sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2016

Andy Tauer: Lonesome Rider

Andy Tauer has announced the launch of his newest fragrance,Lonesome Rider. Along with this new release Andy has also started a blog that describes his process and philosophy for the creation of this new scent, a thrilling future progression that honors 11 years of his artistry. Visit Andy's blog HERE or by clicking the image below.
"In a certain way I started working on Lonesome Rider 11 years ago. Lonesome Rider builds on “orris”, a limited edition scent.  Orris built on Lonestar Memories. What was true back then is true today and will be true tomorrow: You need to hold onto to your dreams. You might need to be brave sometimes. You need freedom to do what needs to be done. You might have to ride alone, try to find your way, make mistakes, fall. But as long as you get up again and continue riding: You will be getting there." - Andy Tauer
So what is Lonesome Rider all about? The fragrance features citruses, spices, pepper, iris, rose, incense, leather, vetiver, sandalwood and ambergris. Lonesome Rider is built around an orris accord first and foremost:
"I love the warm metallic sensual bright scent of orris root.... It shines through the fragrance, melts with the rough leather and woods."
Andy's work with orris followed his Lonestar Memories:
"[A] scent that captures elements of untrimmed leather, campfire and the scent of wild pastures. A smoky leather note is what I wanted to see in Lonesome Rider, too. To me, this feels like going back to the source. I want the Lonesome Rider to stand out of the crowd. Thus, there’s an element of rough texture that I love so much. The smoke note is civilized, the leather warm and feels like a worn leather jacket."
But Andy explains that his leather animalic note is ethically-sourced:
"There is an animalic note in Lonesome Rider.... No worries. I do not use castoreum that comes from dead beavers. I use... a synthetic reconstitution. How does it smell? It smells actually very elegant, like fine and warm leather, with a twist."
In addition to the orris and leather/animalic tones, Andy also emphasizes the role ofpepper in Lonesome Rider:
"Pepper, black, present but not dominant, is there because it needs to balance the opulent citrus chord that welcomes you when you pull the Lonesome Rider trigger. Black pepper oil is not just liquefied pepper, it is an abstraction almost, metallic and woody, it blends into the chord of other spices, clove and coriander, and adds a masculine twist to a fresh cologne opening. And then, there’s the rose….pepper does wonders with rose. To me, the pepper note was a must, but it needed to be blended in carefully."
Andy is so excited about this release that he has made a very gracious offer to all his fans:
"I just added samples to my limited pre-sales offering. And yes: I do it differently. Why, you might ask. Here’s what I think. I think, after more than 10 years, it is time to give back to my perfume loving friends who always followed what I do. The whole idea about this website and the offers here are basically a way of saying thank you. That’s how I see it.
There is no price set (only some shipment fees). You decide how much you want to pay for 1.5 ml edp spray vials. Just because.
Shipment starts as soon as I got all together: At the latest Feb. 26.
And yes: I am totally excited."
We're excited, too, Andy! Thank you for your continued artistry and generosity; we're heading straight on over to your blog to learn more!
To learn more about Andy Tauer, visit Fragrantica writer Jodi Battershell's 2015 interview with Andy HERE.