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sábado, 17 de outubro de 2015

Raspberry, Fur and Vice in New Sensual & Decadent by LM Parfums

Raspberry, Fur and Vice in New Sensual & Decadent by LM Parfums

by: Juliett Ptoyan

The story of wickedness and sensuality goes on: in addition to the demonic Malefic TattooLaurent Mazzone presented another new fragrance at the Florentine exhibition - Sensual & Decadent, which has the chance to become an absolute bestseller of the brand like Sensual Orchid.
The common word in both fragrances’ names didn’t appear coincidentally: according to Laurent, Sensual & Decadent is an accomplished version of Sensual Orchid. It’s a peculiar remix with the same original tune but with some new orchestration. The fans of immaterial aquatic compositions might suspect the brand of flanker release and burst into evil laughter after such an announcement. Unfortunately, not only glossy zines editors speak highly of LM Parfums – the brand is also being admired by those who have no profitable deal with it. And they are right – the brand is worth such admiration! 
The new perfume can be reviewed both as an independent work and the sequel of the story about sensuality which was started by Jerome Epinette in 2012. Anyway, this is not a usual flanker but the concluding part of the story.
Firstly, fuming raspberry caramel runs down the skin, slowly begins to boil, eventually grows darker and shows some almost imperceptible wooden shade. At some point the fume fills with benzoin and tropical flowers and it feels like the silk lining of a new fur coat sliding over naked skin. It seems like the lining itself – not the lambskin on the top - restrains cold air. Sensual & Decadent appeared to be a hedonistic fragrance - women once wore such scents in restaurants while dressed in velvet dresses or formal men's suits. The fragrance is too unveiled to be unisexual. This is the 1990's version of Monica Bellucci from Frederic Meylan’s photoset – she is alone in her bed at last, stretching and contemplating last night's events.
This fragrance is much deeper (there's not fire, but the fume) than Sensual Orchid, it doesn’t pulsate on the skin but stretches, flows over and vapours away as a kiss. It’s challenging – as are the previous works of LM Parfums. The one-night stand just starts and comes up to the climax in Sensual Orchid, but the new fragrance is about everything that happens 'til the logical end: thanks, it was great, keep in touch.
Sensual & Decadent
Top notes: lisylang (author’s note: synthetic substance with tropical flower scent), rhubarb
Middle notes: heliotrope, labdanum
Base notes: oud, vanilla infusion, benzoin

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