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domingo, 1 de maio de 2016

Azzurro di Capri: Bruno Acampora's Vision of Summer

by: Miguel Matos

Bruno Acampora has just launched a new fragrance called Azzurro di Capri during the Esxence expo in Milan and it is as sunny as you could possibly imagine. Azzurro di Capri is a reflection of the south of Italy and of hot summer days. Don't think of the previous editions from Bruno Acampora. This is a very different style, but just as charming as its brothers and sisters.
Vintage glam and a touch of irreverence, not caring for commercial appeal and the urge to be different. This is how I describe the Bruno Acampora line of fragrances. But as much as I love the brand that has launched gems like Jasmin T or Blu, it lacked a carefree summer scent. Until now. But wait, Azzurro di Capri is not as simple as that. Bruno Acampora just could not do a simple fresh formula. It may seem relaxed but it is sophisticated and rich. The DNA is stil there.
“The Summer sky, a song from Adriano Celentano and one of the most passionate fashion collections designed by Walter Albini. Azzurro di Capri is the newest Essence from Acampora, a tribute to Summer and to the Island of Capri. Pervasive yet delicate citrus notes from the coast of Amalfi melt with the blossom of mediterranean jasmin, all to develop into warm summer winds carrying Patchouli, Amber and musky notes. Freshness and pureness, but also passion and skilled craftsmanship from Southern Italy, the distinguishing elements to all Acampora's fragrances.” - Bruno Acampora Press Release
I have been sampling the pure essence oil of Azzurro di Capri and it starts off very citrusy with a clear and crisp note of orange blossom. The tart and juicy fruit flavours of mandarine and bergamot pairs with flowers in a combo that is clearly summery and Mediterranean. No doubt about that. It is chic and dynamic and it smells as natural as if I was crushing leaves, zests and flowers in the palm of my hand. It also has one particularity about it: it resembles a bit Elie Saab Le Parfum. The main difference is the absence of honey notes in Azzurro di Capri. Also, the density is much more concentrated in Bruno Acampora's rendering of the jasmine and orange blossom blend. This means that the pure essence I am trying is so rich and sultry that a couple of drops go a long long way and travel along with me for the whole day.
Azzurro di Capri is a good companion and I enjoy wearing it, but I would limit it to spring and not really summer because the development of the perfume is intense. Especially in the transition between heart and base notes, when the patchouli facet gets deeper. I would only imagine myself wearing it in the summer if it's night and there is a breeze coming. The orange blossom is high pitched and the musk accord only makes it even brighter. So if you do love sunny white florals, this is your wish come true. I, for one, get a smile on my face when I get whiffs of it coming from my skin. Zesty, sunny, joyful, elegant, rich... Azzurro di Capri is a good addition to the Bruno Acampora range of fragrances and even though it can be considered less original than the rest of the line, it can be a good point of entry if you have never sampled them before.

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