some kind of growth, family, business, anything. Until February, weigh those plans, fix them and stay patient and diligent. From May to October you can enjoy these plans coming to fruition. The last three months of the year should give you a sense of possible great financial rewards for your courage. By Ganesha's Garden try Green Tea.
As you kind of wander currently outside time and space, you should regard this year as a time for preparation for big things that you plan for your life in the future. Do as much cleaning up as possiblyle, and also give it a creative approach. By the end of September you should feel very light and ready for new beginnings. By Ganesha's Garden try Amber.
Plan all the big moves toward your future by the end of February, because things may develop in an unusual pattern. As long as your network is intact, the pattern will probably be slow…slow… and then in May super fast. The end of the year will in some ways soften your ambition, which in no ways will dampen or lessen your achievements, but rather internalize them. By Ganesha's Garden try Vanilla.

You are doing whatever it takes to reach a positive closure on your career front and during the spring there should be less of a pressure. Most of all your understanding of things is accelerating. This is one of those years where you may qualify as an overachiever, but regard it as a temporary. There is no way around following the rules this year, and it’s up for you to discover that it’s a part of the maturing process which will very slowly grow your sense of greater freedom. By Ganesha's Garden try Sandalwood.
In an ideal world this year you should be either absorbing or sorting out a lot of knowledge coming your way. In some ways you are trying to make sense of it, put it all together and may even consider publishing it. Starting your own blog is another good idea for you. All of this will be a preparation for a new wave of activities leading to a much better professional and spiritual situation from September until the end of the year. By Ganesha's Garden try India.
The first half of the new year should continue to give you the opportunities to show how responsible you are. With your in-depth considerations, and for reviewing issues from as many angles as possible come also rewards that are not just your average “don't forget me” kind of thing. You are becoming now rock-solid. If somehow you plan relocation abroad, the last few months of the year will certainly work in your favor. By Ganesha's Garden try Patchouli.
The idea of this year is for you to get better in touch with your intuition and stop the feeling that somehow you are working against yourself. The crucial role in this is how it will all work out with your partners. Project what kind of relationships you want, and share it as much as possible. Do not be afraid of codependence, but don't attach yourself emotionally to what you think about the relationship. Relationships are pretty dynamic, and you can maybe to a larger extent than you think give them a desirable direction. By Ganesha's Garden try White Lotus. 

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