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terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2016

Ferrari Amber Essence inspired with Ferrari California T sports car!

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

"The purest, most prestigious and elegant evocation of the Ferrari Gran Turismo spirit. This luxurious collection of fragrances combines passion for excellence with absolute attention for detail and a rigorous selection of the finest, noblest materials. From the refined style of the pack, to the association of the purest, noblest essences, this line immediately reveals its charisma.
This exclusive collection is composed of the following fragrances: Vetiver Essence,Essence MuskLeather EssenceCedar Essence, and the latest addition to the Collection: Amber Essence".
Inspired by the color of the new Ferrari California T sports car, the newest edition of Essence Eau de Parfum Collection by Ferrari is launched under the name Amber Essence. The newer version "pays tribute also to a prestigious ingredient in perfumery. In the latest addition to the exclusive Ferrari Essence Collection, Ferrari has expertly captured its hypnotic and sensual signature in a truly unique accord, creating a scent as if it were an olfactory journey".
The entire ESSENCE collection is created in Eau de Parfum concentration and provides unique luxuries, power and sophisticated elegance. With each fragrance there is an evident link with luxurious sports cars, their strength, modern design and attractive details. The compositions and design of the Essence collection is guided by the particular attention to detail, with carefully selected ingredients that are the epitome of quality, elegance and masculinity. 
This time Ferrari chooses a beautiful, dark shade of amber for the bottle and the color of the leather that adorns its cap. The bottle is decorated with the silver horse - the logo of the Ferrari brand. In the opening we can smell a specific freshness that comes from woody-resinous olibanum (frankincense) combined with bergamot zest and coriander seed. During the development of the composition the warmth of cashmere woods, cedar from Virginia and nutmeg follow ending with a precious blend of amber, patchouli and musk.


bergamot, coriander seed, frankinsence
cashmere wood, Virginian cedar, nutmeg
amber, patchouli, musk

Ferrari Amber Essence is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum bottles.

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