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segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2015

Perfumed Horoscope December 21 - December 27

by: Hieronimuss

Before we look at the general trends of the New Year, I would like to take a look back and see what we have learned, and how we have benefited from the passing year. The general trend of the year was from a more smooth, productive,  and generally even exhilarating pre-summer, to the deeper complexities of how to manage being organized and still keep intact with our ideals, wishes, and hopes.  Recently I discovered the brand Aura Cacia and their essential oil blends. I don’t leave the house without them now, and hope you can benefit from them as well. Merry Christmas! 


This is what I wrote a year ago: “in April the acceleration of events will be tremendous, even for you. The second part of the year will be entirely different, serious, and committed to work projects. Plan spring and summer for as much fun as possible, including your wildest creative projects. They can all come true by the end of the year.” Hopefully you were able to benefit from the first part and have proven successfully how responsible you can be. From Aura Cacia try Euphoria.

This is what I wrote a year ago: “Much of the past year’s pressure will disperse this year. It's time to build on what was created under these past tensions. You will continue to dig like a mole until the summer, but then you will need to slow down and shake off all that dirt, along with whatever else that you won't need anymore.” I should add that the second part brought also demands to be more serious about your physical shape, which can greatly also play out in emotional wellbeing. From Aura Cacia try Renew.

This is what I wrote a year ago: “This year will bring a closure to a four-year growth cycle. It started by just feeling well and renewed, it continued by making money and positioning yourself, and now you will aim for a new living environment. With all your recent efforts you feel you should be much more comfortable in a bigger place.” There was maybe even too much on your plate to handle, and if you feel somehow dug in, that is a good sign; you are adding stability in all your actions. From Aura Cacia try Relaxation.

This is what I wrote a year ago: “Your focus this year should be on experiencing physical comfort. What you need and what you want are so very often overlapping for you. 2015 will be a good time to get what you want, and what you need will follow. You like to take care of everyone else but yourself. This year is all about you.” During the second part of the year your talent to organize things may have come to the forefront, along with a much easier decision making.  From Aura Cacia try Indulge.

This is what I wrote a year ago: “It is the year of expansion which in itself is neither good nor bad. It’s what you make of it. Think what needs to expand and it will happen. For once this is a good year to become a parent and expand your family, for example. Creativity will definitely put a positive twist on your expansion.” The second part of the year should have brought you a much steadier income, but it also may be still in the development stages. At least you should know now how to get the riches. From Aura Cacia try Energize.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “Your life has been pretty good in recent years beside occasional glitches, so I hope that you are ready for few challenges that 2015 can bring to you. The very foundation of your life will need an infusion of healed past in order to turn this year into a preparation for the year after this year, which will make your modest self feel 'I am the king of the world.'” You may have felt at times overwhelmed during the second part of the year, but as long as you are staying on top of things, that euphoria is actually a good wave. From Aura Cacia try Heart Song.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “At the beginning of the year you may take a break from your many social engagements and make space for more “core experiences.” This is the best way to alleviate the tensions during this part of the year. After April your plans are back in working order, and from there until summer time will fly with light speed. That's good, because in the second part of the year the time will eventually slow you down, teaching you the lesson of how to become the master of time and start manipulating it according to your needs and beliefs. Yes, time to acquire some wizardry!” The second part of the year can give you a glimpse beyond time and space and expand you spiritually, as long as you stay grounded and organized.  From Aura Cacia try Comfort.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “Now that you met your teacher (Saturn) over the past few years, you have learned to master restrictions and limitations. It's time to turn the page and get the feel for what you can do with that freshly found power. The plan for inevitable success this year is: incorporate even more of the innovative technological ideas, stay firmly grounded until September, and then relax until the end of the year with some fresh ideas for the future. See this as a transitional year.” You should be feeling more and more in control, as long as you in some ways involve all who love you in your plans and actions. From Aura Cacia try Purify.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “You ache for some real substantial power and impact on the world, and the Teacher (Saturn) came to show you the best way to accomplish that. The second part of the year will already see you in a professional position which will suit you much better; only this time you will become the alpha and omega of what it means to run the show responsibly.” It may be more complex than what I outlined here, but observe how it’s much harder to step back once something is not to your liking. You stand much firmer now.  From Aura Cacia try Inspiration.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “See yourself as the Prometheus who is ready to break free, because he finally got the grasp on what it takes not do be surrounded by stuck souls. It's the year when your circle of trust will become firmer and fully ripen. You will graduate from the school of carrying the relationship on your shoulders to the place where you have accumulated so much solid knowledge, that a new direction to your life will become a matter of time. You should feel in harmony with your decisions.” Moreover, you should feel that you are covering much more ground now, and that you can actually relax more and become even more flirty. From Aura Cacia try Freshen.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “If you felt too much pressure to achieve some form of success and if you felt it made you too strung out, it is time to slow down the pace and give it a reality check. From your five possible plans, start focusing only on the two that are certain to work. The partnership will undergo a little re-evaluation until the spring, but then summer will have written Love all over it. Maybe it's finally time for you to organize a little get together and tie the knots. From September on, you will accept a little crash-course on how to be responsible and stay responsible forever.”  You are maturing, and if at times it feels even painful, the rewards will become more instantaneous if you accept and understand the direction your growth. From Aura Cacia try Lavander Harvest.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “Not so much is very logical in your life, but this is exactly what you can exact from the coming year. This is the sequence: You will finally get to that new great new job, or improve that old job including the respect that you deserve. The next step will be the increased responsibilities with increased social position, and finally also increased income. All of this will lead to a new relationship or an old relationship revamped partnership, which will move at light speed to a logical conclusion, and a greater sense of wholeness.” If you feel you are closer to feeling more fulfilled, this could be true as long as your new partnerships don’t come with unhealthy attachments. Raise your Torch of Love to the roof! From Aura Cacia try Meditation.  

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