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segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2015

Perfumed Horoscope October 19 - October 25

by: Hieronimuss

The positive trend continues this week, and the main requirement for us is to remain tolerant and pro-active. A reality check is coming after this week, and we need to look beyond our good-will intentions and hopes that all will go well on its own. Whatever miscommunication issues developed over the past weekend should be cleared by now. This week we are looking at some amazing scents by Sospiro Perfumes.

This week there are good chances that your partner will finally understand your job situation much better, especially because its lucrativeness should really become obvious. However, if this week doesn't give you the feeling that you are supported, you may have to push the envelope a little bit. Be careful not to overdo it. By Sospiro Perfumes try Andante.

This week ends the work project which kept you busy for a while. It may not feel like tit, but the relief will become obvious by the beginning of the next week. At that point your slowly evolving goal for this week is to grow that casual romantic encounter into a possible relationship. By Sospiro Perfumes tryCapriccio.

Observe that you are actually having still fun this week. Hopefully you can do that in spite of all the pressures coming now from your family life. Soon you will be so dug into work that it will become a perfect excuse not to get involved on a home front. You rightfully feel that there is really nothing that you could do to even influence the situation. By Sospiro Perfumes try Grazioso.

Your social life and even your partner possibly suffer the absence of your attention. You are very much involved with your roots, with where you are now in time and space. Your mind creates a web with thoughts that roll up immediately in a bundle which in some ways also paralyze you. It will take a clear and focused thinking for you to come out of the feeling trapped, to open up, and start heading for more playful waters. By Sospiro Perfumes try Allegro.

You are probably very busy sending out emails this week and promoting some kind of a cause that is very significant to you. You are really looking at the ways to maybe justify the big expenditure that you have in mind. Try to wrap up this project without too many thoughts, because after this week you will be in the mood to firmly dig in and start new cycle of conquering the world. By Sospiro Perfumes try Vivace.

Let’s call this the most productive week this year. You can accomplish a lot but if you don't plan it out, it may become too much. Any obstacles right now will make you much stronger. You've never been so motivated on your life. Complete all the purchases by the end of the week, so you can spend the entire next week chatting it away. by Sospiro Perfumes try Classica.

This week is bringing tremendous resolution of an old past issues. This will give you more space, and you may actually feel how the entire situation is developing entirely naturally and without much effort.  The support is deserved and don't question it - just receive it gratefully and gracefully. By Sospiro Perfumes try Melodia.
There could be a major shift in your social circles. You could meet someone whose significance will blow away everyone else. If you feel that you are somewhat too careful, this is actually protecting you, because this week you still do not have a full control of the situation. By Sospiro Perfumes tryMisterioso.

If you met at least two close friends over the past week, you are on the right path. The trend of learning from your friend is winding down this week, so let them charge you battery even more before you start to feel more a need for solitude and quiet times. This has nothing to do with your professional life which is taking off now visibly and formally, because you did such a great job on the past. By Sospiro Perfumes try Rosso Afgano.

 You have now one week to take care of your professional advancement activities, which are slowly starting to collide with your spiritual plans and aspirations. If you can’t find a partner who will listen to your ideas these days, why not finally start your own blog or a book or something like that. By Sospiro Perfumes try Laylati.

What are you going to do with all this inheritance now? Do not make the mistake of building an intellectual tower where you can hide and live on your own personal planet.  From next week the professional engagements will just explode, so think in terms of creating bonds and ties which can help you get to the bottom of what you really want. By Sospiro Perfumes tryErba Pura.

Your partner has a huge surprise for you this week. I would think it is positive, but you are too smart to see it only on one way. It may turn out into an acceptance-test for you, and make sure not to allow doubt to take the upper hand. Ideally you should plan a trip with your special one, or at least start dreaming about it. By Sospiro Perfumes try Opera.

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