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quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2016

Scented Snippets New Fragrance Review: Ayala Moriel Komorebi / The Light in the Forest

by: Ida Meister

This new fragrance by Canadian perfumer Ayala Moriel was previously announced by Ida here: Scented Snippets New Fragrance Announcement: Ayala Moriel Perfumes Komorebi, The Light on the Forest Floor
The early autumn air is temperate and dry as we amble though the Pacific Northwestern forest; never mind that it's Canada of which we speak. We're so close, we can almost touch – like the outstretched hand of G-d in Michelangelo's painting in the Sistine Chapel. The earth has seen little rain, and the dappling of the light through frondlike branches warms it; an exquisite aroma is released.
Notes: Balsam poplar buds, black cottonwood buds tincture, fir absolute, patchouli, red cedar [Arborvitae], oakmoss.

There is an aromatic aridity which Komorebi suffuses into the atmosphere. Like so many of Ayala Moriel's compositions, it is faithful to its natural source, which is powerful.
One can mimic, emulate the truth – but that doesn't necessarily make it true. You can create, instill greater longevity into a perfume in many ways [I'm not debating or denigrating that, either], but many aspects of Nature are ephemeral; nothing lasts, nothing stays forever.
This is the immense beauty and sorrow of it. And this is also the arena of natural perfumery.

 is the Japanese word to describe the impressive natural lighting effects that are observed under the canopy of trees: sunlight filtering through the foliage, and the interplay of light and leaves on the forest floor. ~ Ayala Moriel

I possess a tiny sample of Komorebi suitable for dabbing, but my impulse is to lavishly spray it with abandon - for with that enveloping ghostly presence we are truly present with Ayala. We are dressed in hiking boots and good socks; we have that backpack stocked with simple, adequate provisions for the day. A breathable long-sleeved shirt, perhaps an extra layer tied at the waist for later, as the climate can change in a heartbeat. It's fairly warm, and the fragrance which surrounds us is soporific and soothing; it urges us to slow down our pace and seek refuge upon the forest floor.
Old fir needles are both softened by time and at once slippery, occasionally prickly /tickly. It's a fine way to immerse yourself in the sylvan experience: serene, anointed, sentient. All your senses are heightened. As you peer through the cathedral ceiling, lazy clouds above – a great sense of tranquility surrounds you. You are overwhelmed by the goodness, the enormity of existence.
Your being is replenished, ready to proceed upon your path, wherever it might lead...

Thank you, Ayala, for sharing Komorebi with me.
I realize that it has taken me awhile to express myself adequately, and I chose to say how it made me feel as opposed to analyzing each component. I see it as a complete experience.

N.B.: One may always sample these fragrances. Please, bear in mind that natural perfumery is a costly and brave endeavor; sometimes good things can't be had at a lower price point.


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