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segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope January 11 - January 17

by: Hieronimuss

The threat of Mercury Retrograde has been very vivid this past week since it started on Tuesday, January 5th. Many people around me have either lost something or were surprised with outcomes of what was communicated to them. People just seem out of tune somehow. Our weak spot until the end of retrograding is our position. We may have to give up some of it temporarily in order to learn more about it. Subduing psychology and emotional reactions, along with remaining practical will help the day. This week we are looking at some amazing sniffy products by James Heeley.

The situation with whoever is your boss probably became a little bit trickier last week so it's advisable to stay very patient. The worst thing that can happen is that you remain way ahead of yourself and not flexible. Also understand that the motivation behind what is told to you doesn't have to go against you. From James Heeley try Oranges and Lemons Say The Bells of St. Clements.

You started some interesting discussions with those close to you, but now it's time to step back mentally and not push your opinions. If you decide to be stubborn, the path to a balanced and objective view on things may take a little longer. That trip abroad may be again on the drawing table. From James Heeley tryChypre 21.

You may have experienced this week so far some discussions with your real and potential partners which took you way ahead into the future. If your partner comes to you with a sense of emergency, something is very wrong and the best approach is to focus on loving that person (if you do), and not in convincing them of something that they just cannot get at this point. The change of their minds will take a little while. From James Heeley try Esprit du Tigre.

Observe how during the past week some gaps opened up in your communication with your partners. If you were on the brink of solving some issues they will probably have to wait for a little while. Only at the beginning it may feel like dread. Now it’s time to think it over. That is not necessarily a bad thing since your action will better reflect on future actions. From James Heeley tryCuir Pleine Fleur.

The worst thing that can happen over the next 3 weeks is that you will have a lot if unfinished business to take care of. Soon you will realize how necessary this was, but it may not completely protect you from occasional nuisances like forgetful coworkers, and misplaced emails and cell phones. I would also be careful in your shoes not to catch a cold or a virus. From James Heeley try Hippie Rose.
You are very often eager to enter new work projects, and you may have heard of something that was supposed to involve you, too. If it doesn't happen for now,  it is because you didn't get enough of your playful time. This is your hidden power that still needs to grow and ripen. This includes definitely visiting more inspiring entertainment events. From James Heeley try Figuier.
Maybe there was briefly a hope that the housing arrangements or work on home will be completed, but then a brief unexpected conversation turned it around last week. The goal is to involve as little psychology as possible and envision how by the end of January your sense of belonging will much better reflect your needs. Just stay pragmatic for now, the future will keep smiling at you no matter what. From James Heeley try Cardinal.
Your communications were going fine until midweek last week when people started to sound strange and quite a few delays set in. Just work with it, because this is the way to prevent some other issues which would pop up later and give you problems in the long run. If you are harboring resentment right now make sure to dig into it and transform it from inside into something that will be more productive. From James Heeley try Iris de Nuit.
You have to somehow get organized and return those few items that you don't need and don’t want, since the clutter can easily turn into an obstacle course.  Be also very careful with food that you are ingesting for the next 3 weeks since it may not sit well with you. If you experience a bad episode with food that means that you need to redefine your diet and stick to the regimen that suits you better. From James Heeley try Cedre Blanc.
It is unusual for you not to be focused. The problem is that your attention is wandering also to the past and you have these flashbacks which evoke emotions. Avoid feeling unproductive and embrace the poetry of life! The other issue is with how you organize your time, maybe it's a good idea for now to skip rigidity, and try to go with the flow just for one week. From James Heeley try Agarwoud.
This past week something must have occurred which was very much out of the ordinary. Hopefully the damage is minimal, but the lessons can be quite a few. It mainly deals with a past pattern of behavior that needs to go. You may have to relearn and let go, and not involve any psychology with it. Don't try to be in control when it's clear that you're not. From James Heeley try Vetiver Veritas.
Some social events that your friends invited you to may have become cancelled this past week. Hopefully you forgot about those already. It may have been a bit disappointing to you because you planned to get closer to some people who truly make you feel better. Any uncommon situation with your friends may actually inspire you to change some of your future plans for good. It's time to think it over through understanding a hidden mission of friends in your life. From James Heeley try Phoenicia

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