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domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015

HOS N.1: Tonka Power-House of Sillage

House of Sillage presented a new male edition after Dignified, in September during the days at Pitti Fragranze, Florence. As I was wandering through their booth, my attention was caught by a square red and gold bottle. This was a new scent from the house and it truly represents the name. This is actually a Powerhouse of Sillage for the sugar craving tobacco lovers. HOS N.001 is an extremely sweet, extremely concentrated syrupy fragrance. It's basically an explosion of tonka bean of nuclear proportions. Although the first impression is of tobacco, it gets sweeter. It's actually not very far from Spicebomb Extreme, but less spicy and more creamy. Did I mention sweet?
Before going more into the juice I have to point out the extremely beautiful bottle and most of all, the perfect mechanism it has instead of a regular cap (I love all the bottles from House of Sillage). You may not see it right away, but the gold metal part of bottle has a round button on top. If you press it, the metal cap automatically slides to the side, unveiling the sprayer. Now, most of these mechanisms are usually clumsy and they break after some time. This one is not only impeccable and sleek, but it is also resistant and effective. It makes the bottle have a gadget feel to it. And we know that men are always attracted to these details. I can't stop pressing the button, just like a small kid with a new toy.
“From the legendary voyages across the ancient oriental spice trails, a magestic icon of distinction serves as timeless masculinity and serene highness”
- House of Sillage press release.
Back to the juice, I can't say that I adore it, but somehow I am drawn to it every now and then. I find it a bit difficult to wear for I always have trouble with perfumes that are too sweet. But I know some perfume lovers enjoy this style and sometimes even I enjoy a spritz of sugar. However, this is a scent that needs caution. After many times applying it only to wash it an hour later, I discovered that the best way to wear it is spraying only once. More than that and it's a guaranteed migraine.
If you wear with caution you will discover the tobacco facets, even if it has no tobacco in the official list of ingredients. Tonka may be the star and seems to scream over the other ingredients, but it has also oud, which is there only to impart a prominent balsamic element. Ginger adds an explosive spicy freshness and lifts everything up. Without ginger, the fragrance would be lazy, I think. Amber envelops the sugary beans and cinnamon seasons it furthermore. I can smell cloves adding to the chorus and creating a spicy-woody aspect. Again, no real tobacco here, but the ensemble creates the illusion of it. The base notes are powdery and drenched in vanilla, so the gourmand feeling is extended. On my skin, HOS N.1 lasts forever and beyond, having traces of it remaining even after a hot shower.
Tonka beans
I just can't get away from the bottle and it is actually a nice smell, but I just find it a bit cloying for my personal taste. I mean, I like overwhelming fragrances but just not this sweet. But if you are into it and look for a heavy tonka/tobacco centered evening scent that can overshadow Spicebomb, this may be a perfect choice. Anyway, I will keep this bottle for an occasional night out and for the beauty and functionality of design.
House of Sillage HOS N.1
Top notes: oud, amber, cinnamon
Heart notes: tonka bean, ginger, clove
Base notes: vanilla, mahogany, cedarwood

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