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terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2015

Perfumed Horoscope November 30 - December 6

by: Hieronimuss

Every now and then there is a point in time that turns out to be No-Nonsense; little heavier than we are ready to admit to ourselves. This week is introduced astrologically by a strong Sun Saturn fusion, and it could be one of those moments where you just have to face what you thought is not a real reality. It could turn out to be too much reality at once. We should not oversee the learning purpose of these passages. This week we are looking at very vivid fragrances by the house of  PK Perfumes.

It is not very common for you to become philosophical, but this is one of those times. Make sure that your opinion is not a reaction on how others are performing. Make also sure that you didn't just run out if patience. Ultimately what you will see by the end of this week is your need to put your positivity on a solid ground, and this is exactly what may happen. By PK Perfumes, try Ginger Zest de Citron.
This week may somehow turn out to be a pretty low point in your current relationship. Only in case that all involved players were acting responsibly, that there was an understanding that mistakes can happen and still will be part of everyone's personal progress, and finally if there was no feeling of guilt involved, then the new phase of your relationship should be truly positive and long-term beneficial. By PK Perfumes, try Dirty Rose.


Consider that everything that transpired this past weekend with your partner is a test of your mutual strength. The best sign that you can become stronger at this dubious moment is that the ideas are flowing in both directions, and that understanding the other's perspective is priority. Attempt to also envision mutually long term plans, to solidify the new tough ground gained this week. By PK Perfumes, try Lita.

If you have been in denial about both your health situation and the difficulties at your work, you could wake up this Monday with a serious need to reconsider your priorities. If you had an idea to improve your health but you didn't act on it, it’s time to learn how to stick to your decisions, otherwise no one else will be able to help you, but also your desire to help may become questionable. By PK Perfumes, try Ere.

If you have in recent months been unclear in expressing your love, now is the time where you will have to put it together and  come forth with a clarity about what is in your heart. In some ways you are now pretty closed and no matter how hard it may be, you need to open up, make a new beginning, and stick to it. By PK Perfumes, try Red Leather.
This past weekend was supposed to be fun, but it brought some heavy unresolved issues. They can range anywhere between childhood traumas to your present living space not functioning properly. Change will be needed and do not brush anything under the rug. Develop an action plan, since it’s not one of those weeks where things fall into place on their own. By PK Perfumes, tryVelvet Curacao.
For some hidden reasons you may develop a fixation this week on a few things that you are not very happy about. You may walk around with negative thought patterns. Even though the pressure will not be such that you will need an immediate resolution, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and if you don’t deal mainly with how you perceive things, thing may go out of control. By PK Perfumes, try Gold Leather.
It may cross your mind at the beginning of this week that you need to become more careful with your financial resources. Take a breath, close your eyes and ask yourself a question. “Will I feel more limited if I cut down on my desires?” If your inner voice says “No problem”, just implement that stabilization program. If what you desire has a stronger voice, just postpone decisions for now. By PK Perfumes, try TNT.
If this past weekend you felt completely slowed down and even thought that you were approaching some kind of depression, you should not worry. Gain your inner strength and try to mark this as a long term plan to bring more solidity, structure, and responsibility in your life. You are just maturing. By PK Perfumes, try Cafe Diem.
Things are not always clear on the surface, but this time there should be a clear feeling that what you need to do is the right decision. Rationally may not make sense, you may have a few people around you bewildered, but you should not be swayed from what your gut is telling you now. It could be an array of things, from seemingly insignificant to bigger life decisions. You may also learn that nothing is truly seemingly insignificant. By PK Perfumes, try Pentecost.
The social disappointment that may be around at the top of this week should only help you with your determination. Bad emotions, if there are any, will slowly dissolve with more clarity in thinking both about where to go and how to get there. If there is a crisis in a friendship, it’s the same thing, you are getting reconnected with what you really value. By PK Perfumes, try Zaffran.
You may feel, for some known but also unknown reason, that you are professionally very unfulfilled. The issue is more real than you think, and if you are truly dissatisfied with your life path, your decision needs to be drastic. You either quit or walk away from a crappy situation that has no future, or you implement some fundamental changes and stick to them. By PK Perfumes, tryViolet Chocolatier.

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