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quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

Xyrena Bae by Sebastian Olzanski

by: Sanja Pekić

Perfume company Xyrena has announced the launch of the new fragrance Bae by Sebastian OlzanskiXyrena specializes in producing niche celebrity perfumes, which are unisex. This time Xyrenacollaborated with Canadian pop artist and social media personality Sebastian Olzanski.
Xyrena was founded by Killian Wells, who coined the name "Xyrena" as a compound of two terms: XY for the male and female chromosomes (echoed by the brand's unisex fragrances and cosmetics) and RENA, from the Latin word renascor, which means “to be renewed or reborn.” The name Xyrena also means “enchanter” in Old Greek.
Surprisingly for a 16 year old boy, the perfume signed by his name is produced in the strongest perfume concentration, extrait de parfum, which usually attracts an older audience due to the intensity and the price. However, the price of 1.7 fl.oz. (50ml) is lower than we usually see for Extraits, it retails at $54
The fragrance is a fresh unisex with some fruity, green, citrus and aromatic nuances over a warm and comforting amber/musk base. Looking at the notes, it seems we can expect a really fresh and watery fragrance, which is also fruity gourmand, the style so appreciated by younger people.
bergamot, strawberry, pear, grass
clary sage, freesia, orange blossom, cedar
patchouli, amber, musk, vanilla
The fragrance is available as Luxury Extrait de Parfum in 50 ml, and in 60 and 240 ml as Vibe Spray (for room and body).

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