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segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2016

Profumi D’Amore: Three New Fragrances by Roja Dove

by: Juliett Ptoyan

Today, Roja Dove will present his first collection of this year: the Profumi D'Amorecollection, in which we meet three perfumes, each illustrating one of the stages of love - its beginning (Amore Mio), its declaration (Ti Amo) and the recognition of the feelings that will last forever (Un Amore Eterno). The packaging of the new line repeats the features of previous collections, but the crystals on the cap this time are painted in scarlet - just like the outer box.
For this collection, Roja Dove found inspiration in the stories of Casanova and his famous hot chocolate, to which the legendary lover added amber - a no less famous aphrodisiac. Thus, the base of these new fragrances include notes of ambergris,vanilla and cocoa, as well as orris and ginger, famous for its stimulation properties.
The first fragrance of the new collection, Amore Mio, is described as very soft, creamy and floral, with an oriental touch. It begins with notes of bergamot andmandarin, which are transformed into a heart of rosegardenianeroliorange blossomjasmineylang-ylangcistusheliotrope and violet. In the base we can find shades of gingerpink peppercinnamoncuminsaffrongurjun balsampatchouli,rumcedarguaiacsandalwood, vanilla, cocoatonka beancarrot seedorris andcopaiba balm.

After love's beginning, it is followed by a continuation in the form of Ti Amo, which in the official press release is compared to the tenderness of a love declaration. It starts with a citrus accord, in which you can distinguish bergamot and tangerine. Further notes are lilyroseorange blossomjasmineylang-ylangheliotrope and pineapple. In the base we encounter intense shades of galbanumgingerpink peppersaffron,cinnamoncuminpatchoulivetiversandalwood and guaiac. Besides these, the pyramid contains vanillacocoacarrot seedstonka beanambergriscistus andorris.

The third fragrance of the collection, Un Amore Eterno, is notable for its wonderful tenderness of ginger and iris; this perfume literally "radiates passion", as the PR department of the brand states. The story of eternal love begins with a citrus accord, after which it continues with a classic "feminine" heart of rosejasminetuberose,heliotrope and violet, and flows into the oriental aromatic base, where we find notes ofclovessaffronpatchoulicashmere woodcoffeemusk and white cedar. Just like in the other two editions of the collection the aphrodisiac mix (cocoa, ginger, amber, vanilla, orris) was added.
This collection will be available from today
in the flagship boutique of Roja Dove in London's Burlington Arcade
and in Harrods department store for the price of 375 pounds each (or £ 950 for a set).

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