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quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2016


Phillippe Romano is the son of a perfume maker and was born in Grasse. Could he possibly have chosen a different career? Well, yes, except that he had things that he wanted to express, and the talent necessary to do so through the art of perfumery. Today, he is a perfumer at Drom, the fragrance house, and he has also created 08 Seylon for the brand Odin. Meet the man that has made perfumes the story of his life.
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Nose What is your motto?
Philippe It’s not really a motto, but I’ll say “Patience and Passion”.

Nose What is your oldest olfactory memory?
Philippe The smell of orange trees in bloom at the south of Andalusia. My father was in charge of fabricating Néroli essence and I remember being surrounded by huge heaps of flowers that were waiting to be distilled. 

Nose You’re the son of a perfume maker. What did your father pass on to you? Do you have a family signature? Or, what are the differences between you?
Philippe He thought me that in a creation process you can try anything, that there aren’t any established rules, and that the raw materials have a soul that you need to know how to love.

Nose You’re an acclaimed perfumer at DROM. Can you tell us more about the uniqueness of this institution?
Philippe Drom is a company where you have an incredible amount of freedom and where everyone can work on a given project, whatever it is that they bring to the table. The atmosphere in the company is best described as open-minded, humble, modern and brave. 
Nose You have created the perfumes 08 Seylon for Odin. What do you think of as being the particularity of this brand?
Philippe The particularity of the brand is that their discourse is clear - the perfumes are of very high quality and their writing is easy to read. The 08 Seylon is a reinterpretation of vetiver grass - its fragrance is still present - and the material is highlighted through a discreet design that sublimes the perfume.
Nose What do you think the difference is between niche perfumeries and those that cater to a larger public?
Philippe I feel like these are two completely different universes. Niche perfumeries don’t have to submit to market constraints; they favour quality over quantity, and can therefore be braver and take larger risks. Perfumes destined for mass distribution go through several tests so that they can appeal to as many people as possible. 

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