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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Armand Basi: In Me

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

"The house of  ARMAND BASI is closely linked to the city of Barcelona, where it was born in 1948. The city’s architecture and its bright and Mediterranean character have been in the company’s DNA from the very moment of its creation and have influenced the creativity and design of its products continually.

In this sense, ARMAND BASI has always been in touch with the most avant-garde trends. Its collections have been associated with cultural and aesthetic concepts and especially with movements linked to architecture such as Constructivism, Bauhaus and Modernism, demonstrating its vocation for new artistic currents and new ways of thinking. Armand Basi presents a new fragrance, an exceptional project that arises from that relationship with Barcelona and its architecture, specifically from the work of another avant-garde genius: the architect Antoni Gaudí" - Armand Basi press release
The latest fragrance of the Armand Basi brand stems from the special relationship with Barcelona and its architecture, greatly influenced by the genius Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí. Gaudi was inspired by nature, and his works reflect the forms he found in the natural world. Gaudi developed an innovative concept of organic architecture, which is reflected in his exceptional masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera ... His work is considered avant-garde and innovative, and provides a great source of inspiration for the Armand Basi house. 

The newest fragrant creation ARMAND BASI IN ME is based on the internal balance of the modern and urban woman who appreciates all that city life can offer her. Without connecting with nature she would not be complete, so she aims to balance her hectic life in a dynamic environment with the relaxation she finds in those precious moments spent in nature. From this balance, she gains all the positive energy to be what she wants to be and to realize her aspirations and dreams; thereby becoming stronger and more self-aware.
Armand Basi In Me is signed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson, who composed a very intense chypre-floral scent. Its opening is very dynamic; blended of pink pepper, raspberry, ginger and pink grapefruit. The heart notes bring a rich bouquet of orange blossom, sambac jasmine, magnolia, rose and Egyptian jasmine, while seductiveness and warmth is provided by a blend of iris and warm woody notes (patchouli, sandalwood, cashmere wood).
perfumer: Nathalie Lorson
edition 2016

flacon designer: Jordi Bonet

pink grapefruit, pink pepper, raspberry, ginger
orange blossom, jasmine sambac, infusion Indian jasmine, magnolia, rose
iris, patchouli, sandalwood, cahsmere wood
The bottle design is signed by Jordi Bonet, who was inspired by the dynamic Gaudi architecture. "Gaudi's architecture is alive, and life is expressed in colour and movement" - said Bonet.
"In charge of designing the bottle was one of the leading specialists in Gaudí’s work and someone who faithfully continues his style, the architect Jordi Bonet, who from 1987 to 2012 was the director of the works on the Sagrada Família, the cathedral designed by Gaudí which is still under construction. Bonet, a nonagenarian and considered today the ultimate authority on Gaudí’s work, designed the bottle for the new fragrance based on the hyperboloid, one of the elements of Gaudí’s organic architecture.
Gaudí not only used the plasticity of organic shapes but also copied the physical and mathematical formulas relating to movement. How the petals of a flower open, how ivy climbs up a wall and how a butterfly spreads its wings are movements in nature that have left their mark on the buildings designed by Gaudí.
The hyperboloid is a geometric figure in motion that is very much visible in, for example, Park Güell, where it gives shape to the columns supporting the park’s viaducts and, in an even more spectacular way, to the vaults in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid that crowns the pavilions at the entrance" - press release
The flacon is created of glass with a brilliant silver stopper, like a dome crowned with a small crystal ball on top that symbolizes the energy moving in the hyperboloid. To highlight the beauty of Bonet’s design, the logo and the name of the fragrance are engraved at the base of the chrome cap’s dome. The dynamism of the bottle is shown with raised lines, which seem to be moving the body of the flacon in a spiral.Femininity is reflected in the graceful conical proportions of the glass and delicate shades of the pink peach colored liquid.
The outer box is decorated with a delicate pale pink color, illustrated with mosaic pieces exploding like fireworks. The colours of the tiles are light pastel pink at the base and vivid pink and salmon color at the top of the carton box. 
It is well known that Gaudi invented the famous artistic technique trencadis (mosaic) using the remaining pieces of ceramic tile and mixing them with mortar, thus creating vivid images that adorn the beautiful chimneys in Palau Guell, as well as a number of figures, including the special magic dragon, which is located in the Park Guell. On the back of the outer carton are two messages. The first one is from Nuria Basi, Armand Basi's successor, who says: "This bottle was inspired by my love for Barcelona," and there is also a quote of Antonio Gaudi: "Originality consists of returning to the origin".

Armand Basi In Me will be available in flacons of 30, 50 and 80 ml Eau de Parfum.The fragrance can be expected on the market starting September 1st, 2016.

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