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terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2016

Perfumed Horoscope January 4 - January 10

by: Hieronimuss

There should be a noticeable shift of energies this week lasting until March. It should be characterized by a very straightforward attitude (Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius). It can work well for many very productively, but those more sensitive should get ready to deal with some anger issues from those who have a tendency of controlling others. This week we are looking at some wonderful creations by designer Oriza L. Legrand.

Hopefully your partnerships are still intact because you gave them a lot of locomotion during the past months. They don't know this is just you warming up to greater challenges for all involved. A great idea to mellow it all down is to go on a trip, and do all of those negotiations overlooking some beautiful mountain cliffs, lakes and open horizons. Remember there is nothing much you can do at this time by yourself. By Oriza L. Legrand try Marions-Nous.

It’s time to take it easy at your work, and focus on activities you can undertake with your partner. It may take a little while, but by the end of the week you will feel that strong romantic urge and the gentle beast will wake up within you. Whatever you envision with your partner, you should make sure to follow it through with very clear communication, so nothing gets lost in translation. By Oriza L. Legrand try Deja Le Printemps or Relique D'Amour.

The beginning of the New Year may not be as easy and peaceful for you as you desire. Planning will help a lot. On one side, the demands in your work will skyrocket while you will feel that you never can end the conversation that you started with your partner. On the other hand, your partner can also give you additional pressure, so just be honest with everyone including with yourself. By Oriza L. Legrand try Foin Fraichement Coupe.

I hope you feel like the work that you need to do this month can involve a more pleasant and understanding environment. If you are single and looking, you can start a new cycle of self pampering because there will be some who will find you irresistible. You may even try visiting places where some risks are involved. This is where this special masculine energy will be there for you according to your needs. By Oriza L. Legrand try Heliotrope Blanc.

There is still “cosmically” a strong focus on your home, family, and the sense of belonging. You will find it necessary to step in and engage proactively in solving issues. You just can't wait anymore, especially since after a while opportunities to have fun are again lining up and you need your freedom to engage in those. By Oriza L. Legrand try Violettes du Czar or Oeillet Louis XV.
Finally the pressure to shop is subsiding, and this transitional week you may in your conversations share some of your shopping experience. What is more important now is that whatever you have already brought into your house, make sure it serves you well and makes you more comfortable. Involve your parents before they involve you. By Oriza L. Legrand tryReve d'Ossian.
You've been eyeing a few things that you feel would upgrade your looks and how you feel about yourself. It could even involve a new side job to boost you financially. The best approach here is to talk about it, and get the feedback from all close to you, especially from your siblings. By Oriza L. Legrand try Chypre Mousse or Muguet Fleuri.
This week will bring a lot hidden stuff from you or your partner to the surface. It may have some impact on the decisions you need to make, but do not be hasty. Your new drive is here to stay until March (Mars in Scorpio), so you don't want to stay by yourself on an empty battlefield too early. By Oriza L. Legrand try Royal Oeillet.

Finally the time has come for you to pamper yourself and care about none but yourself. Look into the mirror and you should see an attractive magnetism in your eyes. Make sure not to overdo anything, and avoid any situations that may have a confusion and misunderstanding attached to them. Watch out for secret enemies. By Oriza L. Legrand try Horizon.
Many professional efforts will have the opportunity to come true if you are flexible enough to adopt new strategies. The new strategies are indirect and involve the use of social networks and circles of friends. Two things to watch out for the next month: Your male friends who may have a greater impact on your life both in positive and negative ways, and if you feel that you are not in control of every aspect of your relationship it means that you should come up with some more creativity. By Oriza L. Legrand try Vetiver Royal Bourbon.
There are two parallel trends slowly emerging for you as of this week. For once you may be overcrowding your mind with your opinions. It is a good time to apply those in a professional setting. Instead of your partner listening how a better world is supposed to look like, maybe it's time to share it with the world. Through teaming up, your girlfriends can play a decisive role in this. By Oriza L. Legrand try Cuir de l'Aigle Russe.
You may have felt a lot of pressure over the past month to take charge of situations and even take on the responsibilities of others. Now it’s really time for you to explore how your mind can set you free. You seek greater independence but the way to this leads through established routes that have seen you before. Expect professional connections which were not as friendly before, to become friendlier now. By Oriza L. Legrand try Jardins d'Armide.

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