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quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016

Penhaligon's: a New Romantic Couple is Launched

by: Juliett Ptoyan

The legendary English brand Penhaligon's just launched a new romantic fragrance duo, dedicated to ancient Greek myths: the intensely aromatic Endymion Concentré is coupled here with the surreal Luna, inspired by the cold and dreamy moonlight.
The Eau de parfum called Endymion Concentré continues the story of the aromaticEndymion cologne, which began in 2003, with a more intense character, created with notes of sage, geranium, nutmeg and suede. The name of this masculine fragrance is given in honor of Endymion, the most beautiful son of Zeus, who was immersed in eternal slumber by the amorous goddess of the moon, Selene.
Luminous Luna, the second part of this romantic couple, is a fresh floral eau, where shades of bitter orange are supported by the tartness of juniper berries and the tenderness  of jasmine. Just like Endymion Concentré, it has a dark, mysterious, woody base and a dreamy mood, an allegory of Selena, who wished to admire her lover forever, and the slumbering Endymion.
bergamot, lavender, sage
geranium, suede accord
leather, incense, nutmeg
bergamot, Siracusa lemon, orange bigarade
rose, jasmine, juniper berries
fir balm, ambergris, musks
Both fragrances are presented in 100 ml bottles with the classical Penhaligon shape, containing a concentration of eau de parfum (Endymion Concentré) and eau de toilette (Luna), available for purchase on the official website of the brand at the price of 128 pounds.
Photo credit  Penhaligon's official website

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