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domingo, 1 de maio de 2016

Amouage: Two New Fragrances by the Legendary Omani House

by: Juliett Ptoyan

After the February release Lilac Love, the house of Amouage is about to launch a pair of fragrances under the name of Myths, inspired by the Chinese heritage and personal metamorphoses of the brand's creative director Christopher Chong, as well as by his passion for opera. The male and female edition in Myths will embody his experience of living in Arab, Asian and European cultures, and will become an extension of the Portrait of a Life collection, which began in 2014 with the premiere of Journey Man and Journey Woman.
According to Christopher Chong, "Myths is essentially inspired by surrealism, in which elements are assembled in a dream-like and distorted state, in order to create a new interpretation."
Amouage's Creative Director also said that surrealism gave him the ability to pass on his experience in an artistic way and to create compositions that accurately reflect the various aspects of his past.
The Myths Man fragrance is described as an oriental composition in which the notes of orris and chrysanthemum are continued with a rose-alcoholic accord, after which vetiver and elemi enter the stage. The base brings labdanum, ash and leather. TheMyths Woman edition will have a more light, floral-green character, which is expressed by notes of narcissus, violet leaf, patchouli and galbanum.
Myths will be available in July of this year; both fragrances presented in a bright purple bottle of the classic Amouage shape, topped with caps covered with 24-carat gold and purple Swarovski crystals.
On the box for the men's fragrance, a Chinese dragon will be presented, symbolizing enlightenment and strength, while the women's outer packaging will be decorated with the outline of a phoenix, in some cultures associated with peace and prosperity.

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